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Our THANKS to all the promoters and individual artists who keep us in fresh, new high-talent and high-energy music to review!

Video or Image linkArtist and TitleDate ReceivedIssue Review Appeared inPromoter

Cristina Braga & Brandenburger Symphoniker - Whisper2016/03/11Jazz Promo Services
No suitable image foundJack Mouse & Scott Robinson with Janice Borla - Three Story Sandbox2015/11/05Jazz Promo Services

Mikko Innanen with William Parker and Andrew Cyrille - Song For A New Decade2015/04/04BK Music PR

Brian Fielding - An Appropriate Resose2015/11/05Jazz Promo Services

Steve Kershaw Trio - Under A Different Sky2016/03/25Slam Productions

Amanda Abizaid - Walking In Twos2017/02/25Glass Onyon PR

Marlene Ver Planck - The Mood I'm In2015/11/25Jazz Promo Services

Alex Wintz - LifeCycle2017/04/01Submitted direct by Alex Wintz

Charlie Dennard - 5 O'Clock Charlie2015/06/18Jazz Promo Services

Dennis Angel - On Track2015/06/18Jazz Promo Services

Alexi Mutnisky - Zia2016/04/18Lazz Promotions

Billy Jones - 3's A Crowd2017/03/30Jazz Promo Services

Rhythm Future Quartet - Travels2016/01/20BK Music PR

Elisabeth Lohninger - Eleven Promises2016/07/25Jazz Promo Services
No image available at this timeInfinite Spirit Music - Revisiting Music of the Mwandishi Band2015/11/25Jazz Promo Services
No image available at this timeGianni Bianchini - Type I2017/02/10Lydia Liebman Promotions
No image available at this timeMolly Ryan - Let's Fly Away2015/07/20Lisa Reedy Promotions

Harry Allen - For George, Cole & Duke2015/05/18BK Music PR

Elizabeth Naccarato - SOUVENIR D’ITALIA2017/03/03Creative Service Company

Will Caviness Sextet - A Walk2015/12/05Jazz Promo Services
No image available at this timeSix-In-One - Subjects and Structures2016/03/25Slam Productions

Leslie Pintchik - True North2016/02/17BK Music PR
No image availableDan Susnara - Troublemaker2016/04/07Submitted direct by Dan Susnara

Masumi Ormandy - Sunshine In Manhattan2016/08/08Mouthpiece Music

Ari Erev - Flow2016/02/01Jazz Promo Services

Dheepa Chari - Patchwork2015/06/18Jazz Promo Services

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Race Riot Suite2014/10/30Submitted direct from artist at Rhythm & Rye

Ron Sunshine - Bring It Home2015/12/05Jazz Promo Services

Rale Micic - Night Music2016/09/01Mixed Media Promotion

Denny Zeitlin/George Marsh - Riding The Moment2015/05/10Jazz Promo Services

Aaron Irwin - A Room Forever2015/11/13BK Music PR

Olavi Trio - Oh La Vie2015/09/05BK Music PR

Andrew Downing - Otterville (2-CD set)2016/09/26Orange Grove Publicity

Chris Jentsch - Fractured Pop2017/01/08BK Music PR

Aimee Allen - Matter of Time2015/04/25Kari-On Productions

Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo - Swing Zing2015/05/20Jazz Promo Services

Lyn Stanley - Interludes2015/11/07Jazz Promo Services

Tony Foster - Project Paradiso2016/07/08Lisa Reedy Promotions

César Orozco - No Limits for Tumbao2015/07/20Jazz Promo Services

Dave Anderson - Blue Innuendo2016/02/05Jazz Promo Services

Jeannie Tanner - Words & Music (2-CD set)2017/03/30Jazz Promo Services

Jeff Guthery - Black Paintings2016/02/11Jazz Promo Services

Rich Halley - Eleven2015/09/21BK Music PR

Larry Newcomb Quartet - Live Intentionally2015/07/20Jazz Promo Services

Gina Lenee - RED DIAMONDS2017/04/12Submitted direct by Gina Lenee (Ed Bonk)

Claire Ritter - Soho Solo2015/04/14BK Music PR

Modus Factor - The Picasso Zone2016/11/28Orange Grove Publicity

Joe DeVita - Canyons2016/01/29Submitted direct by Joe DeVita

Nancy Lane - Let Me Love You2015/10/04Kari-On Productions

Matt Kane and the Kansas City Generations Sextet - Acknowledgement2016/01/15Jazz Promo Services

I Giganti Della Montagna - Oi Dialogoi2015/07/01Slam Productions

Ran Blake - Ghost Tones2015/04/15BK Music PR

Kat Gang - Love & The Lack Thereof2016/09/01Lisa Reedy Promotions

Roger Davidson - Live at Caffe Vivaldi2016/03/11Jazz Promo Services

Dwiki Dharmawan - Pasar Klewer (double-CD set)2016/09/10Moonjune Records

Daniel Smith - Jazz Suite For Bassoon2015/06/18Jazz Promo Services

Trio Da Paz - 302015/12/20Jazz Promo Services

Bernie Mora and Tangent - Transformation2016/05/20Jazz Promo Services

Improgressive - Primo2015/07/01Slam Productions

Jocelyn Michelle - Time To Play2016/04/28Mouthpiece Music

MEM3 - Circles2017/02/25Orange Grove Publicity

Paul Dunmall, Tony Bianco - Homage to Coltrane (2 CD set)2015/07/01Slam Productions
No image available at this timeAnne Walsh - Brand New2016/03/11Great Scott PRoductions
No suitable image at this timeTehnoloogiline Paike - Technological Sun2016/02/18Independent Music Promotions/a>

Lafayette Harris, Jr. - Bend to the Light2015/07/20Jazz Promo Services

Jim Stubblefield - Encantado2015/10/12Creative Service Company

Kaze - Uminari2015/03/15BK Music PR

Fred Hersch Trio - Sunday Night At The Vanguard2016/06/29BK Music PR

Jim self and the Tricky Lix Latin Jazz Band - Yo!2016/05/20Jazz Promo Services

Charles Evans and David Leibman - On Beauty2015/02/28Out for review BK Music PR
No image available at press timeJoe Sullivan Big Band - Unfamiliar Surroundings (Double CD)2017/01/26Submitted direct by Joe Sullivan

Mike Bogle Trio - Live At Stoney's2016/04/25Jazz Promo Services

Matthew Fries - Parallel States2016/04/03Jazz Promo Services

John Basile - Penny Lane2015/07/01Jazz Promo Services

Curtis Stewart - Of Colors2016/01/17Kari-On Productions

Lafayette Harris Jr - Hangin' With The Big Boys2016/02/28Jazz Promo Services

Valery Ponomarev Big Band - Our Father Who Art Blakey2015/11/22Jazz Promo Services

Miguel Zenón - Tipico2016/01/04BK Music PR

Sari Kessler - Do Right2016/02/27Kari-On Productions
No image available at this time Sebastiano Dessanany - Duets of A Fool2016/03/25Slam Productions

Craig Hartley - Books On Tape Vol. II Standard Edition2016/08/20Jazz Promo Services

Bill O'Connell and the Latin Jazz Allstars - Heartbeat2015/12/20Jazz Promo Services
No suitable image at this timeStick Men - Prog Noir2016/09/10Moonjune Records

Lynn Tredeau - A New Dream2016/05/20RS Promotions

Nick Finzer - Hear & Now2017/01/06BK Music PR
No image available at this timePegasys - Red Disc2016/03/25Slam Productions

Noah Preminger - Meditations on Freedome2017/01/11BK Music PR

Mikko Biffle Henry Kaiser Alan Licht Rick Walker - Skip To The Solo2016/08/20Public Eyesore

Ricardo Grilli - 19542016/09/26BK Music PR

Lew Tabackin Trio - Soundscapes2015/12/20Jazz Promo Services

Josh Maxey - Celebration of Soul2015/09/10BK Music PR

Hamilton & Hamilton - Live in Bern2015/11/10BK Music PR

The Liberation Art Collective - Siglo XXI2015/09/05Jazz Promo Services

Terry Lee Nichols - At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father's Tree2016/08/20RS Promotions

MOPDTK - Mauch Chunk2015/09/05BK Music PR

Art "Turk" Burton and Congo Square - Spirits: Then and Now2015/09/05Jazz Promo Services

The Oatmeal Jazz Combo - Instant Oats2016/04/15Jazz Promo Services

Wayfarer Records - Ambient Music To Heal2016/03/11Submitted direct from Wayfarer Records
No image available at this timeAntoinette Montague - World Peace in the Key of Jazz2015/04/20Jazz Promo Services

Hendrik Meurkens - Harmonicus Rex2016/02/24Jazz Promo Services

Jordan Hurwitz - Lovesick2016/11/15Glass Onyon PR

Ernie Krivda - Requiem for a Jazz Lady2015/11/10BK Music PR

Gavin Hope - For All We Know2017/04/18Radio Directx

Elara - In The Depths of Time, In An Ocean Made of Stars2015/11/07Fluttery Records

Peter Aaron Brian Chase Duo - Purges2016/08/20Public Eyesore
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51v3GymBxXL._SS280.jpgJoAnn Funk & Jeff Brueske - Jazz in the Lobby Bar2015/09/01Lisa Reedy Promotions

The 3.5.7 Ensemble - Amongst the Smokestacks and Steeples (2-disc set)2015/11/21Jazz Promo Services

Jaggery - Crux2016/03/01Submitted direct by artist

Hiromi Suda - Nagi2017/02/10Lydia Liebman Promotions

Gary Rouser - Studies and Observations of Domestic Shrubbery2015/06/10Public Eyesore

J French - Jaguar Jesus (EXPLICIT)2016/11/20Glass Onyon PR

Chefkirk and Andrew Quitter - Kaiju Manifestos2015/06/10Public Eyesore

Jasshauze - JASSHAUZE2017/04/15Lisa Reedy Promotions

Samuel Torres Group - Forced Displacement2015/05/20Jazz Promo Services

The Music of Gary McFarland - Circulation2015/05/20Jazz Promo Services
No image available at this timeCristian Perez - Anima Mundi2016/02/01Jazz Promo Services

Todd Coolman & Trifecta - Collectables2016/02/24Jazz Promo Services

Ayn Inserto - Home Away From Home2015/05/10BK Music PR

Jeremy Manasia Trio - Metamorphosis2016/05/28Lisa Reedy Promotions

Victor & Penny - Electricity2016/04/15Jazz Promo Services

Two Lions Label - Oscar, With Love (3-CD set)2016/03/05Lisa Reedy Promotions

Wendy Pedersen and Jim Gasior - We Two2016/02/01Jazz Promo Services
No image available yetRoger Davidson Trio - Live At Caffe Vivaldi, Volume 22015/03/15Jazz Promo Services

Restroy - Saturn Return2016/04/04Jazz Promo Services

Mark Dresser/Nicole Mitchell/Myra Melford/Michael Dessen Virtual Tour A Reduced Carbon Footprint Concert Series (DVD)2016/03/03Submitted direct by Mark Dresser

Little Johnny Rivero - Music In Me2016/08/20Jazz Promo Services

Dick Oatts-Mats Holmquist NYJazz Orch - A Tribute To Herbie + 12016/04/20Jazz Promo Services

Mike Holober - Balancing Act2015/10/27BK Music PR

Laura Dubin Trio - Live at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival (2 CD set)2016/12/15Jazz Promo Services

Paz Del Castillo - Now2015/11/27Creative Service Company

Wadada Leo Smith - America's National Parks2016/0923

Blackmore's Night - All Our Yesterdays2015/10/05Lazz Promotions

Nathan Speir - Part of a Kindly Plan2017/03/29Creative Service Company
No image availableBarbara Hills - Moon and Shadows2015/11/11Lazz Promotions

Rebecca Kilgore - Moonshadow Dance2016/01/24Kari-On Productions

Jennifer Thomas - Winter Symphony2015/11/30Lazz Promotions

Andrew Durkin - Breath of Fire2016/11/26Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

Timothy Wenzel - Distant Horseman2016/02/24Creative Service Company

Mike Freeman ZonaVibe - Blue Tjade2016/02/01Jazz Promo Services

TERRA GUITARRA - SEA & Stars2017/02/09Creative Service Company

Nick Russo's Hot Jazz Jumpers - The Very Next Thing2015/10/05BK Music PR

The Anderson Ponty Band - Better Late Than Never2015/09/08Glass Onyon PR

Michael Gamble and The Rhythm Serenaders - Michael Gamble and The Rhythm Serenaders2016/07/28Mouthpiece Music

Laura Perlman - Precious Moments2016/02/26BK Music PR

Sarah Dukes - Life Sometimes2016/07/25RS Promotions

Jennifer Saran - Walk With Me2016/04/05Glass Onyon PR
No photo available at this timeRichard Nelson - Deep River2015/07/31BK Music PR

Keith Oxman - East of the Village2017/02/13BK Music PR

Leandro Cabral Trio - Alfa2016/11/10Lydia Liebman Promotions

Uma Silbey - Altered States2016/02/24Creative Service Company

David Nevue - Winding Down2015/11/12Lazz Promotions

Antonio Adolfo - Tropical Infinito2016/04/08Jazz Promo Services

Heather Bambrick - You'll Never Know2017/02/15Orange Grove Publicity
Eden MacAdam-Somer - My First Love StoryIssue 166BK Music PR
No image availableCarol Saboya - Carolina2016/04/08Jazz Promo Services

Candice Night - Starlight, Starbright2015/12/05Lazz Promotions

Wadada Leo Smith - Celestial Weather2015/11/19BK Music PR

Emi Ferguson - Emi Ferguson plays the flute music of Kendall Durelle Briggs2016/02/26Kari-On Productions

Mark Masters - Blue Skylight2017/02/13BK Music PR

Satoko Fuji - Yamiyo Ni Karasu 2015/12/09BK Music PR

The Reunion Project - Varanda2017/02/13BK Music PR

Bret Higgins - Atlas Revolt2017/03/09Orange Grove Publicity
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51ZshVw6e2L._SS500.jpgTim Davies Big Band - The Expensive Train Set2016/09/01Origin Records

Jeff 'Siege' Siegel - King Of Xhosa2017/01/10Lydia Liebman Promotions
No suitable image at this timeBen Bennett & John Collins McCormick2016/07/25Public Eyesore
No suitable image at this timeAO Music - Asha2017/02/20Lazz Promotions

Das Torpedoes - Qu Nar2016/07/25Public Eyesore

Hans Sturm - A Day In Paris2016/05/28Lisa Reedy Promotions

Satoko Fujii - Ichigo Ichie2015/12/09BK Music PR

Sarah King and the Smoke Kings - Sarah King and the Smoke Kings2015/12/31Kari-On Productions

Joe Heinemann - Gratitude2016/01/06Lazz Promotions

Aruán Ortiz - Hidden Voices2016/01/07BK Music PR

Ken Schaphorst - How To Say Goodbye2016/12/02BK Music PR

Ian Christensen - Finding2016/11/26Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

Tim Hockenberry - Tim Hockenberry2016/02/05Jazz Promo Services

Rachel Caswell - All I Know2015/03/10Jazz Promo Services

Trine Opsahl - Unbroken Dreams2016/01/08Lazz Promotions

Chicago London Underground - A Night Walking Through Mirrors2017/02/18Cuneiform Records press

Gabriela Martina - No White Shoes2016/03/02BK Music PR

Nonch Harpin' - Native Sons2016/02/10Jazz Promo Services

Grensco Open Collective Derenges-Dawn (double CD)2016/01/01Slam Productions

Pat Bianchi - A Higher Standard2015/04/14Jazz Promo Services

Ken Peplowski - Enrapture2016/01/26BK Music PR

Perry Beekman - S'Wonderful2015/04/14Jazz Promo Services

MatthewK - MatthewK2015/04/14Glass Onyon PR

Jill Haley - National Park Soundscapes2016/06/03Lazz Promotions
No suitable image at this timeDaniel Wyche - Our Severed Sleep2016/07/25Public Eyesore

Jorge Cabadas - more steps2016/01/01Slam Productions

Torben Waldorff - Holiday On Fire2017/04/10Submitted direct from Torben Waldorff

Jim Yanda Trio - Regional Cookin'2017/02/14BK Music PR

Lauren Bush - All My Treasures2016/10/04Orange Grove Publicity

Edsel Gomez - Road to Udaipur2015/04/14Jazz Promo Services

Delfeayo Marsalis - Make America Great Again!2016/10/05`BK Music PR

Nils Fischer & Timbazo - Rumberos A Monton2015/04/14Jazz Promo Services
No image available at this timeNicole Borger - Raizes/Roots2015/04/14Jazz Promo Services
No image available at this timeKen Greves - Night People2015/04/14Jazz Promo Services

LehCats - Out of the Bag2017/01/10Lisa Reedy Promotions

Walter Forbes - Just For Fun2016/03/30Submitted direct by Walter Forbes

Myriam Phiro - Voyages2015/09/18Jazz Promo Services

Jemal Ramirez - Pomponio2016/01/09Jazz Promo Services

Robin Bessier - Open Road2016/04/28Lisa Reedy Promotions

Mark Winkler - The Company I Keep2017/04/10Mouthpiece Music

Feher Virag - White Flower2016/01/01Slam Productions
No image available at this timeJimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco - Blues Etc...2017/01/23RDX Blues

John Hart - Exit From Brooklyn2016/02/18Jazz Promo Services

J. Bella - All for Nothin2017/03/05Glass Onyon PR

Steve Slagle & Bill O'Connell - The Power of Two2016/05/15Jazz Promo Services

Lauren White - Experiment2015/05/15Jazz Promo Services
http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31hJMujohLL._SS280.jpgPayne - Lindal - Liebowitz / Payne - Lindal - Liebowitz2015/05/15Jazz Promo Services
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41NdxCe8Y-L._SS500.jpgAngie Wells and Raphael Lemonnier - Love and Mischief2017/03/30Lisa Reedy Promotions
http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51PyVnUrYAL._AA160_.jpgDenny Zeitlin & George March - Riding The Moment2015/05/20Jazz Promo Services

The Giant Worm - Murky Depths2016/06/01Submitted direct from TGW

John Wetton - New York Minute2015/06/16Glass Onyon PR

Quill - Brush With The Moon2015/06/16Glass Onyon PR

Matt Criscoulo - The Dialogue2016/03/28Jazz Promo Services
p style="text-align: left;"> Cadwallader, Asetta & Dixson with Tiffany Jackson - A Balm In Gilead2016/03/05Jazz Promo Services

Rolf Sturm - Young2016/04/20Lisa Reedy Promotions

Thumbscrew - Convallaria2016/04/28Cuneiform Records press

John Wetton - Anthology (2 Disc set)2015/06/16Glass Onyon PR

Sin Circus - Chemical Youth2015/06/16Submitted direct by Joe (drum tech for the band)

OPVS - OPVS2015/06/16Submitted direct from Jonathan Aleem

The Dynamic Les DeMerle Band - Comin' Home Baby2016/04/07Origin Records

Cason Fentress - Clear Cool2016/04/04Jazz Promo Services

Ernie Watts Quartet - Wheel of Time2016/03/28Jazz Promo Services

Bob Baldwin - The Brazilian-American Soundtrack (2-CD set)2016/07/25Great Scott PRoductions

Maria Schneider - The Thompson Fields2015/06/16BK Music PR

Chris Lightcap & Bigmouth - Epicenter2015/11/24BK Music PR

The Jim Cullum Jazz Band - Porgy and Bess Live (Double CD set)2016/03/28Jazz Promo Services

Julio Botti - Sax To Tango2016/04/25Jazz Promo Services
No suitable image at this timeAndrew McAnsh - Illustrations2016/05/16Orange Grove Publicity

Greg Chako - My World On Six Strings2016/02/29Submitted direct by Greg Chako

Enrique Haneine - Instants of Time2016/01/08Kari-On Productions

Tina Malia - Bridge To Vallabha2015/08/15Lazz Promotions

InnerRoute - Fourmation2015/09/18Jazz Promo Services

Terell Stafford - Brotherlee Love2015/11/24BK Music PR

Dan Cray - Outside In2016/06/03Origin Records

Bandagrande - Big Band Theory2016/04/25Jazz Promo Services

JAMBa feat Bernard Purdie - Off White2016/12/15Submitted direct by Jamba Records

Joe Mulholland Trio - Runaway Train2016/04/25Jazz Promo Services

Joonsam - A Door2016/06/03Origin Records

David Franklin - Songs of Potential Embrace2017/03/28Creative Service Company
No image available online for this oneThe Steve Luceno Band - Constant Conversation2015/07/10Submitted direct by Steve Luceno

Fernando Huergo - Hashtag2016/02/18Jazz Promo Services

Susie Blue & The Lonesome Fellas - Solitaire Miles2015/07/10Jazz Promo Services

John Stein - Color Tones2016/12/28Mixed Media Promotion

The Stryker-Slagle Band Expanded - Routes2016/01/07Jazz Promo Services

Adison Evans - Hero2016/01/27Kari-On Productions
No suitable image at this timeJohanna Sillanpaa - From This Side2017/02/10Lisa Reedy Promotions

Patrice Williamson - Comes Love2017/03/02BK Music PR

Karen Marie Garrett - It's About Love2015/08/06Lazz Promotions

Fred Hersch - Solo2015/08/06BK Music PR

The Giant Worm - Live at the 2015 Olympia Experimental Music Festival2016/06/24Submitted direct by TGW
No suitable image at this timeNine Live - Plays the music of John Clark2016/08/08Jazz Promo Services

GAME - It's All In The Game2016/03/15Mouthpiece Music

University Of Toronto 12tet - Trillium Falls2017/02/28Orange Grove Publicity

Catina DeLuna - 2015/08/15Jazz Promo Services

Ryan Meagher - Mist. Moss. Home.2016/11/07Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

Emily Hay Brad Dutz Wayne Peet - Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Wayne Peet2016/06/24Submitted direct by Emily Hay at the 22nd OEMF

Michika Fukumori - Quality Time2016/06/03Mouthpiece Music

Emily Hay - Hay Fever2016/06/24Submitted direct by Emily Hay at the 22nd OEMF

Don Aliquo with the Beegie Adair Trio - Too Marvelous For Words2015/08/20Jazz Promo Services

Hannah Burgé - Green River Sessions2015/08/20Jazz Promo Services

Gaetano Letizia, Mike Clark, Wilbur Krebs - Froggy & The Toads2015/08/20Jazz Promo Services

Joe Policastro Trio - Pops!2016/06/03Mouthpiece Music

Katie Bull - All Hot Bodies Radiate2015/11/24BK Music PR

We Deserve This - Fusion2015/12/24Fluttery Records

Gary Lucas - Music from Max Fleischer Cartoons2016/02/02Cuneiform Records press

Greg Chako Trio - Live At Raffles2016/02/29Submitted direct by Greg Chako


Sondheim/Carter/Damrosch - Threnody2015/08/20Public Eyesore

Jon Lundbloom & Big Five Chord - 2016 EP's2016/08/20BK Music PR

Jon Irabagon - Behind The Sky2015/08/13BK Music PR

Jon Irabagon - Inaction Is An Action2015/08/13BK Music PR

Roy McGrath - Martha2015/10/15Jazz Promo Services

Joseph Daley - The Tuba Trio Chronicles2015/10/15Jazz Promo Services

Charles Ruggiero - As Heard On TV2015/10/15Lisa Reedy Promotions

Dave Wilson Quartet - There Was Never2015/10/15Jazz Promo Services

Carla Hassett - + Blue2016/05/08Jazz Promo Services
No image available at this timeChicago Jazz Philharmonic - Havana Blue2016/06/06Jazz Promo Services

Lisa Sanchez-Jon Eriksen Quartet - Lisa Sanchez-Jon Eriksen Quartet2017/03/10Lisa Reedy Promotions
No Image available at this timeLenny Sendersky-Tony Romano Quartet - Intersection2015/10/20Jazz Promo Services

Paul Yonemura - Kindred Spirits2017/01/05Lisa Reedy Promotions

George Varghese - Back In Time2015/10/20Kari-On Productions

Lou Volpe - Remembering Ol' Blue Eyes2015/10/20Jazz Promo Services

Clare Fischer - Out Of The Blue2015/10/20Jazz Promo Services

14 Jazz Orchestra - Nothing Hard Is Ever Easy2015/10/20Jazz Promo Services

Will Goble - Consider The Blues2016/05/08Origin Records

Moppa Elliott - Still, Up In The Air2016/02/03BK Music PR

Steven Kirbyu - Illuminations2016/08/02Mixed Media Promotion

Nick Decesare - OPENINGS2016/12/29Creative Service Company

Charles Xavier - Happy Note Records Sampler 20162016/08/20Glass Onyon PR

Music Soup - Cut To The Chase`2016/08/20Mouthpiece Music

Daphna Levy - Late Night Journey2016/03/15Jazz Promo Services

Them Travelin' Birds - Dreaming It Was Colorful2015/10/20Submitted direct from artist

Angelo Rapan - Songs of Leaving2015/10/20Lazz Promotions

Kathryn Kaye - There Was A Time2016/02/02Lazz Promotions

Julian Shore - Which Way Now?2016/02/05BK Music PR

Phyllis Blanford - Edgewalker2016/03/15Jazz Promo Services

Dan Trudell - Dan Trudell Plays The Piano2015/0930BK Music PR

Rudresh Mahanthappa - Bird Calls2015/09/29BK Music PR

Phil Haynes - Sanctuary2015/09/30BK Music PR

Adam Rudolph - Go Organic Guitar Orchestra2015/09/30Cuneiform Records press

Steve Cohn - Anspruchsvoll2016/03/15Jazz Promo Services

Noah Preminger - Pivot Live at the 55 Bar2015/10/02BK Music PR
No image available at this timeNatalie Cressman & Mike Bono - Etchings in Amber2016/08/20Mouthpiece Music

Emma Soleil - Time Falls2015/10/07Acoustic Seed Records

New Standard Jazz Orchestra - Waltz About Nothing2016/05/08Origin Records

Stick Men + - Midori (2 disc release)2016/05/05Moonjune Records

Rebecca Hennessy's Fog Brass Band - Two Calls2017/04/20Orange Grove Publicity

Amina Figarova - Blue Whisper2015/10/11BK Music PR

Renato Braz - Saudade2016/02/29Jazz Promo Services

Zhongyu - Zhongyu is Chinese for Finally2016/05/05Moonjune Records
No suitable image at this timeShirantha Beddage - Momentum2016/08/15Orange Grove Publicity

Jason Kao Hwang, Thomas Buckner, Deanna Relyea - Voice2015/11/25Jazz Promo Services
No suitable image at this timeEric St-Laurent - Planet2016/08/29Orange Grove Publicity

Herb Silverstein - Younger Next Year2015/10/14Kari-On Productions

Jason Rigby - One2017/04/12BK Music PR

Laima Gaizutis - Simply Beautiful Collection II2016/04/06Lazz Promotions

Mostly Other People Do The Killing - Loafer's Hollow2017/03/15BK Music PR
No suitable image at this timeMark Dresser Seven - Sedimental You2016/10/14BK Music PR

Gabriella Martina - No White Shoes2016/03/02BK Music PR

Ann Sweeten - Where Butterflies Dance2016/03/15Lazz Promotions

Danny Green Trio - Altered Narratives2016/03/02BK Music PR

Emmet Cohen - Masters Legacy Series Vol 1 feat Jimmy Cobb2017/01/05Lisa Reedy Promotions

Trouble Kaze - June2017/03/01BK Music PR

Ryan Summers - F51.012017/03/03Independent Music Promotions/a>

Stu Harrison - Volume 12016/10/31Orange Grove Publicity

Fiona Joy - Signature/Synchronicity2016/03/14Lazz Promotions

Cory Weeds & The Jeff Hamilton Trio - Dreamsville2017/04/15Lisa Reedy Promotions

Ehud Asherie - Shuffle Along2016/03/19BK Music PR

Duffy King - Acoustically Speaking2016/08/08Lisa Reedy Promotions

Rez Abbasi & Junction - Behind The Vibration2016/04/14Cuneiform Records press

Palumbo and the Funk - All The Rage We Are2016/03/23Submitted direct by Nub Music

Marie Takahashi - Colors In The Diary2016/03/24Creative Service Company

Night Marcher - Modern Maze2016/03/25Independent Music Promotions/a>

Senri Oe - Answer July2016/06/30Jazz Promo Services

Trey Forbes - Spinning Conversation2016/03/26Submitted direct by Trey Forbes

Clint Holmes - Rendezvous2017/03/15Great Scott PRoductions

Matt Lavelle's 12 Houses - Solidarity2016/03/25Jazz Promo Services

Rocco John Quartet - Embrace The Change2016/03/25Jazz Promo Services
No suitable image at this timeHoward Johnson and Gravity - Testimony2017/01/01Jazz Promo Services

Michael Blum - Chasin' Oscar A Tribute to Oscar Peterson2016/05/18BK Music PR

Ron Stabinsky - Free For One2016/05/20BK Music PR

Matt Wilson - Beginning of a Memory2016/05/24BK Music PR

Opaluna - Opaluna2016/08/23BK Music PR

June Garber - This I Know2016/06/02Orange Grove Publicity

Trio Ciclos - Mobiles, Vol 1Lydia Liebman Promotions

Dave Soldier - The Eighth Hour of Amduat2017/01/01Jazz Promo Services

Arthur Lipner - Two Hands, One Heart (double CD)2017/01/10Jazz Promo Services

Darrell Katz and Oddsong - Jailhouse doc with Holes in Her Socks2016/08/24BK Music PR

The Girshevich Trio - Algorithmic Society2016/08/24BK Music PR

Sara Serpa and André Matos - All The Dreams2016/08/25BK Music PR

Mili Bermejo and Dan Greenspan - BK Music PR
No image available at this timeKen Hatfield - 12 Preludes for Solo Guitar2016/06/13BK Music PR
No image available at this timeFrancisco Pais - Verde2016/06/14BK Music PR

Cheryl Fisher - Quietly There2016/06/03Origin Records

JazzKwest - #OldFashionedTwitterTwit`2016/06/06Jazz Promo Services

Quinsin Nachoff, David Binney, Matt Mitchell & Kenny Wollesen - Flux2016/08/15BK Music PR

Brazzamerica - Brazzamerica2016/06/06Jazz Promo Services

Gyuto Monks of Tibet featuring Kim Cunio & Heather Lee - Beyond Karma2016/07/14Creative Service Company

Eric Frazier - In the Same Place2016/06/06Lisa Reedy Promotions

Shawn Maxwell - New Tomorrow2016/09/01Origin Records

Andrea Claburn - Nightshade`2016/12/10Mouthpiece Music

Michael Vlatkovich - Myrnofant's Kiss2016/07/20pFMentum

Michael Vlatkovich Ensemblio - Mortality2016/07/20pFMentum

Holland Phillips - CIRCLES OF 82016/10/19Creative Service Company

Matt Ulery's Loom - Large - Festival2016/09/10Lydia Liebman Promotions

Jarrett Cherner Trio - Expanding Heart2016/09/10

Shoup, Horist, Kikuchi - Chemical Language2016/06/24Handoff from Wally Shoup and Bill Horist at OEMF, 2016

Bill Horist - Mutei2016/06/24Handoff from Bill Horist at OEMF 2016
No suitable image at this timeCarol Bach-y-Rita - Minha Casa - my house2016/09/10Mouthpiece Music
No suitable image at this timeDYAD - DYAD Plays Jazz Arias2016/09/10Mouthpiece Music
No suitable image at this timeGordon Goodwin's Little Phat Band - An Elusive Man2016/09/10Great Scott PRoductions

Richard Sussman - The Evolution Suite2016/09/10Jazz Promo Services
No suitable image at this timeAnna Danes - Find Your Wings2016/09/10Great Scott PRoductions

FloRocker - Rich In The Heart2016/09/10Glass Onyon PR

Alyssa Allgood - Out Of The Blue2016/09/10Mouthpiece Music

Joshua Breakstone - 882016/09/02BK Music PR

Rebekah Eden - Rowing in Eden2016/10/19Creative Service Company

Jacob Duncan - The Busker2016/10/16

Scott Morgan - Songs of Life2016/09/09BK Music PR

Ropeadope Records - Beekman Vol. 22016/09/09BK Music PR
No suitable image available at this timeEarprint - Earprint2016/09/13BK Music PR

Afro Bop Alliance - REVOLUTION2016/09/20Origin Records

The Microscopic Septet - Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me2017/02/06Cuneiform Records press

Sundae+Mr Goessl - Makes My Heart Sway2016/09/20Kari-On Productions

Rebecca Dumaine and the Dave Miller Trio - Happy Madness2016/10/01Mouthpiece Music

Os Clavelitos - Arriving2016/09/20Kari-On Productions

Dugo - Lingua Franca2017/03/08Independent Music Promotions/a>

Jimmy O’Connell Sixtet - Arrythmia2016/09/21Kari-On Productions

Ron Boustead - Unlikely Valentine2016/12/10Mouthpiece Music

John Barron - Moods2017/04/20Lisa Reedy Promotions

Szilard Mezi Jon Hemmersam Duo - Floating Orange2017/03/20Slam Productions
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51ruHt99qPL._SS500.jpgCharles Denler - One Drop Became An Ocean2017/04/10Submitted direct by Charles Denler (Lazz Promotions)

Dimitar Liolev - Eastern Shadows2017/03/20Slam Productions

Greg Diamond - Avenida Graham2016/09/10Jazz Promo Services

Albert Marques Trio - Live in the South Bronx2016/09/10Jazz Promo Services

The Matthew Kaminski Quartet with special guest Kimberly Gordon - Live At Churchill Grounds2016/10/01Mouthpiece Music

Tom Teasley - Eastern Journey2016/10/10Lisa Reedy Promotions

Gerry Gibbs and Thrasher People - Weather or Not (2-disc set; music of Weather Report)`2017/02/10Mixed Media Promotion

Will Bonness - Halcyon2016/10/10Lisa Reedy Promotions

Clare Fischer - Intenso!2016/09/10Jazz Promo Services
Rich Halley - The WildIssue 166BK Music PR
Brent Gallaher - Moving ForwardBrent Gallaher – Moving ForwardJazz Promo Services

Darden Purcell - Where The Blue Begins2016/10/15Lisa Reedy Promotions

Rachel Currea - Walking To You2016/10/27RS Promotions

Endemic Ensemble - Tangled2016/10/27Submitted direct by Endemic Ensemble

Tyler Reese - Reminiscence2016/10/30Great Scott PRoductions
No suitable image availableChad Lefkowitz-Brown - Onward2017/04/19BK Music PR

The Sugar Hill Trio - The Drive2016/10/30Jazz Promo Services
Carol Liebowitz-Nick Lyons - First SetCarol Liebowitz-Nick Lyons – First Set
Jazz Promo Services

Curtis Bahn & Thomas Ciufo - Sonic Constructions2016/10/30pFMentum
Quentin Tolimieri - PianoIssue 166pFMentum

Shoshana Michel - Dancing on the Wind2016/10/30RS Promotions

Gary Schmidt - Landscapes of the Heart2016/10/30RS Promotions

Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer - Whispers From Silence2016/10/30RS Promotions

Ernesto Diaz-Infante - My Benign Swords2016/10/30Public Eyesore

Larnie Fox - In The Cathedral of Airplanes2016/10/30Public Eyesore
No image available at this timeDavid Haney, Jorge Hernaez, David Bagda - Q Sessions2016/09/10Direct submission from David Haney

Josean Jacobo & Tumbao - Balsié2017/04/25Submitted direct by Josean Jacobo

Toni Germani Quartet - Canzoni in scatola/Songs in a Box``2016/08/20Slam Productions

Paul Dunmall Quartet - Underground, Underground2016/08/20Slam Productions

UNschoolED - Hymns for Robots2016/08/20Slam Productions

Alex Maguire and Nikolas Skordas Duo - Ships and Sheperds2017/03/20Slam Productions

Pippo Lionni, Sergio Corbini, Stefano Franceschini - ACTIONREACTION 12017/03/20Slam Productions
Greg Abate with the Tim Ray Trio - Road To ForeverIssue 165Mixed Media Promotion
Steve Slagle - Alto ManhattanSteve Slagle – ALTO MANHATTANJazz Promo Services

Brandi Disterheft - Blue Canvas2016/11/10Lydia Liebman Promotions
No image availableMisha - Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open2016/11/15Jazz Promo Services
Zarabande - El ToroReview: Zarabande - El ToroJazz Promo Services
David Friesen Circle 3 Trio - Triple ExposureIssue 165Origin Records

Clay Giberson - Pastures2016/11/15Origin Records

Tom Collier - Impulsive Illuminations2016/11/15Origin Records

Mamutrio - Primal Existence2016/11/15Origin Records

Andrew Hartman - Compass2017/03/31Submitted direct by Andrew Hartman
Phil Parisot - LingoIssue 165Origin Records

Jason Hainsworth - Third Ward Stories2016/11/13Origin Records

John Moulder - Earthborn Tales of Soul and Spirit2016/11/13Origin Records
No suitable image at this timeChris Rogers - Voyage Home2017/01/01Jazz Promo Services

Brad Myers & Michael Sharfe - Sanguinaria (Hopefulsongs)2016/12/26Jazz Promo Services
No suitable image at this timeBaron Tymas - Montreal2017/01/01Jazz Promo Services
No image avialableCathy Segal-Garcia - In2uition2017/03/18Mouthpiece Music

Dyan Garris - Mystic's Nine2016/12/24RS Promotions

Smisch - The Story of my Life2017/03/09Submitted direct from Smisch
No image available yetAlex Goodman Quintet - Second Act2017/04/27BK Music PR
No suitable image availableChris McCarthy - Sonder2017/04/15Lydia Liebman Promotions

Erik Applegate - Two's Company2017/02/10Lisa Reedy Promotions

Bill O'Connell - Monk's Cha Cha2017/02/20Jazz Promo Services

Rocco John - Peace and Love2017/02/20Jazz Promo Services

Nancy Shoop-Wu - Rainbow Road2017/01/29Creative Service Company

Janice Lacy - Sanctuary For The Soul2017/01/31Creative Service Company

Jihye Lee - April2017/02/06BK Music PR

Greg Maroney - Quiet Piano Improvisations, Vol 22017/02/25RS Promotions

Tyler Yarema and His Rhythm - Gotta Bran' New Suit2017/04/03Radio Directx

Matt Holman - The Tenth Muse2017/03/05Lydia Liebman Promotions
Greg Skaff - SoulmationGreg Skaff - SoulmationJazz Promo Services
Chris Washburne's Rags and Roots - Rags and RootsChris Washburne - Rags and RootsJazz Promo Services