Heart of Orion – Zzaj Feature Band!!!

If you dig electronic music, you’ll surely dig “Let’s Get Loud” from this band.  Here’s what THEY had to say:  “Starting as a collaboration of musical ideas, as the songs manifested so did our love for each other. The music represents our values, ideals, frustrations, fears and love that eventually tied into a bond between us called Heart Of Orion. Our vision for Heart Of Orion is to see our music flow into the hearts of others and grow into a Art Collective where we can share and collaborate with other artists, in a cross genre atmosphere”

Ralph Buckley – Zzaj FEATURE artist!

Ay-UP… if yer’ lookin’ for somethin’ to CHANGE YER’ DAY, try on a taste o’ “Schizophrenia“… I like this track, ‘coz it’s full of th’ musical energy (& fantasy) I grew up on back in th’ ’60′s… PSYCH-e-DELIC, man! + Ralph has another 17 very well-crafted streams for you to enjoy! I’m truly diggin’ his style & spirit…  & do be sure to tell him that Zzaj Productions is who sent ya’ his way!