Hennie Bekker – Beyond Dreams Pathways to Deep Relaxation (special review by Zzaj)


Hennie Bekker – BEYOND DREAMS Pathways to Deep Relaxation:  Hennie is an artist you need to hear… he’s been “on the scene” for decades, all ’round the globe; I first reviewed his music in issue # 119, and as impressed as I was then, when I started listening more closely to this beautifully sculpted set of string and synth work, it was clear to me that his goal of “combining rhythmic entertainment with melodies that listeners could enjoy while preparing for sleep, meditating, or practicing yoga or general self-exploration” had been fully realized!  The opening track, the 8:48 “Self Connect“, will convince you that you are in the presence of a master musical craftsman who has never forgotten his roots; he grew up in Mufulira, a Zambian copper mining town 10 miles south of the Congo border, where the symphonic sounds of the African wilderness captivated his young spirit and led him to play with various bands across the African continent, then eventually on to London and Canada.  When you read his extensive discography, you will realize that Hennie is among the most prolific players in the world.  I have no doubt that parts of the title track, “Beyond Dreams“, were drawn from his experiences around the drummer camps he grew up near during his youth, but he has honed those memories into one of the most inspiring and relaxing musical adventures you will ever hear! 

The simple piano lines that are woven through the string and pipe sounds on “Letting Go” will allow you to reach higher states of relaxation, almost to the point that you will be “floating”, if you will.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a piece that so subtly captures your mind and helps to take the tension away (and, as many of you know, that is truly saying something, since I listen to a whole host of musical styles and composers who are above the average cut)… Hennie is among the best I’ve listened to.  In my own life, I’ve had some experiences where the only viable therapy was music, and this album should be at the top of the list for music therapists looking for “just the right album” to reach the inner core of the spirit and help lift it back to where it belongs.

You will hear majestic orchestral strings on the beautiful “Quiescence” that have a marvelously uplifting quality – your soul will be shimmering brightly, and all your cares and concerns will be abandoned for the living of a life more meaningful than you could have imagined; that may sound like “hypester spin”, but I can guarantee you will feel the closeness of your maker as you listen to this grand sonic masterpiece!

My personal favorite of the six pieces offered up, “The Calm“, was also the longest on the album, clocking in at 13:20, so ensure that you’ll have no interruptions when you listen to it… this is exactly the kind of music my therapist (long time and many moons ago) was recommending – I just hadn’t heard it yet… the most poignant (as in pleasurably stimulating, per Merriam-Webster) part of this composition is the integration of bell/chime sounds in and around the keyboard and strings… in fact, Hennie’s music should be “prescribed” for folks who need a bit of help finding their way… if this doesn’t help to settle your raging seas – nothing will!

Hennie sometimes refers to his works as “music medicine”, especially since they incorporate certain sounds and structures that help to stimulate frequencies that automatically help a person to relax… if you are looking for something that will take you away from the pressures of everyday life and aid you in getting back to a more inspired sense of life and the living of it, this fantastic music comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me… my “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.99 for this superb musical journey.  Be sure to visit the Hennie Bekker website  to learn more about Hennie and his most enchanting (and helpful) music!    Rotcod Zzaj