Issue # 130 Zzaj Rant

One of the things I feel most proud about over these last many years of writing about & promoting the “musical life” is the fact that my magazine was among the first to encourage music promoters ’round the globe to begin submitting music “DIGITALLY”.  I don’t claim to be the first, but I know (for certain) that I had some sway over the move to digital submission.

When I first started out (back in the late ’70’s) promoting and sharing my own music, it was all on tape… which had to be mailed…heck, in those days, there was no e-mail, or online sharing.  That’s not to disparage the old days… I made a LOT of CONTACTS via postal mail that I would have never made in the digital age… actually even met some of them in person, which was way cool (wish I could have met more of them, too).

When we moved from tape to CD in the early ’90’s, I moved with it; but none of us expected the rapid movement to totally digital distro; it’s a critical part for an artist today… hire a promoter & you’ll find that the difference (in costs) between one who knows how to “do it digitally”, & one who insists on hard-copy each/every time, & you’ll realize that in today’s modern age – the only way to do it is via digits… I first started hyping that message in the late ’90’s – & it’s only now that many of the promoters I’ve dealt with over the years have moved hard in that direction… just for those who have something they need promoted, here are just a few of the promoters who have the ability to do digits (these are just a few – there are many others who submit music to us digitally as well – including many individual artists):

Braithwaite & Katz Communications

Kari-On Productions

LAZZ Promotions

Lisa Reedy Promotions

Creative Service Company

Of course if YOU are an artist & would like to send me something digitally, I prefer tools like YOUSENDIT… that way, your entire product (including one-sheets, covers, etc.) can be zipped up into one file & sent to me for consideration for review.  If you want to try that out, send all submissions to me at 

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