Bluer Than Blue – Full CD

Ernesto Diaz-Infante is one of the most interesting improvisors (alive) in the world today. Rotcod Zzaj met him (via the net) in 1996 or so… After exchanging various CD’s and tapes, it was clear that they “spoke” the same musical language… this CD is the first in a series of Read More

Sdrawkcab Zzaj – Full CD

World-renowned improvising guitarist Davey Williams, with sax wizard Wally Shoup and violin/viola/horn player LaDonna Smith… are joined by Dick Metcalf (keyboards and poetry) and drummer John Thompson. This is one WILD band! To get your own digital download copy, CLICK HERE!

Tantric Triage – Entomological Etudes

This band was formed out of a need (by improvisors Matt Turner, Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Rotcod Zzaj) to explore the insectuous world of the “bugged”! Why this name? We found it buried deeply in the “Orkin Man’s” truck, I think… Do you play live? Not usually. How, do you think, Read More

ZP-033 – Mark Kissinger/Rotcod Zzaj – Free Spirit Suites

ZP-33 – Free Spirit Suites: Pennsylvania-based rock/freeform guitarist extraordinaire Mark Kissinger first joined Rotcod Zzaj in the late 1980′s. They produced several very interesting tapes during the 1990′s; what you will hear on this outing is the “best of”, in digital form.  Mark Kissinger (super electric guitarist from Pennsylvania) & Read More

ZP-15 Detroit Improv Duo – Intuitive Tesseract

ZP-15 – DETROIT IMPROV DUO (INTUITIVE TESSERACT) –  D.I.D. I.T. is the second album by Jim Konen (guitars) and Dick Metcalf (aka Rotcod Zzaj, who played Kurzweill PC 88 on this CD).Konen is famous in his local zone (Detroit/Motown) for some masterful techno guitar playing that he performs as “VisionEar”.Metcalf Read More

Zzaj Elements of Suspense CD

    ZP-37 – Elements Of Suspense: PA-based              guitarist Mark Kissinger laid down the initial (prepared) guitar tracks for this… after I listened to his mixes, decided I wanted to bring in Ernesto Diaz-Infante (Ernesto and I had just finished several other tape/CD releases together)…    I did my keyboards Read More