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What I’m hoping is to generate lots & LOTS of traffic from players, listeners (in the form of comments & discussions, etc.) & anyone else who has an interest in creative and high-energy music.

I only just discovered (a couple of days ago) that the SMTP server being used for email delivery wasn’t working, so even if you had tried to sign up with us, you wouldn’t have received the confirmation email from the system… that’s fixed now (my apologies, of course), so we’re READY TO ROCK!

Those who’ve been with for many years now know that this site and my magazine (IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION) isn’t “about me”… it’s about YOU, & the music you play and listen to…. so please consider joining in now & sharing your ideas (when you join, you can create your OWN posts, with gig announcements, opinions & anything else you want to express, as long as it relates (in some way) to music, poetry or performance). You can also participate by posting comments against other articles/pages/posts.

I’m looking forward to this becoming a gathering point for any & all who love music (of any stripe).


Dick Metcalf, aka Rotcod Zzaj



OTTO ZONE – Zzaj FEATURE band!!!

If ya’ don’t dig “GREEN GROVE” by this band – yer’ dead already!  They say they’re “just having fun (& I believe ’em).  High-talent, high-energy & music you won’t soon forget.  Here’s something about them in their own words!  ” On this page there is a collection of demos for songs I been developing, with help from Stewkey on vocals, Brian Klock’s sax on zapped, & Rich Carley’s bass on snow monkeys. All were recorded at my home studio. Listen and enjoy “Just having some fun!” These folks get a DEFINITE “MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” from me!