Zzaj Elements of Suspense CD


  ZP-37 – Elements Of Suspense: PA-based              guitarist Mark Kissinger laid down the initial (prepared) guitar tracks for this… after I listened to his mixes, decided I wanted to bring in Ernesto Diaz-Infante (Ernesto and I had just finished several other tape/CD releases together)…    I did my keyboards after getting Ernesto’s mix-downs; the songs had sort of “made themselves”, and it was very easy to improvise against them. I believe this was the first time I had ever done a collaboration with two guitarists at separate locations, but we were all quite happy with the results!  As to cover art, I think I cobbled this together, then named the tunes based on the cover art piece I had chosen – something like that, anyway.  This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever been involved in! You can purchase the individual tracks (by clicking on them), or if you’d like the entire CD, click on that link, please!






Full album:  ZP-37 Elements of Suspense  ($11.25)

Individual tracks:

Track 1:    Antimony Aria – ($1.25)     Sample

Track 2:   At The Edge of Out ($1.25)     Sample

Track 3:   Well Done Magnesium Waffle 
($1.25)  Sample

Track 4:   Imploded Indentations
– ($1.25)  Sample

Track 5:   Hydragyrum Wordsurf
– ($1.25)  Sample

Track 6:   Palladium Palace
– ($1.25)  Sample

Track 7:   Trace Metal Breakfast
– ($1.25)  Sample

Track 8:   Xeonic Excursions
– ($1.25)  Sample

Track 9:   Manganese Attraction
– ($1.25)  Sample