Issue # 142 Zzajrant

4/23/2014, 07:37 – Spent an hour or so cleaning up the site user database yesterday, cleaning out spammers who had signed up… there SURELY are a lot of folks who “make their living” by pushing junk email ’round the net!  Also got started on the INTERVIEW for the next issue… the interview will be with various members of the Keith Taylor Trio (who were reviewed in issue # 141)… this is going to be one heckuvva’ interview, I’ll tell you, folks!  Still listening to tons of old CD’s that I pulled down from YOUTUBE, then convert to .mp3… most notable this time were Donald Byrd’s “Kofi” and Les McCann’s “Swiss Movement” (with Eddie Harris)… grab those while you can – they don’t stay up too long.  

4/21/2014, 08:24 – Several new reviews completed this weekend, at least one a day & often more than that.  I wanted to remind those of you who are new readers that nearly all of our pages have a DONATE button on them (or, if you don’t want to use the button, just go to PAYPAL and use this email address: … that’s how our ‘zine has stayed on the scene for so many years…. so, when/where you can, please consider making a donation to help us keep going!  Also, for those not aware of it, our ZZAJ Productions Music Catalog has (over) 60 CD’s available that you can stream (or download) for free.  Most of these are albums that I’ve played on… so download as many as you’d like, then make a donation in trade for all that free music.  It would be most appreciated!  As always, our thanks to the many who have already donated over the years!!!!

4/19/2014, 05:50 – As I sit here listening to Donald Byrd’s “Kofi” album, I’m (quite simply) amazed that I’m fully retired… not unhappy (at all), & not without some joy…. now there will be time to refine my rants, write more music reviews & smell some of that “coffee” I’ve missed over the years of “anytime alerts”, deployments to strange corners of the world & a thousand other things that will undoubtedly come bubbling up in my my memory over the next few days, months & years.  Wish me luck (please) as I navigate this new fork in my road.

4/18/2014, 06:54 – I went through the IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION base page yesterday and updated links for all the archived issues… this should help folks find all our old reviews, interviews & rants!  I also updated the Zzaj QUEUE page, so that it contains only pix – there were some complaints that the page was taking way too long to upload, due to all the YOUTUBE embeds I had placed in the page (I’ll be going through all the items on the QUEUE page and adding the YOUTUBE links back in – just not as embeds… which will mean you can still view all the embedded videos, but will have to click on the link to load the video).  Most of this work was spurred by feedback from the promoters who have so graciously worked with me over the last 25 years to ensure we have the latest & greatest high-energy, high-talent music for your reading & listening pleasure – so a big “hats off” to them for their feedback.  If YOU have suggestions for how to make our site better, please send them to me at the following email:  Don’t hesitate & don’t pull any punches… I truly WANT your feedback for the magazine!  

4/11/2014, 08:02 – It turns out that I only have to show up for work one more day, on the 14th – next Monday.  Check my email one last time, clear the box; turn in my USG ID card & travel card; then show up for an award presentation (from the AMC Commander, no less – hooah!) in the afternoon.  The “official” retirement day is the 19th of April, then wait until the government turtle (the retirement processing center) gets my paperwork in line for closing the books on my account (that will probably take 4-6 weeks, I’m told).  In the meantime, I’ve been writing a couple of reviews each day, organizing my sound library & talking walks in the park.  It does feel strange knowing that I don’t have to “beat the traffic”, but I’ve little doubt that being retired will be a good thing for me!

4/3/2014, 12:39 – OK, it’s been 6 days that I’ve been back from Hawaii, getting ready for my last five days of work until final retirement on the 19th of April.  I’m quite pleased to be away from the rat-race, and totally in love with the retirement present my son got me (see last issues’ rant) – but there truly IS an “adjustment” one has to make when “the job” is over/done.  You really do get used to the 8-hour (or more) day, fraternization with colleagues & a whole host of other things you’d never even think about until the gig is up.  Even “sleeping in” ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, since you don’t normally stay in that rack until much past 7:00 am anyway.  SO – I’m looking for opportunities that would allow me to do something part-time, maybe, & not just “sit here”.  Strange – because I’ve always got a ton of music to review, things to research & such – but I’m still inclined to want “the grind”.  More on that later – but in the meantime, if you know of a good “live-in caretaker” position somewhere, please refer them to me at  

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