Seeking POEMS for publication!!!!


Many issues back (around # 75), was the last of our publication of POEMS from individual submissions… we didn’t stop publishing poems because we wanted to – I simply wasn’t getting poems in (or, they weren’t meeting our criteria for submission).  I have recently received inquiries about re-starting the poetry page – I will be happy to do that, as long as I have at least 2 or 3 submissions a month…

Here is the criteria for submission of poems for (possible) publication:


Must not be all “hearts-y and flower-y”

Must not be so “epic” that the reader nods off  (that does NOT mean you can’t submit long poems – it simply means that if it’s long – it must keep the reader engaged)

Poems that somehow relate to music or the arts always stand a better chance of being published

We (always) reserve the right NOT to publish a poem if it is (by OUR standards – which are quite “loose”, by the way) advocating violence or abuse – OTOH, if it DOES advocate such, it will NEVER be published here!!!


Just type (or copy/paste) your poem into the COMMENT form below – all COMMENTS are screened, so no one will see what you submitted, except me, until I decide if it will be published.  You do NOT have to REGISTER to use the COMMENTS to submit a poem!!!

NOTE:  If you’ve already commented and don’t hear something back from me – simply EMAIL me your submission to