Issue # 122 Zzaj Rant

Some of you have read my passionate rants about a piece of software that any true music lover can NOT afford to be without these days… whether you’re simply listening from the player, ripping/burning CD’s, or using the tools to create advanced library sorts & lists, there is, quite simply, NO BETTER product than MEDIA MONKEY 4:

…& NO – I’m not getting paid one red cent to hype this product (in point of fact, I DID ask the owners if we could setup some kind of arrangement like that, but they didn’t want to do it… lol).

All you really have to do is look at their feature list and you’ll realize right away that you couldn’t get a better product (I most STRONGLY recommend the GOLD LIFETIME license…. yes, it’s almost $50, but they’ve totally honored their promise to give you EVERY FUTURE upgrade for free):

Features Free Gold
Movie / Music Manager (for Rock, Classical, Audiobooks, Movies, TV, etc.) Star Star
Audio/Video Player & (MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AVI, MP4, WMV etc.) Star Star
Auto-DJ & secure jukebox mode for parties Star Star
Podcatcher & media downloader Star Star
CD Ripper & Audio/Video Converter: Encode MP3, OGG, FLAC, AVI, etc. Star Star
File Monitor (automatically updates library) Star Star
Auto Renamer / File Organizer Star Star
Auto Tag Editor with Album Art Lookup Star Star
Find Duplicate Tracks and Missing Tags Star Star
Playlist Manager (auto music mixes) Star Star
Sync and backup iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and others Star Star
Share media with TVs, DVD Players and other UPnP / DLNA devices Star Star
Integrated CD/DVD/BD Burner (Audio & Data) 4x Up to 48x
Bit-perfect rips via accurate-rip database Star
Support for customized Collections (e.g. Jazz, Classical, Home videos, etc.) Star
On-the-fly Audio/Video Conversion for sync, DLNA sharing, and burns Star
Advanced Searches and AutoPlaylists Star
Unlimited MP3 encoding Star
Virtual CD / Previews & Sleep Timer Star
Automatic library organizer (as a background process) Star
High-speed conversion / leveling on multi-core systemsOne thing it’s important to notice – this tool doesn’t just play AUDIO – it also plays, organizes and does library duties for VIDEO…

You can also share video, podcasts via broadcast (I use BLUETOOTH most frequently) to any bluetooth-equipped devices:

It’s so cool to turn on my Zen Touch 2, link it to my BLUETOOTH speakers & listen to music at high-quality rates as I read the latest novel!

The control dialogs are super-easy to learn – even an old rogue (like me) was able to do most of the basic functions within only 30 minutes!

When I bought my GOLD LIFETIME (several years ago), the price was only about $30, if I remember correctly… you can see that (like everything else), the price continues to rise… so, I would MOST STRONGLY recommend that you GO THERE – like now, peepz – & DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE!


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