Pablo Gordy – Zzaj FEATURE artist

Ev’ry once’t in awhile, I run across a player who “hits th’ magic” without even trying!  As I listen to “Scandanavia” (for the 20th time since I first got th’ link yesterday), it’s clear that THIS CAT has GOT it!  There was some talk about “channeling” – you know, like “Prince”, “Stevie”, “P-Funk” & all those kats I cut my funk-teef on (back in th’ day, when th’ SPIKE rooled… whoopz… er’….).

I’ve sliced a (very lil’ bit) of his bio out, but you’ll DEFINITELY wanna’ be VISITING Pablo & discover more (& more) about him for yourself… PABLO GORDY!  (& be LOOKIN’ for my review of his new CD soon!!!)!