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Our THANKS to all the promoters and individual artists who keep us in fresh, new high-talent and high-energy music to review!

Video or Image linkArtist and TitleDate ReceivedIssue Review Appeared inPromoter
No suitable image at this timeNoa Fort - No World Between Us2018/01/22Kari-On Productions

Alchemy Sound Project - Adventures In Space and Time2018/07/10BK Music PR

Meg Bowles - EVENSONG CANTICLES FOR THE EARTH2018/06/29Creative Service Company
No image available at this timeRyan Meagher - Evil Twin2018/07/14PJCE Recordsx

Dee Brown - Remembering You2018/07/15Great Scott PRoductions
No image available at this timeONE O'CLOCK LAB BAND - Rhythm of the Road2018/08/09Jazz Promo Services

Mike Freeman ZonaVibe - Venetian Blinds2018/08/09Jazz Promo Services

Other Barry - Escape Route2018/07/15PJCE Recordsx

The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra - Get It How You Lve2018/07/15Great Scott PRoductions

Ernie Krivda - A Bright and Shining Moment2018/07/17BK Music PR

Alex Lefaivre - YUL2018/07/17Submitted direct from Alex Lefaivre

Tribu - El Matador2018/07/17Kari-On Productions

Allegra Levy - Looking At The Moon2018/07/17BK Music PR

Gary Lindsay and the South Florida Jazz Orchestra - The South Florida Jazz Orchestra Plays the Music of Gary Lindsay2018/07/18Mouthpiece Music

Mark Winkler and Cheryl Bentyne - Eastern Standard Time2018/07/18Mouthpiece Music

Melbreeze - Animazonia2018/07/19Kari-On Productions

Adison Evans - Meridian2018/07/19Lydia Liebman Promotions

Itai Kriss - Televana2018/07/19Lydia Liebman Promotions

Geof Bradfield - Yes, and... Music for Nine Improvisers2018/07/19Lydia Liebman Promotions
No suitable image at this timeBryan Smith - Let Me Take You There2018/07/23Submitted direct by Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith - This Is Water2018/04/04Submitted direct by Bryan Smith

Scott Petito - Rainbow Gravity2018/08/04Lydia Liebman Promotions

Judi Silvano & The Zephyr Band - Lessons Learned2018/08/04Lydia Liebman Promotions

Samuel Martinelli - Crossing Paths2018/07/25Jazz Promo Services

Carol Liebowitz/Bill Payne Spiderwebmandala2018/07/25Jazz Promo Services

Sam Rucker - Redemption2018/07/27Great Scott PRoductions
No image available at this timeOlivia Foschi - Fleeting Windows2018/07/27Submitted by The Are Group

Ben Paterson - Live @ Van Gelder's2018/07/27Lisa Reedy Promotions

Ralph Metzner & Byron Metcalf - Völuspa2018/07/27Submitted direct by Byron Metcalf

Joani Taylor - In A Sentimental Mood2018/07/27Lisa Reedy Promotions

Dana Marcine - To The Horizon2018/07/27Lisa Reedy Promotions

Aleksandra Takala - Visions and Emotions2018/07/29Creative Service Company

Alan Matthews - The Ineffable2018/08/01Submitted direct from artist
No image available at this timeTony Adamo - Jazz on the Hip Side2018/08/01Submitted by Ropeadope records

Gareth Laffely and Lance Bendiksen - Voices of the Guardians2018/08/01Lazz Promotions

Rafal Sarnecki - Climbing Trees2018/08/01BK Music PR

JEFF SIEGE SIEGEL QUARTET - London Live2018/08/04Lydia Liebman Promotions

Edgar Steinitz - Roots Unknown2018/04/18

Stormbringer - Born A Dying Breed2017/11/04BJF Media PR & Promotion


Raven Cain - Oblivious2017/11/16BJF PR
No suitable imageSatoko Fujii - Fukushima2017/11/20BK Music PR

Danny Fox Trio - The Great Nostalgist2017/12/13BK Music PR

Kate McGarry - The Subject Tonight is Love2018/01/04BK Music PR

Kevin Sun - Trio2018/01/09BK Music PR

Leslie Pintchik - You Eat My Food, You Drink My Wine, You Steal My Girl2018/01/10BK Music PR

James Hall - Lattice2018/01/16BK Music PR

Kaze - Atody Man2018/02/23BK Music PR

Noah Preminger - Genuinity2018/02/26BK Music PR

Lello Molinari - Italian Job, Volume 22018/02/28BK Music PR
No suitable image at this timeSara Serpa - Close Up2018/02/28BK Music PR

Owen Broder - Heritage2018/03/01BK Music PR

Erin McDougald - Outside the Soiree2018/03/15BK Music PR

Mike Jones - The Show Before The Show2018/03/15BK Music PR

Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra - Without A Trace2018/03/15BK Music PR
No suitable image at this timeSatoko Fujii - Ninety-nine Years2018/03/23BK Music PR

Edward Simon - Sorrows and Triumphs2018/03/23BK Music PR

Danny Green - One Day It Will2018/03/23BK Music PR
No suitable image at this timeJuan Andrés Ospina - Tramontana2018/04/03BK Music PR

Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein & Bill Stewart - Toy Tunes2018/04/26BK Music PR

Kira Kira - Bright Force (Satoko Fujii)2018/04/27BK Music PR

Jeff Denson - Outside My Window2018/05/08BK Music PR
No suitable image at this timePhil Haynes - My Favorite Things2018/06/05BK Music PR
No suitable image at this timeNo Fast Food - Settings for Three2018/06/05BK Music PR

Ghost Island - Assimilation2018/06/14Fluttery Records

Dave Kerzner - Static2017/12/01Glass Onyon PR

DBA3 - Skyscraper Souls2017/12/01Glass Onyon PR

Adam Rudolph - Morphic Resonances2017/11/10hubtone PR

Roswell Rudd - Embrace2017/11/10hubtone PR

Mikrojazz - Neue Expressionistische Musik2017/11/10hubtone PR

Eraldo Bernocchi - Rosebud2017/12/08hubtone PR

Adam Rudolph, Dave Liebman, Tatsuya Nakatani - The Unknowable2018/02/09hubtone PR

Bobby Previte - Rhapsody2018/02/09hubtone PR

Kristo Rodzevski - The Rabbit and the Fallen Sycamore2018/04/26hubtone PR

The Jamie Saft Quartet - Blue Dream2018/06/10hubtone PR

Kelly Green - Life Rearranged2017/11/10Lydia Liebman Promotions

Rob Clearfield - Wherever You're Starting From2018/02/02Lydia Liebman Promotions

Arnan Raz - Chains of Stories2018/02/02Lydia Liebman Promotions
No image available at this timeSharel Cassity - Evolve2018/02/02Lydia Liebman Promotions

Kristina Koller - Perception2018/02/24Lydia Liebman Promotions

Kathy Kosins - Uncovered Soul2018/02/24Lydia Liebman Promotions

SAMUEL POMPEO, QUINTETO - QUE DESCAÍDA2018/02/24Lydia Liebman Promotions
No suitable image at this timeMeg Okura, Sam Newsome, Jean-Michel Pilc - NPO Trio Live at the Stone2018/03/15Lydia Liebman Promotions
No suitable image at this timeKevin Bales, Keri Johnsrud - Beyond the Neighborhood- The Music of Fred Rogers2018/03/15Lydia Liebman Promotions

Jonathan Barber - Vision Ahead2018/04/05Lydia Liebman Promotions

Don Braden - Earth Wind and Wonder2018/04/05Lydia Liebman Promotions

Sam Javitch Quartet - People and Places2018/04/05Lydia Liebman Promotions

Gregory Generet & Richard Johnson - Two Of A Kind2018/05/15Lydia Liebman Promotions

Flavio Silva - Break Free2018/05/19Lydia Liebman Promotions
No suitable image at this timeAdi Meyerson - Where We Stand2018/05/19Lydia Liebman Promotions

Dawn Clement - Tandem2018/04/18Origin Records

Margo Rey - The Roots of Rey Despacito Margo2018/04/18Origin Records

Michael Waldrop - Origin Suite2018/04/18Origin Records

George Cotsirilos - Mostly In Blue2018/04/18Origin Records

Phil Parisot - Creekside2018/04/18Origin Records

Eva Cortes - Crossing Borders2018/04/18Origin Records

Jeff Baker - Phrases2018/04/18Origin Records
No suitable image at this timeCorey Christiansen - Dusk2018/04/18Origin Records
No suitable image at this timeIdit Shner - 9 Short Stories2018/04/18Origin Records

Hal Galper Quartet - Cubist2018/04/21Origin Records

2X2 - Galvao-Santiago-Landais-Enouf2018/04/21Origin Records

Electric Squeezebox Orchestra - The Falling Dream2018/04/21Origin Records

Dave Liebman/John Stowell - Petite Fleur The Music of Sidney Bechet2018/04/21Origin Records
No suitable image at this timeParty Pack ICE - Party Pack Ice2017/11/15pFMentum
Steve D'Angelo - Dancing SidewaysIssue 168Radio Directx
No image available at this timeBill King - Soul Jazz Vol 1 There It Is!2018/02/22Radio Directx

Vibronics - Woman On A Mission2018/02/23Radio Directx

Maura Shaftoe - Make Me A Memory2018/02/23Radio Directx

Eric Valentine & Velvet Groove - Velvet Groove2018/01/18Great Scott PRoductions

Staring Into Nothing - Power2017/11/01Independent Music Promotions/a>

Delta Deep - East Coast Live2017/12/21Independent Music Promotions/a>
No suitable image at this timeAndrew Reed - If All The World Were Right2017/12/29Independent Music Promotions/a>


One O'Clock Lab Band - Lab 20172017/11/15Jazz Promo Services

Takaaki - New Kid In Town2017/11/20Jazz Promo Services

Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine - Tasty Tunes2018/01/25Jazz Promo Services

The Richard Shulman Group - Turned Into Lemonade2018/05/19Jazz Promo Services

Bob Mintzer Big Band New York Voices - Meeting Of Minds 2018/05/25Jazz Promo Services

HAKON HOGSTAD - Two Hands To Tango2018/05/25Jazz Promo Services

Sam Bevan - Emergence2018/06/27Jazz Promo Services

Maurice Frank - Mad Romance and Love2018/06/27Jazz Promo Services

Wayne Powers - If Love Were All2018/06/27Jazz Promo Services

Peter Horsfall - Nighthawks2017/11/01Lisa Reedy Promotions


Alberto Pibiri - Jazz Legacy2017/11/10Lisa Reedy Promotions

Jodi Proznick f. Laila Biali - Sun Songs2018/01/02Lisa Reedy Promotions

The Scott Hamilton Trio - Live at Pyatt Hall2018/01/18Lisa Reedy Promotions

Keith O'Rourke - Sketches from the Road2018/01/18Lisa Reedy Promotions

BC Double Quartet - Departure2018/01/20Lisa Reedy Promotions

Adam Shulman Sextet - Full Tilt2018/01/20Lisa Reedy Promotions

Professor Cunningham and His Old School - Swing It Out!2018/02/01Lisa Reedy Promotions

Ben Paterson - That Old Feeling2018/02/05Lisa Reedy Promotions
No suitable image at this timePhil Stewart - Melodious Drum2018/02/05Lisa Reedy Promotions

The Idiomatiques - Out On The Town2018/02/09Lisa Reedy Promotions

Deborah Swiney - I Remember Rio2018/02/25Lisa Reedy Promotions

Tom Teasley and Seth Kibel - Tiny Planet2018/03/05Lisa Reedy Promotions

Bob Washut Dodectet - Journey to Knowhere2018/03/13Lisa Reedy Promotions

Emmet Cohen - Masters Legacy Series, Vol. Two- Ron Carter2018/03/13Lisa Reedy Promotions
No suitable image at this timeJason Klobnak Quartet - Friends and Family2018/03/15Lisa Reedy Promotions
No suitable image at this timeJen Hodge Allstars - All's Fair in Love & Jazz2018/03/15Lisa Reedy Promotions

John Korbel - Earthlight2018/04/18Lisa Reedy Promotions

Erik Applegate - Three's A Crowd2018/05/30Lisa Reedy Promotions

Jerry Weldon - Those Were The Days2018/05/30Lisa Reedy Promotions

Lenny Marcus Trio - Gloria's Step2018/06/20Lisa Reedy Promotions

Cory Weeds Little Big Band - Explosion2018/06/30Lisa Reedy Promotions
No suitable image at this timeRadam Schwartz - 2 Sides Of The Organ Combo2018/07/01Lisa Reedy Promotions

Trinom3 - Just A Little Bit Further2018/07/01Lisa Reedy Promotions

James Weidman - Spiritual Impressions2018/01/08Kari-On Productions

Hughes Smith Quintet - Motion2018/01/19Kari-On Productions
No suitable image at this timeDIVA JAZZ ORCHESTRA - 25TH ANNIVERSARY PROJECT2018/01/21Kari-On Productions

Veronneau - Love & Surrender2018/01/21Kari-On Productions
No image available at this timeAndrew Gould - First Things First2018/02/09Kari-On Productions
No suitable image at this timeSundae+Mr Goessl - When You're Smiling2018/02/19Kari-On Productions
No suitable image at this timeOKB TRIO - The Ing2018/02/26Kari-On Productions

New England Conservatory - Peter and the Wolf2018/04/09Kari-On Productions

Troy Roberts - Nu Jive Perspective2018/06/14Kari-On Productions

Vantomme - Vegir featuring Tony Levin2018/01/20Moonjune Records
No suitable image at this timeLive At Home - Dusan Jevtovic2018/01/20Moonjune Records

Dwiki Dharmawan - Rumah Batu2018/06/30Moonjune Records

Dialeto - Live With David Cross2018/06/30Moonjune Records

Mark WIngfield - Tales From The Dreaming City2018/06/30Moonjune Records

As Is - HERE'S TO LIFE2017/12/10Mouthpiece Music

Andrew Distel - It Only Takes Time2017/12/14Mouthpiece Music

Dolores Scozzesi - Here Comes The Sun2018/02/09Mouthpiece Music

Dave Tull - Texting and Driving2018/03/05Mouthpiece Music

Susan Krebs Chamber Band - Spring Light out of Darkness2018/03/05Mouthpiece Music

Brubeck Brothers Quartet - Timeline2018/03/15Mouthpiece Music

Joanne Tatham - The Rings of Saturn2018/04/05Mouthpiece Music

John Proulx - Say It2018/04/05Mouthpiece Music
No suitable image at this timeCathy Segal Garcia - The Jazz Chamber2018/04/25Mouthpiece Music
No suitable image at this timeJamie Shew - Eyes Wide Open2018/04/25Mouthpiece Music

Alain Mallet - Mutt Slang2018/05/31Mouthpiece Music

Jocelyn Michele - Live at Viva Cantina!2018/06/01Mouthpiece Music

Gary Brumburgh - Moonlight2018/06/01Mouthpiece Music

Marty Elkins - Fat Daddy2018/06/30Mouthpiece Music


Michika Fukumori - Piano Images2018/06/30Mouthpiece Music


Dave Young Terry Promane Octet - Octet, Volume 22017/11/13Orange Grove Publicity

Justin Gray & Synthesis - New Horizons2017/12/11Orange Grove Publicity

Harley Card - The Greatest Invention2018/01/05Orange Grove Publicity
No suitable image at this timeLivingFossil - Never Die2018/01/20Orange Grove Publicity

The Heavyweights Brass Band - This City2018/02/01Orange Grove Publicity
No suitable image at this timeDeanne Matley - Because I Loved2018/04/26Orange Grove Publicity
No suitable image at this timeAdrean Farrugia & Joel Frahm - Blued Dharma2018/04/26Orange Grove Publicity
No suitable image at this timeAmos Hoffman & Noam Lemish - Pardes2018/05/07Orange Grove Publicity

Toronto Jazz Orchestra - 202018/06/04Orange Grove Publicity
No image available at this timeJeremy Ledbetter Trio - Got A Light2018/06/19Orange Grove Publicity
No suitable images at this timeTrumpets and Basses - Sanctuary2018/04/05pfMENTUM

George McMullen - Boomerang2018/04/25pfMENTUM

Eoin Callery - Oakum2017/11/15Public Eyesore


Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Chicago Chill 12017/11/10RS Promotions

Philip Shpartov - 87 Keys2017/11/11RS Promotions

Walter Gorra - In Due Time2018/08/05Submitted direct by Walter Gorra

Jon Dahlander - Songs for Smiler McGee2018/01/28RS Promotions

Kaveh Karandish - Silent Whispers2018/01/28RS Promotions

Majestica - Auriga to Orion2018/06/02RS Promotions

Cory Lavine - Out of the Blue2018/06/03RS Promotions

SHAMIE ROYSTON - Beautiful Liar2018/08/05Dr. Jazz Operationsx

STEPHEN MARTIN - Vision2018/08/05Dr. Jazz Operationsx

Sherry Finzer/Mark Holland - Somewhere New2018/06/30RS Promotions

Bernie Koenig, Glen Hall, M.J. Idzerda - Three Way Conversations2018/04/09Slam Productions
No suitable image at this timeEsmond Selwyn - The Way I Play2018/04/09Slam Productions

Howard Riley - Listen To Hear2018/04/18Slam Productions

Jim Pearce - A Piano Story2018/02/26Creative Service Company

Bob Holroyd - The Cage2018/03/05Creative Service Company

Nitish Kulkarni - Listen2018/03/18Creative Service Company

Mark Dunn - Melodic Voyage2018/04/10Creative Service Company

Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning - EIRLANDIA2018/05/01Creative Service Company

MYSTERIES OF THE NIGHT - Alive Inside The Tank2018/05/01Creative Service Company

Richard Noll - PEACEFUL BEING2018/06/14Creative Service Company

Lisa Hilton - Escapism2017/12/22Lazz Promotions

Anne Trenning - Beautiful Song2018/02/04Lazz Promotions

David Arkenstone - Colors of the Ambient Sky2018/07/01Lazz Promotions

Sukha - Cusp2018/07/01Lazz Promotions
No suitable image at this timeMichael Jefry Stevens Quartet - Red's Blues2018/02/23Direct submission from Michael Jefry Stevens
No suitable image at this timeMichael Jefry Stevens - The Core-tet Project2018/02/23Direct submission from Michael Jefry Stevens

Lawson Rollins - Airwaves The Greatest Hits2018/01/18Submitted by Tom Hayden
No suitable image availableBarbara Hills - The Flowers Suite2018/08/08Lazz Promotions

Bob Gluck Tani Tabbal - At This Time: Duets2017/11/15Submitted direct by Bob Gluck

AGUANKO - Pattern Recognition2018/08/05Dr. Jazz Operationsx

Brian Charette - Groovin' With Big G2018/04/03Submitted direct by Brian Charette

Randy Brecker & Mats Holmquist - Together2018/08/09Jazz Promo Services

Vince Bell - OJO2018/08/09Jazz Promo Services

VINYL HAMPDIN - Red2018/08/09Jazz Promo Services

Kaada - Closing Statements2018/05/22Submitted direct by Clare Everson

James Austin, Jr. - Songs In The Key of Wonder2018/08/17Kari-On Productions
No suitable image at this timeJamie Lawrence - New York Suite2018/08/26Submitted direct by Elizabeth

Sandra Love and The Reason - Manifest Your Dreams2018/05/26Submitted direct by Derek

Dubistry - Fuel For The Fire2018/04/24Submitted direct by Dubistry

Tea - Grand Cru2018/05/23Submitted direct by Franck

Greg Owens - Eclectic Soul2017/12/24Submitted direct by Greg Owens

Henry Raker - Rhythmic Observations2018/06/02Submitted direct by Henry Raker
No suitable image at this timeAmyjo Dorethy - Calle de the Spangles2018/02/11Submitted direct by Jakob

Jimmy Bennington Steve Cohn - Albany Park2018/04/18Submitted direct by Jimmy Bennington

Jonny G - Jonny G2018/05/30Submitted direct by Jonny G

Juan Maria Solare - Sombras blancas/White Shadows2017/12/26Submitted direct by Juan Maria Solare
No suitable image at this timeJure Pukl - Doubtless2018/04/28Submitted direct by Jure Pukl

La Obra De Marte - Las Dos Caras De La Moneda Parte 1 La Cara2017/12/01Submitted direct by La Obra De Marte
No suitable image available at this timeLes Petits Nouveaux - Stockholm2018/04/13Submitted direct by Les Petits Nouveaux

Liz Wiegard - Diamond Heart2017/12/03Submitted direct by Liz Wiegard

Malcom Lucard - Vagamundo2017/11/01Submitted direct by Malcom Lucard

Marbin - Israeli Jazz2018/03/07Submitted direct by Marbin

Mark McGrain - Love, Time and Divination2018/01/18Submitted direct by Mark McGrain

Joe Goldmark - Blue Steel2018/04/05Submitted direct by Mark Pucci media

Mark Wade - Moving Day2018/01/29Submitted direct by Mark Wade

tunto - Ilona2018/04/25Submitted direct by Matti Wallenius

Nia Quintet - Music by Scott Anderson2018/04/28Submitted direct by Nia Quintet

Peripheral Vision - More Songs About Error And Shame2018/02/19Submitted direct by Peripheral Vision

Peter Kuhn Trio with Kyle Motl and Nathan Hubbard - Intention2018/02/21Submitted direct by Peter Kuhn
No suitable image at this timeRachel LaFond - Encounters of the Beautiful Kind2018/04/18Submitted direct by Rachel LaFond
No image available at this timeThe Search - A Wave from the Sidelines2018/04/21Submitted direct by Razmig Tekeyan
No suitable image at this timeRosa Brunello y Los Fermentos - Volverse2018/03/07Submitted direct by Rosa Brunello

Free Radicals - No State Solution2018/05/23Submitted direct by Ryan

Reaching Calm - What The Years Have Left Behind2018/02/25Submitted direct by Scott Michael Long
No suitable image available at this timeSolon McDade - Murals2018/04/13Submitted direct by Solon McDade

Aaron Shragge and Ben Monder - This World of Dew2018/08/06Orange Grove Publicity
Shake Stew - Rise and Rise AgainIssue 168Submitted direct by Traumton Records

Dan Cavanagh and Dave Hagedorn - 20 Years2018/05/31Submitted direct by University of Texas Arlington

Vince Tampio - Sound Plan2018/04/02Submitted direct by Vince Tampio

Vinny Golia - Music for Woodwinds,Piano,Strings, and Percussion2017/09/10Submitted direct by Vinny Golia

Vinny Golia and Ken Filiano - Elongation2017/09/10Submitted direct by Vinny Golia
No suitable imageThe Vinny Golia Sextet - Abstractions & Retro Causalities2017/09/10Submitted direct by Vinny Golia

Vinny Golia - Intercommunications2017/09/10Submitted direct by Vinny Golia

Woodwired Duo - In The Loop2018/04/05Submitted direct by Woodwired Duo

Amy Denio - The Big Embrace2017/12/09Submitted direct from Amy Denio

LaVon Hardison - Come Together2018/08/26Submitted direct by LaVon Hardison


THE UNT TWO O'CLOCK LAB BAND Jay Saunders' Best of the Two (2-CD set2017/11/20Submitted direct from UNT


TWO O'CLOCK LAB BAND - Airstream Artistry2017/11/20Submitted direct from UNT