ZP-15 Detroit Improv Duo – Intuitive Tesseract

ZP-15 – DETROIT IMPROV DUO (INTUITIVE TESSERACT) –  D.I.D. I.T. is the second album by Jim Konen (guitars) and Dick Metcalf (aka Rotcod Zzaj, who played Kurzweill PC 88 on this CD).Konen is famous in his local zone (Detroit/Motown) for some masterful techno guitar playing that he performs as “VisionEar”.Metcalf has been recording and performing around the country (& the world) since about 1975.  We did this recording in “one take”, and it’s truly one of the best CD’s ever released on our label; ’tis truly wonderful to record/play with folks who aren’t afraid to improvise! 




Full CD – All 8 tracks, plus cover art – ($9.50)   (NOTE:  after you click CHECKOUT, you can enter the DISCOUNT code – FULL CD purchase only; does not apply to individual tracks)

Sine – ($1.25) Sample

Skippies – ($1.25)  Sample

The Beat  ($1.25)  Sample

Inner Strength – ($1.25)  Sample

Oasis – ($1.25) Sample

The Fastrack – ($1.25)  Sample

2Blu2Groove – ($1.25)  Sample

Rongnine – ($1.25)  Sample