Issue # 136 Zzajrant

10/14/2013 – Keep me in mind this week as the infernal politicians decide whether to open the government back up for business… if they fail in that mission, I will be (again) in a “laid-off” status.  In the meantime, I’ve accomplished quite a few reviews over the last week, though to be truthful, this whole business with the shutdown has me so preoccupied that I’ve not been able to accomplish as much as I’d like.  Keep checking back here to see what transpires with this!

9/20/2013   20:49 As I sit here listening to old Santana albums (Borboletta, to be specific) on the eve of 67 years on this planet, I can’t help thinking how sweet life can be… when you have MUSIC, anyway!

For my solo celebration of “my day”, I cooked a 10-lb ham… not only was it delicious, I also (finally) got the GRAVY right… this cooking was going on all afternoon as I watched many friends and family post happy-notes to my FB page & spoke with my young niece in Korea… great way to start my 68th year, I’ll tell you.

CD’s and digital submissions continue to roll in, and some of my solicitations on FB (& other locations) yielded enough funds to continue the ‘zine for (at least) another year – of course, that could all change if these STUPID politicians in D.C. shut down my job… giggle about that if you want, but everyone in the U.S. will be negatively affected (in some way, small or large) if they are allowed to play their games without thinking about their actions… perhaps the October truck-strike will have some impacts that will jolt them into realizing that revolution is (only) a breath away (just as the 2 Million Bikers that rode on D.C. did – even though the dawgs did everything they could to suppress the power evidenced)… they had BETTER pass a budget, and they had BETTER do it soon!  Keep checking back here every once in a while… I’ll continue to rant until I move on to the next issue.