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I am very excited to announce the release of my 6th album

Whatever Possessed Me

                  due out spring 2018

Click the above photos to unlock a PREVIEW video + song off the new album
2018 is off with a bang! After a second very successful mission trip to Haiti with Experience Ayiti I have been working extremely hard to bring my band’s music to your home through a new recording and to your hometown with an east coast tour!

The new album features my quartet of Noah Preminger, Ian Froman, and Billy Test and as a special guest Kebbi Williams joined us on a few numbers as well.

In anticipation for the release I wanted to share some of the music with you so I have released a new song from the album on my soundcloud page

Aside from the album which will be available on all streaming sites, I am very excited to offer some new merchandise including t-shirts and flash drives which will contain all of the material from the album as well as unreleased music, live clips, videos, and more!


Even though we already have 10 concerts booked, we are trying to bring this music to as many people and places as we can, so, if you know someone who wants to present or host a concert please get in touch! I also encourage all of you to follow me on social media at:

The more likes, clicks, and shares helps to show venues and agents that YOU want to see ME.
I will send an updated itinerary when all dates, times, and locations are finalized but in the mean time you can pre-order tickets for the following venues:

3/10 The Deer Head Inn – Delaware Gap, Pa
3/11 The Falcon (sponsored by my good friends at Bad Seed Cider) – Marlboro, Ny
3/14 Smalls Jazz Club – NYC
3/15 Chris’ Jazz Cafe – Philadelphia, Pa
4/12 Elliot St Pub – Atlanta, Ga
4/13 The Velvet Note -Alpharetta, Ga
4/14 The Velvet Note – Apharetta, Ga
4/15 I will be hosting the Sunday Jam at Chairs – Atlanta, Ga
4/27 An Die Musik – Baltimore, Md

Thank you for your continued patronage and support!!!

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The Danny Fox Trio – featuring pianist Fox, bassist Chris van Voorst van Beest, and drummer Max Goldman – releases their third recording The Great Nostalgist TODAY (January 19) on Hot Cup records.  Recorded to tape in the living room of a 100-year old house in the Catskills, the album captures the trio’s uniquely personal, genre-defying original music in a warm, intimate setting with no headphones, isolation booths, or overdubs.

★★★★ “Cycling motifs, quick shifts in direction and temperament, pliable gestures, idiosyncratic thoughts, and intelligent design all come together in organic fashion as the Danny Fox Trio combs through the recesses of time and memory to create music that manages to be personal and universal in its expressions, and evocative yet current in tone.” – Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

The trio celebrates the CD release on Monday, January 22 at Mezzrow in NYC.

I hope you enjoy the music!  Album download links, a stop motion animation music video, downloadable trio shot and press release are below.

All the best,


Download The Great Nostalgist



Watch the video of “Adult Joe” from The Great Nostalgist
Created by Meghan Allynn Johnson

Danny Fox Trio releases third album The Great NostalgistFeaturing pianist Fox, bassist Chris van Voorst van Beest, and drummer Max Goldman

Available January 19, 2018 on Hot Cup Records

“Changing the sound and expectation of a jazz piano trio.”
– John Schaefer, WNYC’s New Sounds

“Mr. Fox’s sound — his group’s sound — is complete within itself and not in a hurry; it’s cool but not modish.” – Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

“Its music pulses with humanity and warmth.”
– Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

CD Release Concert January 22 at Mezzrow, NYC

Hot Cup Records announces the January 19, 2018 release of The Great Nostalgist, the third album by the NYC- based Danny Fox Trio.  Since its critically acclaimed 2011 debut The One Constant (Songlines) and 2014 follow-up Wide Eyed (Hot Cup), the group has continued to push the boundaries of the classic piano trio format.  The Great Nostalgist, recorded to tape in the living room of a 100-year old house in the Catskills, captures the band’s uniquely personal, genre-defying original music in a warm, intimate setting with no headphones, isolation booths, or overdubs. Falling somewhere between jazz and chamber music, the album’s ten pieces are replete with sonic surprises: quirky rhythms, jaunty yet catchy melodies, haunting harmonies, and out-of-the-box arrangements that spotlight the capabilities of each member of the group, all while maintaining tuneful melodies.  The modern yet tradition-embracing music filters themes of nostalgia, early influences, and old haunts through the lens of the present.

Formed in 2008, the Danny Fox Trio, featuring pianist Danny Fox, bassist Chris van Voorst van Beest, and drummer Max Goldman, is a true working band. Whether holed up in a Brooklyn basement rehearsing or touring around the country crammed into a sedan, the trio has spent countless hours developing a rapport that’s immediately palpable in their music.

Though rooted in jazz, the three versatile musicians are also active in chamber music, bluegrass, electro, and New Orleans rhythm and blues, thereby giving the band a sound that is all-encompassing yet strikingly individual. Having committed these intricate and challenging compositions to memory and performed them scores of times, the influence and aesthetic of rock bands is readily appreciated.

The trio explores a wide range of novel techniques to eschew standard forms and roles.  The piano, typically both the lead melodic and harmonic voice, rarely performs these two roles simultaneously. Instead, Fox opts for textures that feature the abilities of his bandmates and explore the more extreme ranges of the piano. In addition to fulfilling the traditional role as rhythmic anchor, bassist van Voorst van Beest provides melodies, counterpoint, and coloristic arco effects adeptly. Goldman employs traditional drumbeats effectively, but often opts for a more orchestral approach, mimicking symphonic playing.

The ten pieces on The Great Nostalgist navigate through a vast array of grooves, harmonies, time signatures, tempo shifts, free improvisations, and dynamics while always remaining grounded in the thematic material, giving the music a seamlessness and cohesion that make it both challenging and highly listenable.

The album opens with the rolling piano figures, moody bass melody, and haunting cymbal howls of “Adult Joe,” an homage to old friends and kiddie nicknames.  The first six bass notes plucked by van Voorst van Beest provide the theme that spins out into the various sections of the piece.  “Theme for Gloomy Bear,” written for a giant pink stuffed

animal with claws, alternates between wistful ballad and pulsating trancelike grooves.  In the earliest version of the piece, Goldman conceived the shaker figure using a mint tin which burst open and left stray mints lurking in Fox’s living room to this day.

“Jewish Cowboy (the Real Josh Geller)” summons Fox’s love for minor-key country tunes, tapping into one of his earliest influences: the bluegrass of artists such as Doc Watson that his parents would play on car trips.  The ominous bass chords of the middle section evoke a dusty mountain range before the spirited hootenanny-like group improvisation closes the song.  The first of two ice cream themed titles, “Cookie Puss Prize,” named for the Carvel mascot Fox won in a fifth grade ice cream eating competition, begins with a swirling contrapuntal duet between the piano and bass before the drums sneak in with a bouncy polyrhythmic Afro-Cuban groove.  “Truant” was composed in short bursts in the practice rooms of Harvard University amidst repeatedly being kicked out by a dour front desk attendant. The piece scrambles frantically with tumbling piano/bass melodies giving way to momentary respites of calm. The lone solo piano piece of the album, “Caterpillar Serenade” could be the underscoring for a movie trailer and flashes back to an early family home movie where Fox’s brother sings him a happy first birthday on a caterpillar-shaped accordion.  “Preamble” begins with two short improvised piano and bass sections, each set against an off-kilter ostinato.  A similar figure resurfaces where the drums improvise over the squirrely, record-skipping rhythm.  Named for an impossibly neon green ice cream treat from the 80s, “Fat Frog” is a nostalgic, old-timey piece with an intro that conjures a theater curtain rising up.  The hopeful opening notes are quickly hijacked into darker terrain as the melody careens along a windy, breakneck path.  “Emotional Baggage Carousel,” conceived at JFK Airport Terminal 4, explores themes of sentimentality and longing alongside a Rocky-like optimism (for receiving your luggage?).  Purely by coincidence, The Great Nostalgist closes in the same manner as the group’s second album Wide Eyed: with a song inspired by laundry.  “Old Wash World,” an imagining of an earlier, simpler time at Fox’s local laundromat New Wash World, builds a boisterous yet sinister dance party on a simple piano riff mined from a long-ignored voice memo.

The Great Nostalgist is also a reunion of pianist Fox with recording/mixing engineer Tyler Wood, who recorded the first music Fox ever wrote while the two were at Harvard University in 2002.

Pianist Danny Fox was born in New York City where he became immersed in the jazz scene from an early age. In high school, Danny was selected as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts and went on to attend Harvard University during which time he became active in the Boston music scene. He formed the Danny Fox Trio in 2008 as a vehicle for his original compositions and since then the working group has performed steadily around NYC and the US, releasing the critically acclaimed albums “The One Constant” (Songlines) and “Wide Eyed” (Hot Cup).  Called a “pianist of diverse accomplishment” (NY Times), Danny has established himself as a versatile musician active in a wide variety of settings, co-founding the New Orleans rock and roll group Tubby, playing around the fertile Brooklyn roots and bluegrass scene, performing on Broadway, and collaborating with the cutting edge video artist Meghan Allynn Johnson.  He has performed with artists as diverse as Bruce Springsteen, Cassandra Wilson, Michael Blake, and Kermit Driscoll.

Born in Pownal, Maine, bassist Chris van Voorst van Beest has been an in-demand presence on the New York music scene since moving to Brooklyn in 2005.  Chris received his bachelor’s degree at the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s degree in composition at City College of New York, where he studied with Pulitzer-Prize winning composer David Del Tredici. Known for his big sound, lyrical bass lines, and versatility in different musical settings including jazz, rock, contemporary classical, and bluegrass, Chris performs regularly around New York City with a wide variety of jazz, chamber, and new music groups.  He tours frequently to Europe, having performed extensively in the Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey and Italy.  An emerging composer, Chris is the founder of the chamber music project Hear + Now which features his original compositions for ensembles of various sizes. His most recent work Het Glazen Herenhuis, a sonnet for piano, cello and clarinet, was premiered in Brooklyn in July of 2017. Chris was a nominee for the 2016 Charles Ives Arts and Letters award.  In 2009 Chris was awarded a grant to compose the original score for the children’s book “The Lamplighter,” featuring narration by noted folk artist Sam Amidon.

Born in Rochester, NY, drummer Max Goldman was fortunate to study under local greats Jeff Lewis, Steve Curry and Rich Thompson. He moved to New York City in 2001, attending NYU and the New School, where he studied with Tony Moreno, Gerald Cleaver and Kenny Washington. Since graduating in 2006, Max has been active in Brooklyn’s fertile creative scene. He spends much of his time touring Europe, South America, the US, and Canada with a diverse lineup of artists. In addition to the Danny Fox Trio, Max has performed and recorded with Becca Stevens, Tim Berne, The Elan Mehler Group, Old Time Musketry, Midnight Magic, Nomi Ruiz, and Eleanor Friedberger. He has been called “a seriously propulsive force” by the Chicago Reader and his drumming has been described as “beautifully melodic, even pianistic” by the New York Jazz Review.

© Joe Turner Lin
Danny Fox Music
Copyright © 2018 Braithwaite & Katz, All rights reserved.
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January 18, 2018

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Barefoot Dances and Other Visions is a seven-part suite composed in 2014 for the Frankfurt Radio Big Band. Each piece expresses a different kind of fantasy. We performed it live in two concerts in Frankfurt February ’14, then recorded it in the studio in September of that year.

When I wrote this music I had been working with the Frankfurt Radio Big Band for about six years, so I knew the players quite well. The suite was written so that every one of the band’s soloists is placed in a framework that would be both familiar and challenging. Each piece features a pair of soloists, playing individually, sometimes together. Several of the pieces begin with a chamber-sized group, “in front of the curtain”. Then the curtain rises to reveal the whole band, having assumed yet another formation.

Bob’s Here imagines the return of composer/trombonist Bob Brookmeyer, who died in 2011. Black Snow conjures up the vision of a normally tranquil scene, still tranquil but rendered improbably dark. Barefoot Dances are just that, something I’ve never actually done in my life. A Glimmer of Hope tries its best to be optimistic, a difficult task these days. Redman Rides Again imagines the return of the arranger/reedman Don Redman. Among other things he was known for writing fantastic clarinet trios. This piece features a real clarinet trio, and a second “trio” formed by Oliver Leicht and his harmonized clarinet. Falling Upwards: try as I may, I still find it impossible. The Cosmic Hodge-Podge offers a vision of the cosmos where galaxies are replaced by blocks of sound; super novas become solo explosions; and a single black hole emerges at the end, emitting just a smidgen of light.     Jim McNeely


Barefoot Dances and Other Visions Jim McNeely and the
Frankfurt Radio Big Band
UPC #: 820428-301721

Catalog #: 301721

RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2018 

01. Bob ́s Here – 10:16
Christian Jaksjö, valve trombone Martin Scales, guitar

02. Black Snow – 10:20
Martin Auer, flugelhorn

03. Barefoot Dances – 6:51
Günter Bollmann, trombone

Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn, soprano saxophone

04. A Glimmer of Hope – 8:01
Rainer Heute, baritone saxophone Manfred Honetschläger, bass trombone

05. Redman Rides Again – 8:45 Axel Schlosser, flugle horn

Oliver Leicht, clarinet

06. Falling Upwards – 7:59 Peter Reiter, piano

Steffen Weber, tenor saxophone Jean Paul Höchstädter, drums

07. The Cosmic Hodge-Podge – 12:25 Thomas Heidepriem, bass

Tony Lakatos, tenor saxophone Axel Schlosser, trumpet
Recorded: September 9 to 12 2014, Hörfunkstudio II, Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt am Main

Mixed: July 2015, Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt am Main

Mastered: October 2017, Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt am Main

Produced by Olaf Stötzler
Recording Producer (Recording/Editing/Mixing/Mastering): Axel Gutzler Recording Engineer: Michael Wayszak

Cover Art: Terry Lamacchia, www.terrylamacchia.weebly.com
Cover Art Photography: David Corrigan, www.davecorriganphotography.com Package Design: Valerie Trucchia, www.valerietrucchia.com

This project has been supported by a generous grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music Recording Program
CONTACT: Thomas Bellino 917 699 5339 planetarts@gmail.com






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Composer/saxophonist Owen Broder receives
2018 Herb Albert Young Jazz Composer Award
© Sasha Israel
Award for composition “Goin’ Up Home,” which opens Heritage, the debut album of his all-star American Roots Project out March 1, 2018 via ArtistShare


The ASCAP Foundation has announced that composer/saxophonist Owen Broder is one of 15 recipients of the 2018 Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Awards. The program, established in 2002 to encourage young gifted jazz composers up to the age of 30, carries the name of the great trumpeter and ASCAP member Herb Alpert in recognition of The Herb Alpert Foundation’s multi-year financial commitment to the initiative. The recipients, who receive cash awards, range in age from 14 to 29 and are selected through a juried national competition. https://www.ascap.com/press/2018/01/01-18-herb-alpert-award-recipients


Based in New York City, Broder, 28, runs in a variety of musical circles as both bandleader and sideman. His jazz quintet, Cowboys & Frenchmen, received critical acclaim for its 2015 release, Rodeo, and its 2017 follow-up Bluer Than You Think. Broder is a member of the Anat Cohen Tentet and has performed with internationally respected jazz artists including Ryan Truesdell’s Gil Evans Project and Trio Globo; he has traveled with The Temptations and The Four Tops, and opened for Grammy Award-winner John Legend with his own soul band, Bitchin’ Kitchen; in musical theater, he was a member of the pit orchestras for the German tour of Grease and the off-Broadway production For the Last Time, appeared with the band in David Bowie’s Lazarus, and originated the woodwind chair in the U.S. Premier tour of The Bodyguard: The Musical. Broder holds a bachelor’s degree from the Eastman School of Music and a master’s from the Manhattan School of Music.


He earned the award for his composition “Goin’ Up Home” which opens Heritage the debut album of his all-star American Roots Project out March 1, 2018 via ArtistShare.


The recording offers a stunning new vision of American roots music – from Appalachian folk to early blues, spirituals to bluegrass – through bold and inspired new interpretations envisioned through a modern jazz lens. Performing on the recording are Sara Caswell, Scott Wendholt, Nick Finzer, James Shipp, Frank Kimbrough, Jay Anderson, Matt Wilson, and on three tracks transcendent vocal trio of Wendy Gilles, Kate McGarry and Vuyo Sotashe.


Ryan Truesdell produced the album and penned a tune; others contributing are Grammy-winning pianist/arranger Jim McNeely, composer/arranger Bill Holman, trumpeter/composer Alphonso Horne, and bandleader/pianist Miho Hazama.


Broder and the band celebrate the album on Wednesday, March 14 at the Jazz Standard, NYC.

Owen Broder
Copyright © 2018 Braithwaite & Katz, All rights reserved.
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Contact: Rick Scott 310.306.0375




Jazz guitarist Chris Standring basks in the positive glow of joyous “Sunlight”


The March 23 album release, featuring appearances by Bob James and Mica Paris, will be preceded by the rousing radio single, “Love Street.”


STUDIO CITY (18 January 2018): Much like a prism refracts light into a colorful spectrum, guitarist Chris Standring’s “Sunlight” reflects rays of multihued jazz into a vibrant sonic palette of joy and positivity. The Los Angeles-based, native Brit will drop his twelfth album on March 23 on the Ultimate Vibe Recordings label, marking the twentieth anniversary since the release of his debut disc (“Velvet”). Paving the way for the new collection penned and produced by Standring is the jaunty “Love Street,” set to cast an alluring spell as the first radio single.


Diverse strains of jazz reign on “Sunlight” with Standring’s clean electric jazz guitar shining brightly throughout the ten tracker plus a reprise that closes the session. The prevailing sounds and engaging textures create warm, organic backdrops for his nimble fretwork forays that traverse lush rhythms and grooves. Wave after wave of Fender Rhodes keyboards and Hammond B3 organ wash over the taut beats serving as the rhythmic spine. Vintage elements offer a compelling contrast to the imaginative electronic nuances, deftly making the recordings feel retro, futuristic, experimental and visionary all at the same time while Standring’s cool-toned guitar slices through to the fore cranking out nifty licks, precision fills and impassioned melodic sojourns.


Helping flush out his vision for “Sunlight,” Standring shares the spotlight with contemporary jazz forefather Bob James (piano) on the stratospheric exploration “The Revisit” and UK soul-pop chanteuse Mica Paris on the lusty R&B, jazz and electronic hybrid “No Explanation,” the latter a tune he wrote with seven-time Grammy nominee Lauren Christy. Also lending their artistry to the platter are noted saxmen Pete Christlieb and Brandon Fields, keyboardists John Novello, Mitchel Forman and longtime collaborator Rodney Lee; bassists Jimmy Haslip, Andre Berry and Roberto Vally; and drummers Chris Coleman and Dave Karasony.


“For the first time, I feel a huge degree of comfort stylistically. ‘Sunlight’ seems to be a much more refined version of who I am. Musically, I can’t shake off who I am. It just is. It’s a fusion of my traditional be-bop background with infectious soul and funk grooves, and a sense of arranging and orchestration that comes very easily now. My influences are not from my contemporaries. They come from orchestral music, traditional jazz and European chill, lounge and progressive club music plus a good dose of R&B. It’s a weird mix, but I guess that’s what results in everything sounding like me when it all comes together,” said Standring who purposely infused the set with uplifting notes of hope and glee.


Perhaps a commentary on our times or just a thoughtful embrace of a longtime personal favorite, Standring reimagines Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows” as a serene guitar meditation.


“The album is upbeat and joyful for the most part. Perhaps it is somewhat reactionary to these challenging times we are presently living through, but I am inherently a positive soul who tends to see the bright side of things, albeit with a touch of British cynicism. Sunlight represents positivity and joy to me, hence the title.”


Standring celebrated three No. 1 singles in 2017: his solo hit “Like This, Like That,” and duet collaborations with trumpeter Cindy Bradley (“Category A”) and two-time Grammy-winning producer-guitarist Paul Brown (“Piccadilly Circus”). The classically-trained guitarist’s ambitious catalogue of instrumental R&B, soul jazz and electronica includes his hit debut single, “Cool Shades”; the No. 1 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Track of the Year in 2010, “Bossa Blue”; and a 2014 Billboard No. 1 single, “Sneakin’ Out the Front Door.” Coming to the U.S. after a lengthy and prosperous run at the BBC and on London’s West End in theatrical orchestras, Standring was a session ace who recorded with Jody Watley and Bebe & Cece Winans among many others. He partnered with Lee to form the acid jazz outfit SolarSystem before touring extensively backing trumpeter Rick Braun. Standring issued “Velvet” soon after, launching his solo mission that continues to climb in trajectory and scope.


“Sunlight” contains the following songs:


“Static In The Attic”


“Love Street”

“The Revisit” featuring Bob James

“No Explanation” featuring Mica Paris

“God Only Knows” featuring John Novello

“Like Paradise”

“Moon Child”

“Do Not Adjust Your Set”

“The Principle Of Pleasure”

“Static In The Attic (Reprise)”



For additional information, please visit http://www.chrisstandring.com.


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Peace, love, hope & joy,



Rick Scott

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January 18, 2018

To: Listings/Critics/Features
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Contact: Pat Phillips patmusic2@gmail.com
Cary Goldberg 434 293-6633 cary@gomedia.net


in Association with

Forever Django
“Passing the Family Torch”
Hot Gypsy Jazz
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 8 pm 
Carnegie Hall 
Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
Spring 2018

LUDOVIC BEIER, PIERRE BLANCHARD“These are some of the greatest musicians in the world!”
……Leonardo DiCaprio
Special Guests:

And Introducing Veronica Swift

Watch Django Festival Allstars
It’s a celebration at the great hall as The Django Festival Allstars, critically acclaimed masters of ‘gypsy jazz’, a style pioneered by legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt, will perform in New York at Carnegie Hall at 8 pm.  The Allstars have been criss-crossing the US to sold-out crowds, standing ovations, and critical acclaim.  At the Playboy Jazz Festival/Hollywood Bowl, Critic Scott Yanow wrote: “The highpoint of the entire festival was The Django Festival Allstars”.

On May 1st, DORADO SCHMITT will perform alongside his two sons, SAMSON and AMATI (Guitar soloists) ‘passing the family torch’ to them as his Dad did to him, carrying on the legacy of Gypsy Jazz. Performing alongside are top Allstar Soloists LUDOVIC BEIER (Accordion & Accordina) and PIERRE BLANCHARD (Violin). DOUDOU CUILLERIER  scat singing and rhythm guitar brings the house down…plus gypsy cousin Fancko Mehrstein on rhythm with  Antonio Licusati and Gino Roman on Bass.

… “the best jazz show in town! Imagine a stage filled with six contemporary Reinhardt descendants, and you’ll get a sense that the collective talent pool on the bandstand is larger than the Arc de Triomphe!”… Wall Street Journal

Grammy-winning Vocalist, is a master of the art of capturing mood and emotion reminiscent of greats like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.

MELODY will perform Django’s most important composition ‘Nuages” with legendary Dorado Schmitt on Guitar.

Winner of 14 Grammy’s as top Clarinetist/Saxophonist with numerous recordings, travels the world in great demand for his enormous talent that defies categorization as he is highly acclaimed in areas of Jazz, Latin/Jazz , and Classical.

Acclaimed as one of the top young jazz singers on the scene,  Veronica , 23,  is touring with  Chris Botti, performs regularly at Birdland, and  soon to  be touring Europe and the US.

The music of Django Reinhardt, legendary gypsy guitarist, speaks of Paris in the 20’s and 30’s when ‘gitane’ music filled the air, in the cafes and streets, in the countryside, a romantic Paris. In the gypsy camps, guitars swung with popular melodies, dizzying waltzes, the sweetness of the accordion and violin, campfires, gypsy life in full swing. swing.

The music is enrapturing…a feeling  of freedom and abandon, the soul of Manouche gypsy life brought to life at Carnegie Hall upon the release of their new CD, “Attitude Manouche” on Resilience Music Alliance. Much to be performed onstage highlights original compositions keeping the Django style fresh and beyond.

The Django Festival Allstars are the top players that have emerged from the Django Festival held biannually at Birdland in New York, and founded-produced by Pat Philips and Ettore Stratta.  The traditions of gypsy jazz flourish today with music at the heart and soul of family life,. being passed down from one generation to another. The concert is dedicated to Maestro Stratta whose great musical talent and leadership set us on this path.


Tickets on sale February 1st at Carnegiehall.org or
Carnegie Charle 212 247 7800 and a the Carnegie Hall Box Office
At 57th Street and 7th Avnenue

Tickets & Info






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I  just booked another February gig – Groundhog Day at the new Wine Station:

Marc Smason – trombone/vocal

“…building community through music…”

Wednesday    January 31     6 pm    Marc Smason & the Chicago 7 – vintage jazz    Michael Gotz  Oleg Ruvinov  Laura Oviedo   *Queen Ane Beerhall   203 W Thomas    206-659-4043

Friday    February 2    5:30 pm    Groundhog Day w/ Los Buhos!    Laura Oviedo   Jim Parfitt    The Wine Station    2533 16th S      206-271-7302

Wednesday    February 7      6 pm       Los Buhos    Laura Oviedo  Marc Smason  Bruce Barnard  Jim Parfitt   Alex Oliva     *Stone Way Café    3510 Stone Way N     206-420-4435

Fat Tuesday!    February 13     8 pm    Marc Smason & the Chicago 7 – vintage jazz   Jeremy Shaskus   Jim Parfitt   Nathan Breedlove  Laura Oviedo     Lottie’s Lounge   4900 Rainier Ave S      206-725-0519

Valentine’s Day  Wednesday    February 14      7 – 9 pm     Los Buhos .   *Perihelion Brewery   2800 16th S     perihelion.beer

* all ages      no cover    new cd!      www.marcsmason.com

Our new CD is fresh off the presses – taking orders!

“Genes are not destiny!”   Me



January 17, 2018

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January 16, 2018

To: Listings/Critics/Features
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Contacts: Jo Morello, 941.587.8290; Carline Ash, 941.366.1552 (Wed.-Fri., 9-5)

Musician interviews & photos available. Click HERE for the Sarasota Jazz
Festival website
 with short soundtracks and detailed event schedule.

SARASOTA, FL: Jazz, the uniquely American musical art form, was born in New Orleans in the early 20th century and nurtured on a lively diet of music from around the world–the blues of the American South, rhythms from Africa and the Caribbean, classical music from Europe and France, and more. It’s entirely fitting, then, that the Jazz Club of Sarasota–one of the most active jazz societies in the nation–will present “A World of Jazz” for its 38th Annual Sarasota Jazz Festival. The four-day event, from March 7-10, 2018, will feature 14 musicians from seven nations in four concerts, over a dozen locally based musicians for a Pub Crawl by Trolley, and the French art film Django. In addition, at one of the concerts the Club will present its highest honor, the Satchmo Award, to a musician for “unique and enduring contribution to the living history of jazz.” Festival activities will be presented in various Sarasota venues including Marriott’s new Art Ovation Hotel, downtown Sarasota night clubs and Burns Court Cinema. Live jazz will fill the lobby before each concert, and four special VIP receptions—for those who purchase VIP ticket packages–will add to the luster of this star-studded festival.

“We’re pleased to recognize the global impact of jazz, and we’re especially honored that the celebrated Ken Peplowski, one of our audience favorites, is the festival’s music director,” said Peg Pluto, Jazz Club president. “We’re also delighted that our vice president, Ed Linehan, is managing director for the festival. Ken and Ed have both worked with our festivals before so we know we’re in good hands.

“In keeping with our theme, Ken will present the world of jazz as interpreted by internationally respected musicians and fast-rising young stars from around the world,” Pluto said. “Many of them have never played together before, and they may never share the same stage again. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.”

Acclaimed reedman Peplowski, based in New York, will both direct the international cadre and frequently join them on stage. “These accomplished performers will play the universal language of jazz, an American language that everyone now speaks,” he said. “They’ll draw on musical influences from their homeland countries—Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Japan, Sweden and the United States—to present the exciting sound of what jazz has become today.”

Ken has designed a playbook of two sets for every concert, each with a different mix of performers. “We’ll present unique combinations of musicians for every set with a fresh sound for each segment,” he said. He’ll also add another treat: “After each concert, we’ll bring back all of the evening’s musicians for an All-Star jam session number or two—an improvised finale that takes us right into the very essence of jazz.”
Peplowski has been highly praised and frequently honored. “Ken Peplowski is arguably the greatest living jazz clarinetist,” said Russell Davies of BBC2. Will Friedwald (The Wall Street Journal) wrote, “Mr. Peplowski sounds the way (Benny) Goodman might if he had kept evolving … polishing his craft . . . into the 21st century.”

Among other credits, Ken has been a featured performer at practically every significant jazz festival, was music director of the Oregon Festival of American Music for eight years, has backed dozens of major performers, and has recorded some 50 CDs as a soloist and nearly 500 more as a sideman. He has also been a frequent performer for the Jazz Club of Sarasota, often with Dick Hyman, and in 2014 received the Club’s highest honor, its Satchmo Award, for his “unique and enduring contribution to the living history of jazz.” (Other Jazz Club Satchmo winners since 1990 have included Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Gerry Mulligan, Ella Fitzgerald, Dick Hyman, Branford Marsalis and Family, Four Freshmen, Bucky and John Pizzarelli, and Wycliffe Gordon.)
In addition to Peplowski, several other musicians will make encore appearances with the Jazz Club of Sarasota. These include Houston Person,saxophone; Diego Figueiredo, guitar; and Jeff Hamilton, drums.
The festival’s house band is the Scandinavian Jazztrio:

  • Writer/musician/composer Kristian Leth (Denmark), drums; a Danish Academy Award-nominated film composer and Grammy-winning recording artist who has written, performed and produced scores for TV series, films and commercials.
  • Hans Backenroth (Sweden), bass; acclaimed as “one of the best bass players Sweden has developed—ever!” (Arne Domnérus, Swedish jazz legend).
  • Ole Kock Hansen (Denmark), piano; “one of the most significant artists in modern Danish Jazz” (Wikipedia).

“Some of our festival musicians currently reside in the United States as well as abroad. We’ve hand-picked performers who beautifully understand and represent the musical influences they bring from their countries of origin,” Peplowski said. In addition to the Scandinavian Jazztrio, festival musicians (in alphabetical order) are:

  •  Ehud Asherie, piano, Israel; “a master of swing and stride” (New Yorker); a jazz pianist who integrates the New York piano tradition with his inventive style.
  • Graham Dechter, guitar, U. S.; honored in the DownBeat Critics Poll as “Rising Star Guitar” (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017).
  • Sinne Eeg, vocalist, Denmark; considered the preeminent jazz vocalist in Scandinavia.
  • Diego Figueiredo, guitar, Brazil; a fast-rising star among the world’s greatest jazz guitarists; plays with an infectious, joyful feeling.
  • Jimmy Greene, saxophone, U.S.; GRAMMY® Award-nominated saxophonist, composer, and arranger.
  • Jeff Hamilton, drums, U.S; known for his versatility as a drummer, composer, arranger, and educator; leads his own trio and performs with other respected groups including the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra.
  • Chiara Izzi, vocals, Italy; described by JazzTimes as “a talent to be heard, admired and anticipated.”
  • Jeremy Pelt, trumpet, U.S.; featured by Nat Hentoff in The Wall Street Journal; voted “Rising Star – Trumpet” for five years by DownBeat and the Jazz Journalists Association.
  • Houston Person, saxophone, U.S.; a “rock-solid, full-toned” musician, recording artist and winner of the Eubie Blake Award.
  • Akiko Tsuruga, organ, Japan; called “Queen of the Organ”; winner of the 2017 Hothouse Magazine Jazz Award for Best Organist.

Festival Schedule
TROLLEY rides from 5:30 p.m.; JAZZ at downtown CLUBS from 6-10 p.m.
Jazz lovers and club-hoppers will board trolleys for the 20th consecutive Jazz Pub Crawl by Trolley, riding to downtown nightclubs where over 50 local musicians will swing the night away. Trolleys will run continuous loops of the venues throughout the evening. A wristband, available from the Jazz Club office* or at the trolley parking location, is required for admission to the trolley and all clubs.  This is a separately ticket event, not included in Festival VIP or Combo Tickets. Wristband are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the event.

THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 8: CONCERT and other events, Art Ovation Hotel1255 N. Palm Avenue

5-7:30, Local JAZZ MUSICIANS in lobby bar; 6-7:30, VIP RECEPTION; 7:30 p.m., CONCERT; 10-11 p.m., VIP MEET-AND-GREET with FESTIVAL MUSICIANS.
Co-Hosts: Ken Peplowski and Mike Cornette, director of jazz & on-air host, WUSF 89.7 FM, Tampa

  • 1st Set: Scandinavian Jazztrio with special guest vocalist Sinne Eeg.
  • 2nd Set: Scandinavian Jazztrio joined by Jimmy Greene on saxophone and Jeremy Pelt on trumpet. Featured performances by Sinne Eeg,vocals, and Ken Peplowski, reeds.
  • Finale: All-Star Jazz Jam with all of the evening’s musicians


10 a.m.-10:45, LIVE GYPSY JAZZ;  11 a.m., 2017 FILM DJANGO
Keven Aland (violin) and Jon McLaughlin (guitar) of the Hot Club of SRQ present a Gypsy Jazz performance to set the mood for Etienne Comar’s filmDjango. This new film, called “a plucky historical drama that leverages a famous musician into a story about fighting fascism,” will be screened with English subtitles. The “dazzling biopic,” which had its world premiere at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival, depicts the struggles of the famous French jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt in German-occupied Paris.
Seating is limited: ALL guests must make reservations. Contact the Jazz Club office* for reservations and tickets. Admission: FREE for holders of VIP Festival Passes; $10 for Jazz Club members; $15 for nonmembers.

FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 9: CONCERT and other events, Art Ovation Hotel1255 N Palm Avenue
5-7:30, JAZZ MUSICIANS in lobby bar; 7:30 p.m., CONCERT; 10-11 p.m., VIP MEET-AND-GREET with FESTIVAL MUSICIANS
Co-Hosts: Ken Peplowski and Whitney James, jazz vocalist; on-air jazz host, WUSF 89.7 FM, Tampa

  • 1st Set: Diego Figueiredo, guitar; Chiara Izzi, vocals; Jimmy Greene, saxophone.
  • 2nd Set: Scandinavian Jazztrio; Houston Person, saxophone; Graham Dechter, guitar.
  • Finale:  All-Star Jazz Jam with all of the evening’s musicians.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON, March 10: CONCERT and other events, Art Ovation Hotel1255 N Palm Avenue12:30-2, Local JAZZ MUSICIANS in lobby bar;  2 p.m., CONCERTCo-Hosts: Ken Peplowski and  Kayonne Riley, general manager, WUCF 89.9 FM, Orlando; host of “Middays with Kayonne Riley Mix-and-match concert with Scandinavian Jazztrio; Graham Dechter, guitar; Akiko Tsuruga, organ; Jeff Hamilton, drums; Houston Person, saxophone; Diego Figueiredo, guitar; Chiara Izzi, vocals; Ehud Asherie, piano; and Ken Peplowski, reeds.

SATURDAY EVENING, March 10: CONCERT and other events, Art Ovation Hotel1255 N Palm Avenue
5-7:30, Local JAZZ MUSICIANS in lobby bar; 7:30 p.m., CONCERT; 10-11 p.m., VIP MEET-AND-GREET with FESTIVAL MUSICIANS
Co-Hosts: Ken Peplowski and Bob Seymour, retired director of jazz and on-air host, WUSF 89.7 FM, Tampa; honorary member, Jazz Club of Sarasota Board of Directors

  • 1st Set: Kristian Leth, drums; Hans Backenroth, bass; Ehud Asherie, piano; and Ken Peplowski, reeds
  •  Presentation of the Jazz Club’s highest honor, the Satchmo award, to honor a person selected by the Jazz Club  for “unique and enduring contribution to the living history of jazz.”
  • 2nd Set: Jeff Hamilton, drums; Akiko Tsuruga, organ; Graham Dechter, guitar; and Houston Person, saxophone.
  • Festival Finale: All-Star Jazz Jam with all of the evening’s musicians

Sarasota Jazz Festival ticket prices peak at $49, with discounts available for Jazz Club members and through several combination packages including a VIP ticket that includes admission and preferred seating for all concerts and four private receptions. Prices for the movie Django and the Jazz Pub Crawl are lower. Contact the Jazz Club* for Jazz Pub Crawl wristbands ($20/advance; $25/at event), information about the movie, VIP Combo Ticket Packages, and other options. To purchase general admission tickets for single concerts ($39/member; $49/nonmember), contact brownpapertickets.com or 800.838.3006.

The Jazz Club of Sarasota, founded in 1980, is dedicated to preserving, promoting and presenting jazz, America’s original musical art form. The Club has provided over 50 jazz-related events annually for more than 37 years. Chief among them is the highly respected Sarasota Jazz Festival, including the 38th Annual Festival set for March 7-10, 2018. In addition to producing numerous jazz events, over the years the Club has granted more than $200,000in scholarships to aspiring young jazz musicians.

Click HERE for the Sarasota Jazz Festival website.
*Jazz Club of Sarasota: For more information visit http://jazzclubsarasota.org/, e-mail admin@JazzClubSarasota.com, or phone 941.366.1552(Wednesday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.MondayFriday during Festival Week).






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T: 845-986-1677
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For Immediate Release

Rick Wakeman’s The Real Lisztomania Limited Edition Box Set Now Available For Pre-Order!

The Real Lisztomania to be released as Rick Wakeman always wanted – available CD/DVD & Deluxe Box Set!

London – Keyboard legend Rick Wakeman’s The Real Lisztomania Limited Edition Box Set is now available for pre-order! This is an extremely rare find as the master tapes were long since considered destroyed. Back in 1975 Rick was asked to oversee and compose a lot of the music for the film Lisztomania, which was directed by Ken Russell. Rick was also given a part in the film in which he played the god Thor.

A soundtrack album was later produced by Rick, which was subsequently turned down by A&M Records, much to Rick’s disgust. There were huge disputes going on at the time and they basically hated everything he produced even though he was selling albums for them in multi-millions. It is not commonly known that they actually turned down Journey To The Centre Of The Earth initially and it was only by forcing the contract that Rick had signed with them, that it was ever released. They also initially didn’t want to release The Six Wives Of Henry VIII until some vocals were put on it!

After rejecting Rick’s soundtrack master, A&M then produced a soundtrack of their own which had very little of Rick on it and yet they still thoughtfully put his name on the front cover along with that of Roger Daltrey! Rick was furious to say the least and hated the soundtrack album vehemently and told the press accordingly! It sold accordingly well! However, the film went on to become one of the cult films of all time and to find this original soundtrack is quite unbelievable as there was only one master ever in existence and yet somehow it has managed to survive more than 25 years in a box amongst some old football shorts! It was originally released as part of Rick’s fabled, Treasure Chest box set of a limited edition of 500 on the Voiceprint label, copies of going for over £500 on eBay. Now back by popular demand, in its rightful place with the film it is the soundtrack of.

The tapes have been carefully re-mastered and all concerned believe that this is truly something special. Rick’s idea was always to try and produce a completely different type of soundtrack and he produced this one by making it into a form of story with intermittent hilarious narration that runs throughout spoken by Paul Nicholas.

Guest vocalists include Roger Daltrey, Paul Nicholas & Linda Lewis. It may be more than 40 years since these altercations, but as they say, “Better late than never!” It’s certainly a very different soundtrack to any that have ever been produced in the world of film music. It’s very funny too, which is perhaps what we have come to expect from Rick with humour and music in one.

The box set, as well as other items, available will be shipped from UK for early April 2018

Pre-Order Now: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/rick-wakeman-lisztomania

Rick Wakeman’s official website: http://www.rwcc.com/

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (US), glassonyonpr@gmail.com


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emiko Featured Show
Hello Everyone!

It’s only Tuesday and already, this week is gearing up to be filled with everything incredible and extraordinary.
Many of you may have seen that there have been two documentaries made about “I Believe You” the song and the project itself.  The documentary short is premiering tomorrow at Johnie’s Coffee Shop (now known as Bernie’s to many) in Los Angeles at a very important event which is being held in partnership with California for Progress: The First Dialogue: #MeToo and #IBelieveYou A Panel Discussion on how to end Sexual Violence.
For those of you who are in the LA area and wish to attend, the premier is free and open to the public but it’s best to RSVP to the link as space is limited and we are almost at capacity.  For those who are not in the LA area, please note that we will be live streaming the panel discussion portion on Facebook Live on my @therealemiko account so be sure to tune in around 7:30pm PST to be part of this historic event.
As if that wasn’t enough for massive mid-week event, the very next day (Thursday, January 18th) I’ve been asked to be a guest on a TV show called The Fallen State.  I’ll be sharing more details on the I BELIEVE YOU Project and that interview will air in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for details.
Then on Saturday, January 20th I am most humbled/honored/astonished/still in shock that I have been confirmed to perform “I Believe You” at the Women’s March in Los Angeles!!!  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel, not just for this opportunity, but for the responsibility that I have been given – and yes, this is, very much a responsibility.  It’s a social responsibility to support survivors of sexual violence, to do everything we can do end the cycle of abuse and create lasting positive change. I hope you will all join us at the Women’s March on Saturday in LA – or join whichever march has been planned in your city for this coming weekend!
Next week brings more musical appearances with showcases and interviews at the annual winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA and then concerts starting on Monday, January 29th at the legendary Dresden nightclub in Los Angeles.
As the band and I gear up for more concerts, recordings, and tours this year, we are forever grateful to each and every one of you who continue to support the music and our social efforts.  We humbly ask that if you haven’t already, please download a copy of the EP off of your favorite digital music retail platform or turn someone onto your favorite song of ours! And if you haven’t seen the video for “I Believe You,” you can find it here.
Until next time, I wish you all rock, roll, and respect!
Social: @emikomusic


Featured Show
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday @6:00pm



Play Song I Believe You
Play Song California Screamin’
Play Song Simple Love (Sample)


Upcoming Shows
Thursday, January 25
NAMM  •  Anaheim, CA  •  10:00pm
Get the Details
Friday, January 26
NAMM  •  Anaheim, CA  •  3:00pm
Get the Details
Saturday, January 27
NAMM  •  Anaheim, CA  •  11:00pm
Get the Details


“Emiko is an award-winning LA-based singer, keyboardist, songwriter, and music industry professional who started an emotional project some time back about dealing with the ever-present sexual harassment and assaults that have become headline news for years, but especially these past weeks with the likes of Presidents, former Presidents, Actors, filmmakers, and a litany of people in the limelight being accused of very serious crimes against women, for the most part. Men are not immune to harassment, it is just usually less public. The timing of the release of this music video for a song called “I Believe You” is remarkable and astonishing. It is based on the Emiko’s own experience of sexual assault. The song was co-written with Grammy and Oscar-nominated producer Tommy Faragher who is most recently known as a music producer for the hit FOX TV show, “Glee.”” — Terry Miller, Pasadena Independent, Nov 7, 2017


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