B-I-G kudos to Jerry’s Automotive & Towing (Olympia, WA)

One of the first things that most attracted me to Jerry’s Automotive & Towing (Olympia, WA) was their advertisement of “full service”, and their absolute willingness to make the term actually MEAN something!  It’s not just that they pump your gas for you, wash your windshields & check your oil (if you ask them to), they are, in a certain sense, a “throwback” to an era I was part of… I used to work at the pumps, changed a few tires and was there to watch as the “machines” came in & sorta’ “took over the business”.  Well, with these folks, you get both the high-tech capability and professional manner, but also a sense that you “belong” there!

I’ve been using their excellent services for a good year or two now, and there are several reasons:

Towing service – they offer full-service & highly qualified towing that is unparalleled in this town!

Full pump service – as mentioned above, when you pull up to a pump, you can expect quick and professional service to get you right back on the road again!

Highly-qualified mechanics – I trust both the top & bottom end work on my 1966 GTO to their lead mechanic, and that’s something that doesn’t often happen

If you’re looking for a place you can trust to get the job done, & done well, you need look no further.  The best example of their mechanical ability and professional manner is setting the timing on that GTO… I’d already been to a couple of other places, and thought I had it pretty well set, but when the condenser blew in my distributor, I asked Rob (the mechanic) if he could take a look at the timing, since he was going to have to replace the points anyway.  Within one short afternoon, he called me back & said the timing was set, & the car was ready to pick up… I can’t tell you just how overjoyed I was when I got behind the wheel & torqued that goat a bit to test out the timing…. the guy NAILED it!  Prices are (extremely) reasonable, and they will work closely with you to make sure you get just what you want (& need)…  I’m giving them my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and suggest that you may want to check them out the next time you’re in need of a tow, a repair, or just a good old friendly fill-up!  Again, KUDOS to y’all at Jerry’s Automotive & Towing.  (be sure & tell them you read about them here, too, ‘k?).