Issue # 127 Zzaj Rant

10/22/2012 – ‘k, folks, I WRAPPED this zugger today… 30 reviews, with lots more CD’s waiting in the queue for issue # 128… thanks to all the promoters/artists who were patient with me during this extended-length issue (this is, to be sure, the longest I’ve ever taken to complete an issue).  As long as Uncle Sam doesn’t have me flying ’round too much, things should settle down fairly well over the next 2-3 months!  Again, thanks for being patient!

10/20/2012 – ‘k, promoters – I am 100% BACK UP on the net!  Will surely be looking forward to your packages of CD’s as they come rollin’ in!  There is one TOOL I want to mention to you; it’s called NETVIDEOHUNTER, & is perfect for downloading albums that have been turned into videos… the version I snagged is for FIREFOX only (an add-in)… you might have to search their site for an IE version (I never, NEVER use IE), but if you’re using FIREFOX already, GET this one to download albums… 2 cool!

10/9/2012 – GREAT news (for us & for those who send us music for review) – our new address in Hawaii (for the next 2-3 years) is Dick Metcalf, 1910 Wright Avenue, Unit 101, Wahiawa, HI 96786.  Please SPREAD THE WORD – we are READY TO BEGIN RECEIVING your packages/CD’s again!!!  2 kewl!!!

My apologies for the delay in reviews.  We’re in Oahu now’ and it is the 29th of September – some delays in finding a condo mean that my computer won’t be in-hand until the end of October… so browse thru some back issues & give me a few more weeks!  I WILL be back soon!!!

It’s soon to be “a new day” for the Metcalf’s (once again)… pickin’ up stakes & moving to Hawaii… as I pen/type this, my wife & I are in the Casey Lodge (Tongduchon, Korea), having already packed all of our belongings out (less the suitcases, of course), completed all the paperwork & are awaiting the big bird that will float us ‘cross th’ waters to Oahu.

As many of you have noticed (& some have inquired about), my output has slowed a bit… not to worry – if your CD made it into the Zzaj REVIEW QUEUE, it WILL get a review… it will just take a bit longer than normal for that to happen.  Just since we moved into the Lodge, I’ve received another 10 CD’s in for review – lots of creative energy out there in this big old world, no question about it!  As an “interim measure”, if you’re an artist or promoter with a CD that is a “must” for getting in our queue, please don’t snail it… just use your favorite upload/distro service (YOUSENDIT is often used by our promoters) & email the link for the CD to  (be sure to include the cover art in your .zip file)!

We’ll be traveling to other parts of Korea over the next few days; some of those locations may not have the best of connections for the Internet, so my posts will probably be a bit sporadic until we set down in Honolulu!  Keep checking back here for updates, please!

9/11/2012 – In preparation for our trek to Taegu, I pulled across several (almost 200) CD’s I’d gotten from YOUTUBE… jazz, rock & all sorts of other genres… this will give me plenty to do during my time in the hotels… we leave tomorrow morning about 9:00 am for Taegu, then pull out sometime this weekend (not sure if it’ll be Saturday or Sunday) for the East Coast of Korea (Kangnung area)… either way, I’ll be fully occupied the entire time… got a bunch of reviews done this past weekend, so there’s plenty for y’all to scope out there, too.  Back on the YOUTUBE side of things (& now I’m discovering that INTERNET ARCHIVE also has a lot of free CD’s (some “names”, some “not” for download as well….), over the last 3 months, I got about 400 CD’s downloaded & put them on my 2TB drive for eventual redo.  Heck, by the time I actually retire (’round 2014, I’m thinking now), I’ll have quite a collection; with a whole host of vinyl back there to do as well.  2 cool…. more l8r!

9/22/2012 – Only two days away from the flight to paradise… already got notified by my (new) boss that he’ll meet/pick us up at the airport… 2 cool!  Got 5 or 6 more CD’s reviewed, & converted about 2o that I downloaded from YOUTUBE… this is superb; I may wind up having more downloaded albums than I have in storage back in the states.  Getting them all converted may take a bit of time, but then what is a “retirement” for, anyway?  I rather suspect that my days will be fuller than they are now, but with the added bonus that I will be DOING WHAT I WANT TO DO – not what someone else wants!  Of course, my B-day was yesterday, & the FB notices kept rolling in all nite – thanks to all of you who remembered my special day & helped me celebrate by offering up your congratz for my turning 66 (never thought I’d make it, I’ll tell ya’)!  Next time I update, it will more than likely be from the sunny beaches of Waikiki, eh?  FUN awaits!!!

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