Issue # 137 Zzaj Rant

11/22/2013, 19:37 – Many folks who read my magazine don’t realize that I first started out doing spoken-word, not keyboards… one of the absolute heroes of my early journeys into words and the power they have is shown below… be SURE you spread the word about this great poet –Kamau Daaood – please:

11/22/2013; 18:41 – Nearing T-Day, spent a good amount of time at a local celebration today up on North Shore… beautiful weather, fun people, lots of yak & plenty of food for all.  I’ll be spending the rest of my week cleaning house & getting ready for my wife’s arrival in early December.  I got a package in yesterday (based on a gift from my son) with Plantronics wireless earbuds… just EXCELLENT; the sound is super-clear & the device pairs up with multiple BLUETOOTH tools – 2 e-z!  I expect to get a lot of reviews done this week – probably wrap the current issue up & move on to # 138.  To all the promoters – truly THANKFUL for all the gr8 music you keep me in… & to the artists – couldn’t do this (all) without U!  More as the week progresses towards the BIG BIRD!  

11/8/2013, 17:07 – I’m not (at all) sure what’s happened to my “old self”… I mean, back in the day I used to dash off 5 reviews a day with next to no problem… today I’ve only written 3… so, despite my claims to the contrary, I guess I am kinda’ slowin’ down.  Usually just before Christmas the submissions begin to slow down – but they’ve actually been pushing UP over the last several months; that may have to do with the amount we are now taking in via the digital path – but we’re still getting many of them via good old-fashioned snail as well.  I mentioned my E-cig a couple of days ago… that is going REALLY well for me… I haven’t touched (or thought about, really) an “analog” cig since the first day I got this new “E-Go” electronic cig in; I did dash off an order for a few more bottles of the liquid nicotine and some wicks… if any of you out there have bona-fide scientific articles that discuss the pros/cons of this new product – please send me the links, so I can read through them myself… I’ve scanned a ton of articles, but all of them seem to be either hype-articles from the E-Cig companies, or hype from anti-smokers… I am looking for well-written and substantiated articles that point out what’s good about these devices – and what’s NOT!  Send all such material to, please.

11/5/2013, 14:56 – Just got news today that the job I was seeking out in Korea was offered to someone else (despite the HEAVY recommendations I got from those I’ve worked for before – you know who you are – THANKS for those written testimonials – they’re very much appreciated)…

I’m seriously considering retirement at the earliest possible time… OTOH, I enjoy where I’m at right now (except for the exorbitant rents in Hawaii).  I’ll have to decide by tomorrow morning if I’m going to retire now, or wait until next year (either way, it’s imminent… I’m going to quit rovin’ ’round the globe soon & “settle down” back on my home turf in the magickland of Olywa). 

Also, today I got a shipment in that had my new E-cig in the package… I’m already liking this much better than smoking regular cigz, & it should help me to cut back on the amount of dreadful chemicals I’ve been ingesting for the last 40 years or so.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. 

With a holiday coming up this weekend, I’m planning on getting a few (more) music reviews done for this issue… also have a bit of housecleaning to do, and lots of cooking – so I’ll be busy as a bee.  Mo’ as it happens!