Issue # 159 Zzajrant


December 28th, 2015:  The day prior to this splendiferous duo event, I had reunited with my long-lost musical com-padre Harlan Mark Vale, munching on a bear-claw (odd that, since we had earlier adventures with bears & state troopers) & catching up after so many years!  Of course, Kram & I had watched Amy perform her unique blend of musical wizardry many times before, particularly in the early years of the Olympia Experimental Music Festival and other events in the Great Nor’west.  SO – since I’d noticed the announcement on FB, we decided to visit Amy & Tarik Abouzied on the evening of 28 December.  I’d not watched this duo play together before, so both Kram & I had high hopes as we strode in to my favorite jazz haunt in Olympia, Rhythm & Rye


Amy & Tarik were just doing setup when we walked in a bit before 8:00 pm, so we had a minute or two to exchange greetings… as always, just excellent to see Amy, even though it’s been a while.  They started zooming in on sounds from the cosmos shortly after 8:30, and I can tell you, it was well worth going out in the funky weather.  Amy’s echo-box and haunting vocal signatures were (as always) a glory to behold, and Tarik was totally “on-time” with his interpretations of her rhythms.  Those in attendance were well rewarded with music both charming & mysterious, and as Kram said, “the magick’s still here”!  Amy’s reed work on the first tune was blistering, both speed-wise and rhythmically, and quickly elevated all listeners in the room to hyper-drive (not to mention Tarik’s excellent drum work behind her).  She played bass loops under shimmering vocals that captured all ears and quickly elevated us to galactic traveler status.  What a pleasure to watch such joy being expressed in such a unique way!


If ever you have the opportunity to catch these splendid performers – DO it!  It was a perfect prelude to a 2016 that I’m sure will be full of magic and ight!  Absolute fun; thanks, Amy & Tarik!