Issue # 120 Zzaj Rant

Well, as 2011 shuts down, we can all look forward to planetary alignments, and all the dire predictions for the upcoming year, eh?  OR, we can buckle down to the real business at hand… enjoying all the marvelous music available to us… which will it be for you?

As I look back through the review page of this issue, I’m amazed at the variety of high-quality & high-energy music I’ve reviewed – in this issue & all the others in 2011.  High spirit abounds, no matter what the politicians and the preachers say… in fact, it’s time to ignore them… FORGET about all the imaginary troubles they’ve cooked up for us… 100% unemployment?  So what?  Just keep on PLAYING, & it’ll all vanish in time.  No, I understand that “real life” has to intrude on those kinds of fantasies, but let’s do everything we can in the coming years to MINIMIZE the importance of politicians & their ilk!

There are over 50 great CD’s sitting in my Zzaj Review Queue, & if 2012 is anything like 2011 was – there will be (literally) hundreds of new offerings from jazz & blues players reviewed in this magazine… so kick your feet up on a chair with a latte (or a brew, whichever you prefer), put those ‘phones on & get IN to the enjoyment and wonder that music brings into one’s life!  & above ALL – have FUN next year!

Ciao’ fer’ now!


Rotcod Zzaj

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