Issue # 132 Zzaj Rant

     Some exciting new musical items have been coming our way, so the next couple issues will be jammed full of SUPER music reviews (thanks in great part to MOONJUNE Records)!

On my front here in Hawaii (at the day job), some HUGE changes are looming on the horizon – can’t say anything specific about them until we have a piece of paper in-hand, but suffice it to say that I’m excited about the possibilities.

What’s there to RANT about?  Well, politics is always a favorite place to start… these politicians (as well as the groups that sponsor & promote their idiocies) are totally OUT-OF-HAND!  Rules & legislation being passed to restrict our constitutional rights each & every day – it’s time to work together to ELIMINATE the political system as it exists today – replace it with something that works & do our best to come out of the process with something that HELPS us regular folk, instead of telling us we can’t protest, or will be locked up if we do!  

Myself and a couple of the other members of the original TRILLIUM group are working together on several recordings that will commemorate the passage of one of the founding members, John Alkins… John was murdered a short time ago, and we want folks to remember (more about) the great things he was able to do, instead of all the gory junk that’s been proliferated in the Daily Olympian (& other news outlets).  Stay tuned for announcements about the sound project.

I believe that’s about it for this issue – more as it develops!

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