Superb Noir jazz vocals Billy Brandt – City Noir

Superb Noir jazz vocals Billy Brandt – CITY NOIR:  Comparisons have been made to singers & storytellers like Tom Waits, & while that’s cool, what Billy’s superb noir jazz vocals take me back to is one of my own vocal/spoken-word heroes, Gil Scott-Heron… you can get a an intimate view Read More


My pal Tony (Roc) Adamo just CAN’T STOP putting together live raps that are KILLER! He’s done just that on one of the songs from his upcoming album, titled “Sonic Henderson”, & shared the YOUTUBE video ( with me a couple weeks back… this thing just RAWKS, folks, and the Read More

White Sun – White Sun II (special review by Zzaj)

White Sun – WHITE SUN II:  These folks (the core members are Harijiwan, two-time Emmy winner Adam Berry, and White Sun’s singer Gurujas; they got high marks for me in issue # 159, especially for their ability to create songs that “stay in your head” (probably much as the ancient Read More