Improvijazzation Nation, Issue #139

When the links below are SHADED, they already have content – if not, you’ll need to come back to check it for content (of course, I’ll also be posting the updates on FB, if you prefer to use that method):

REVIEWS– Clocked in 30 reviews for # 138; as always, there are a whole host of new artists and products in the queue (if you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to look at my ZZAJ REVIEW QUEUE page, which will show you what’s coming up… this can really be handy for promoters and artists who have sent me review material too)!  If you’re ready to send us review material, it’s always better (& much less expensive) to submit it digitally – send all submissions to please.

INTERVIEW – Our interviewee for this issue is with Fiona Hawkins; you won’t find a more revealing interview anywhere – our thanks to Ms. Hawkins for taking the time share with us!

ZZAJRANT – Hey – if YOU would like to rant a bit, shoot me a copy of your RANT… if it’s something I like, I may publish it… all material should be emailed to

HAPPENINGS – the material on this page is somewhat dated right now, and I’m considering dropping it altogether – it all depends on whether (or not) you send me your gig announcements, CD release notices & other things that will be of value to our musical community; so, IF you have something to announce, please send the information (with links, too, if you have them) to!  If you have such information, please send it our way, so we can re-energize this page!!!

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