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3 March 2016:  Those who have setup WordPress sites for customers who need more than just “blog pages” will know that free plugins (as well as “Pro” versions) are available that do really cool things like keep track of customers (like CRM, or Customer Relationship Management), control the security on your website, manage tasks,etc., etc.  Of course, the list is endless, which means it is often difficult to find just the right tool for what you need to do.   Recently, as part of my work with the folks at Bonazah Community Development of Africa, it became clear that they needed a full-blown back-office solution for collaborating on documents… not just a “file management” system, but a tool that would allow easy collaboration on document revisions from registered users around the world… users all the way from novice to expert level.  As I researched competitors, it quickly became clear that most of them didn’t have well thought-out design, that they would be very difficult for (some) users to learn, or that the code and methods were “klunky”.  Hands-down, Blitzenware’s DMS was the plugin of choice!


What was needed was a plugin that would act (much) like Microsoft’s SHAREPOINT system, which I worked with for at least 5 years… here are some of the key capabilities we needed:


  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Documents categorization, with full-search via name, owner, or a keyword/properties search system.
  • Folders can be managed through a complete permissions system and the sub-folder nesting is unlimited
  • Documents security with a complete permissions system, i.e., user, group, and everyone permissions
  • Inherited permissions
  • Easy User, document and folder audit trails
  • Full versioning capability


Of those, it was the versioning and audit trail capabilities that were most important.  After installing the free version of DMS, the Pro version became much more attractive, especially from the standpoint of version control  So, since the Bonazah is a fully recognized non-profit charity, I got hold of the developer (more information below; click on the banner to get more information) and asked if there was any possibility of a donation from his company, Blitzenware… in short order, we had the plugin, with a fully-blown system that was easy for users to navigate and work with.


Based on over twenty years of being a functional developer and analyst for Enterprise tools and systems, I can say without qualification that DMS PRO is the best plugin on the market for WordPress site managers and users!  Click the banner below to get more information right away!  And, a most sincere thanks from Bonazah Community Development of Africa for the generosity and professional service shown by Mr. Reifsnyder!



Extra-professional power provided by a generous donation of software and time from our friends at:


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Our sincerest thanks to Mr. Brian Reifsnyder