Issue # 149 Zzaj Rant

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12/06/2014 – As one of my musical heroes said (F.Z.), there’s more “trouble comin’ ev’ry day”… as I watch the FB posts spin round & round regarding Ferguson, Eric Garner & so many other injustices, it is evermore clear that “they” are trying to stir the pot again.  “They” are the folks behind your “elected” officials… as many of us know, politicians are (ALL) nothing more than “mouthpieces” for the monied in our society, and  for the most part, the politicians control NOTHING… they just say what they are told to say – with the master planning going on behind the scenes at their puppet masters homes & clubs.  What can be done about it?  Well, the very FIRST thing is to TURN OFF that television… that’s a great part of how “they” instill the fear in you… & I don’t mean “drop out”, ala Tim Leary… you must continue to stay involved, to step up to the plate when you see injustice, film the scenes you can (of police brutality) and continue to RESIST their plans for you.  The other thing here is that those mouthpieces shouldn’t be your real targets (though you do have to continue watching the actions they take) – your goal should be to EXPOSE who the real power brokers are, & (where possible) tell the world about what you’ve seen… blog it, tweet it, do whatever you can to get our message out… we will NOT “toe the line”…. we will NOT “follow blindly”… & (most importantly) we will NOT “look the other way” when police or politicians tread on us!  It is TIME for all of US to speak up and band together against those who believe they are “better” than others… there are no “color lines” involved in this… just “people” who will no longer allow themselves to be fattened up and sent to slaughter.  Let’s HEAR each other and move on ahead!!! 


klosd111/29/2014 – It’s only been a few months since I reviewed Klosd Sirkut the first time (back in August), & it’s amazing to this writer just how far they’ve progressed since then.  I was invited by Chris C D Littlefield, the band’s trumpet player (& much, much more), & knew I wanted to get on down there – if for no other reason than the excellent sense of humor Chris displays when he’s runnin’ down his MC spiel.  I grabbed a leisurely oyster dinner (too much turkey yesterday, of course), then headed over to my favorite funk & jazz hang, Andy Geertsen’s Rhythm & Rye  where the band was just setting up (about 8:00 pm).  Joey Walbaum on keyboards, Papa Josh doing guitars & effects & a drummer (whose name I didn’t catch, unfortunately)… they actually got started just before 10:00… heavy storm sounds on the opener with a very nice segue to cosmo beats and majestic entrances….
Chris’s horn takes the tune to yet another level – nice swirly caravan-type sounds… full support from Josh’s guitarklosd2 & the heavy-duty drummer & some excellent keyboard runs from Joey…  a FINE opener!  They make a totally clean transition to the 2nd piece, with a high-end female vocal loop that opens up lots of room for all the players to PHUNK it on UP; the tune melds fluidly into a great horn solo from Chris.  You can TASTE the energy on this tune.  There’s a distinctively different energy/vibe coming from the group during this tune… almost Donald Byrd-like…. music as it was meant to be, with a GREAT guitar lead from Papa Josh.  The dancers arrive & start slidin’ ’round the floor… the joint definitely starts jumpin’ right about now.  The group picks up on that vibe & launches right into tune 3, with a vocal rap by Josh… pure DRIVEN funk, super horn lead & all the players clickin’ right ON the beat!  Klosd Sirkut has really gotten their FLOW together since I heard them last… all I can say is – it’s TIME for a CD release, guys… & make sure I get the first copy for review, please.  Tune 4 starts with a slow beat & slides into a swirling, whirling dance-room number that (again) reminds me of some of the earlier George Duke Brazilian jazz recordings that take the listener off into other galaxies… absolute sweetness.  The whole set is filled with the POWER of music & arrangements that let the listener catch the groove & delve down deep into the heart of it… music full of soul & LIFE!  If anything should make us thankful, it’s bands (& music) like this… the music of freedom & absolute GIT-down!  Thanks guys (& of course, thanks to Andy for continuing to get smokin’ hot groups like this for us)!  An excellent night of superb music!!! 

11/21/2014 – I’ve been “staying in” lately… the weather in the Great NW is wonderful during the summer, but towards the end of October it begins to turn quite rainy and (as today) very cold.  Conversations with various and sundry readers of this magazine over the last 4 or 5 weeks have indicated that many folks would like to see the “poetry” section I used to run regularly revived… I’m in the process of doing that, but it will be totally dependent on how many folks submit their works… to see the guidelines for sending YOUR poetry in for consideration for publication, VISIT THIS POST!  The key factor in whether a piece gets picked for publication is how much of a draw it will be for our readers… & since our readership is made up of music lovers, it would be a good idea to submit poems that emphasize music or the arts.  Many of our readers aren’t aware of it, but I got my start in the performing arts with spontaneous spoken-word – you can listen to one of those performances (in its’ entirety) by clicking here!