New services – MVA – Zzaj-Trax

If you’re a musician, then you know you seldom have all the time you need; so what we do is act as your Musical Virtual Assistant!  That’s right – we can be thousands of miles apart and I can still help you…. in fact, with tablets, I-Phones & all the digits we have at our disposal today – you’ll wonder how you ever did without MVA services for all these years!

That’s why I started up a NEW SERVICE to help musicians do what they do best – create, compose and PLAY!  The service is called Zzaj-Trax, and I hope you’ll visit us there TODAY… after you scan the first page, be sure to visit the “PACKAGE/Rate” page to see which package you want to sign up for!  & even if you’re not ready to sign up right now – spread the word/link to other players you know who may need our services!