Improvijazzation Nation, issue # 097

Issue # 097 is now ARCHIVED, due to space issues on WORDPRESS. Click HERE to view the archived page. Here are a few of the things you’ll find in this issue…

INTERVIEW – I’m feeling privileged to have Michael DeMaria, whose latest CD (“Ocean”) was reviewed in issue #96, as our interviewee for this issue.  This is one of the deepest and revealing interviews we have ever published… after you read it, be sure to spread the word to lots of other folks about it, please!

Zzaj-rant, featuring LIVE SHOW review of NW artists Shelly Ely, Terry Jay, Billy & Martin (at Liquid Soul Cafe)

Evermore exciting MUSIC reviews  (over 20 splendid new reviews – there’s even a review of underground/indie stalwart Dan Susnara’s brand-new 2-CD set)… here are a few of the artists you’ll read about in this issue:


9 Muses


Ellynne Plotnick


Mike Longo Trio


Lionel Marchetti & Olivier Capparos


Anson Wright and Tim Gilson


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