Issue # 131 Zzaj Rant


     As I sit here listening to music I’m going to review, I’m feeling pretty much alone… that’s not necessarily a bad thing, BUT…

     I’ve been told (over the last several months) that my passion(s) are only confined to music… listening to, commenting on, organizing, etc.  While that’s true, I find little wrong with that… don’t misinterpret what I’m saying… I do understand that when I “do” something, it’s with total focus, and almost no awareness of what/who/when/why/where is going on around me – much like a musician, I suspect.  If a person doesn’t have music in their life, as far as I’m concerned, they’ve little to hold on to – of course, my fault is that (because of the music I’ve always been involved in), I don’t need things/people to hold on to.  & that IS a bad thing… it’s very hard for people to like you (much less love you) when they feel like you’re always “in another world”.  This is a dilemma that I’m sure many face, but I’m not sure how to deal with it – other than more music, of course.  In fact, it’s been music that’s kept me sober for the last 13 years.  Tell me – what do YOU do?

     One thing I’m truly appreciative of, though… all the folks who send me music… sometimes in dribs/drabs, other times in multitudes… to further complicate things, I’m in the middle of some key financial moves as I prep for a retirement in the next year or so… selling a house, lining up all my medical stuff & lots of other things that come with getting older.  Anyway, those are some of the things that are crossing my mind… wondering where I’ll be & what I’ll be doing in 2015.  Keep me in your thoughts, please… if the politicians don’t take everything down by then, I’d like to settle back into a nice daily routine of reading, writing & reviewing for the foreseeable future.  Till next time – Ciao!  

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