Issue # 160 Zzajrant (thoughts on Africa)


February 21, 2016 – As I look at the picture above, and the many other images of children in Africa in need on this wet Pacific Northwest morning, and then consider the great work being done by an organization called Bonazah Community Development of Africa, my desire to help others “comes full circle”, so to speak.  I’ve never been one to search out causes, or preach about much of anything, because my travels around the globe have shown me that quite often those causes are being shepherded by someone with another agenda entirely… politicians, preachers or others who take advantage to appease their own greed.


When my friend Benjamen Azah made me aware of this non-profit charity that promotes education and empowerment for children, women and families in several different countries in Africa (Cameroon, Uganda and Kenya, for example), I checked it out right away, but only because I had worked with Ben previously and was fully aware of his commitment to people, high integrity and dedication to doing the right thing… whether it’s organizing fundraising for Bonazah’s humanitarian efforts, providing food to folks who are hungry, helping to increase community awareness of the needs in Africa, or organizing micro-loans that help women start their own businesses… I know from personal experience with Benjamen that it will be done honestly and aboveboard, something that many charity organizations can’t say (yes, I receive the same emails you do from Nigeria and other places full of intelligent and greedy scammers)… like I said, I know this man and his family and have no doubt that every penny you donate to Bonazah goes right into programs that actively help those in need in Africa!  You can also read Bonazah’s 2015 report, which shows just how “transparent” and straight-forward they are!


Though I’ve donated to this effort myself, my funds are limited since retirement, so I volunteered my background with technology and Social Media… you can volunteer your services (whatever they may be), too… just visit the Bonazah main page and fill in the CONTACT FORM (on the right side of that page), or call their Customer Support Center (24/7) at 1-877-998-6999 (for U.S. Customers) or 1-804-454-4444 (for International callers). At a minimum, please post the link to this article to your Social Media accounts to help us make this go viral!


Don’t WAIT!  Don’t “scroll on by”!  Do your part today, so you can know in your heart of hearts that you’ve done something good for folks who truly need your help!