Improvijazzation Nation, issue # 29

Improvijazzation Nation, issue # 29




Michael Hoppe


John Pattituci


Ultra Hummus


Ken Clinger




Henry Schneider reviews


Robin Spielberg


Kathode Ray


Rack and Ruin


Jazz from Barney McClure


M4 Radio

& much MUCH more!!!


Zo, thee ‘zine continues… via net, or via snail, we continue to get more &more recognition. Much of this is due to a (seeming) resurgence in th’ interest of various radio stations about th’ country who want (or profess to) “home-grown” music(s). NEVER a better time for it than right now. This ‘zine has been “on itz’ last legz” more times than I can count on all my digitz… a lil’ help from the airplay we’ve been getting, & we may be “in” for a long time to come.


There’s no shortage of (other) ‘zines right now, either… many of them are online, so it’s hard for (some) folks to access them… BUT, we’ll provide you with up-to-date news on th’ latest & greatest for as long as we can.


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Rotcod Zzaj



Michael Hoppe/Tim Wheater: THE YEARNING – We reviewed the most current CD (Wind Song) out from this keyboard/flute team two issues back. I was so enthralled with his music that I decided we HAD to get an interview (last issue)… a part of the interview brought out the fact that this production was a sort of “prelude” to Wind Song. The difference is that “The Yearning” is ever so slightly more “structured”. It still has an improvised “feel” to it, but doesn’t sound (quite) as “free”. The playing is TOP-flite, & the recording is CRYSTAL-clear. Wheater’s flute is the “voice” over Michael’s bracing keyboards; & (unless you’re totally deaf), he will TALK to you! Personally, I enjoyed “Wind Song” (slightly) more, but for most listeners, THIS effort will be a bit more satisfying. I encourage ANYONE with a love of music that can inspire peace (and peacefulness) to get in TOUCH with the music(s) of Hoppe & Wheater. It is MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Contact at Creative Services, Company, 4360 Emerald Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80918, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Smoking Catapillar: OUT OF THE COCOON – Kevin Michael Cady’s emergence is final… not xactly a beautiful butterfly comin’ out – but ITZ A RAWKER! Joined by Brian Hutchison & friends, they’ve put together a CD that’s a WHOPPER! Th’ first trak, “The Pussy God”, combined with thee “Kiss” facepaint & such on th’ jewel-cover might make one think that this wuz gonna’ be “just another Ozzy clone”. Whoops! Stop! This is REALLY well recorded, a brief exposure to some HIGH energy rock&roll fusion that’ll definitely “stir th’ pot”. Small world, too; these guyz’re just up th’ road in Tacoma. Would I go see ’em play? You BETCHUM! “Anxiety” is a standout piece, make ya’ FEEL their mania; slammin’ guitars, nice underpinnings by thee bass! “Hitler Is A Jerk” is way kewl, too, FULL body on that toon! All in all, this gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those with ANY sense of adventure! Contact at 2252 South 17th, Tacoma, WA 98405, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Far To Real: HOW FAR IS IT TO REAL? – Here’s ‘nother R&R gem (CD) in from Creative Services Company. They seem to be venturing out into new territory, tho’ maybe it’s just because they hadn’t SENT me any o’ this kinda’ stuff before. Well, CSC, send MORE! Shades of CSNY (albeit amplified), 70’s POWER rock, really some HIGH energy under these volkz moves! Female voxleads (by Rebecca Branner) are STRONG, & crispy- kleen. She’s got GUTZ & she letz ya’ know it, without being overbearing. Some of these guitar leads go (almost) OFF into jazz territory. They’re tight as 2 horny toads, but their performances got NO wartz! This one will CONTINUE to spin on our player. REALLY good “road music”, get yer’ blood movin’. I usually like bands with this sound to stay with (only) th’ rockin’ style, hard punchin’ like Ali… BUT, their ballads have an energy that can only be called FEVERED, too; so they get an A+ all AROUND! You’ll definitely WANT to check this one out… it gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who love hardball R&R, & nuthin’ but! Contact at Creative Services, Company, 4360 Emerald Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80918, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


John Patitucci: ONE MORE ANGEL – Another gem from Bobbi Marcus Public Relations. A Concord Records release, this CD is a shining example of John’s fine jazz bass work. Very often when I read liner notes that highlight a person’s religous influences (Patitucci is a Christian), I’m inclined to “look the other way”… there have been a few cases (most notably another wonderful bass player named David Friesen) where it was clear that their religion was NOT just a “cloak” they were wearing, rather a fine raiment that helped to emphasize their love of life and music. This is certainly the case with John’s sweet/sorrowful touches. If you’re in the mood for some quiet (albeit energetic) moments with a musicmaster (that may inspire YOU as well), this comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. In fact, it gets the PICK of this issue for “best expressive jazz”. Send MORE artists like this, Bobbi Marcus. I simply LOVED “One More Angel”. Contact at 1514 17th St., #205, Santa Monica, CA 90404, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Crawling With Tarts: I AM TELEPHONING A STAR – Suzanne Dycus Gendream & Michael Gendreau have been performing as CWT for many years now. This is our first listen in about 4 years or so. Ol’ George Bush’s “kinder but gentler” rhetoric must’ve had some influence. Sorta’ spooky percussives melded with almost Oriental strings lead in to some echovox stretches that phase in & out of a “wash” effect. The kind of music you hear in deepest REM sleep, the stuff dreams are MADE of! Grand excursions to the farthest galaxies, in a “subdued” sort of fashion. If you don’t watch it, you’ll slip out of your body & join th’ ship behind th’ comet, never to return. VERY subtle, highly shaded. This gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for fans of exploratory music. Contact at POB 5587, San Mateo, CA 94402; didn’t see an e-mail. Rotcod Zzaj


Richard Souther: ILLUMINATION – This is a brand new experience for me, in from Creative Service Company (who can always be depended on to promote fresh, original music). Souther has adapted the clasically-influenced works of Hildegard von Bingen (this one is called The Fire of the Spirit) with some masterful arrangements and a “new” feel. A work of true inspiration, don’t lump this in with the rest of those “new-age” works; it deserves far more recognition than that. The vocals are a (very) necessary component, and will stay in your mind for days, if not months and years. They’re artufully counterpointed with percussives and strings that move you (ever so gently) to new mental plateaus, resulting in a feeling of peace that will always overcome the evils in your life. This is WONDERFUL, gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Contact at Creative Services, Company, 4360 Emerald Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80918, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


If, Bwana: 33 BIRDS WENT – Classical of a different (more 21st century oriented) form… classical WACK! Al Margolis has been on the D.I.Y. scene for (literally) years now! Joined by Brian Charles, Ellen Christi, and Jane Scarpantoni, Al weaves through a labryinthe of (musical) dangerzones so deep you may find it difficult to return to the “normal” world – which might not be (at all) bad! It had MY lovebirds talkin’ to it… music in another language, verzure! Gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those with inclinations toward improvised fury, bird or elsewise! Contact at Pogus Productions, POB 150022, Van Brunt Station, Brooklyn, NY 11215-0022, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Lawrence Salvatore/Ken Clinger: SERCI PANJON – These two hometaper veterans have collabed on quite a few occasions, as I remember. It’s a magical pairing, I’ll tell you! Gentle music, nearly classical in approach. Those who haven’t heard either artist before will find this a WONDERFUL introduction to the spells that can be woven when the music is more than just a collection of inane bits thrown together. Ken’s approach to composition is never high-handed, simple lines with clear direction. There are some wonderful stringlike harp sounds on here that really put the effort in an orchestral realm. Salvatore has a strong, yet enchanting vocal style that lends itself to storytelling. Just a GRAND excursion into D.I.Y. that even the novice listener will agree must come MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Contact at (either) 311 Stratford Ave. #2, Pittsburgh, PA 15232-1108 (Clinger), or 211 South Hebbard St., Joliet, IL 60433-1308 Rotcod Zzaj


Ultra Hummus: STRAIGHT OUTTA’ DROUBI’S – Not sure where Droubi’s is, but it must have a BUNCH o’ ‘dat “hummus”. This hometaped rockin’ improvised guitar duo hadda’ be smokin’ SOMETHIN’ purty goll-durned WIDE ta’ get THIS far out. Conor Prischmann sent it, but dinna’ bother to tell me who thee second half was! (Mebbe’ next time, eh?). Live drums remind me (very much) of some of early DimThingShine. Guitarz are (to some degree) noise-based, but not totally. They’ve got a STRONG sense of rhythmic reality, & don’t “drop” any punches! Now, ya’ wanna’ be sittin’ in yer’ den (or yer’ TENT, fer’ that matter)… don’t BE drivin’ when yer’ listenin’ to this stuph… no DOUBT they’ll pick you up for “association with wierdness”. Blue Meanies definitely would NOT like this… but it gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from this reviewer! Contact at 4310 Greeley, Houston, TX 77006, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj

K.D. Schmitz: WORDS IN OUR MOUTHS – Th’ last part of K.D.’s “Words In Our Mouth” project I reviewed was somewhat in a folk vein, or at least, I (sorta’) reviewed it that way. This round is a TOTALLY different tack… players who’ve been on the D.I.Y. scene (Michael Bowman, Sinister Dexter & Turban Girl, Plundershop and K.D. himself, of course) have joined forces, using words that were sent in to K.D. & turn it into a ROCK SUPREME! This is KICKAZZ music! Unique, too, in that it goes beyond th’ scope of most “compilation” projects, because th’ performing artists are different from th’ writers of th’ words. A true GEM that I suspect will go down in D.I.Y. history. Clean recording, NO bogus mixes… this is THE MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED D.I.Y. tape in this issue! It also gets the PICK of the YEAR for “classic D.I.Y.”. Contact K.D. at POB 1806, Poughskeepie, NY 12601 or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Doug Michael & The Outer Darkness: COLLECTIONS 1993 – 1997 – Doug (a long-time I. N. contributor & friend) sent this our way in early May. I (actually) listened to it 2 or 3 times all through, & just now gettin’ ’round to doin’ th’ review “officially”. Seems Doug (like many of us out here in home-studio land) is ready to make that “leap” off into CD sometime soon. This is an assemblage of toons from th’ various & sundry tapes he’s done over the last 4 or 5 years. One new one, “Opaque” (which shows that he’s not leaving his D.I.Y. “roots” behind – at ALL)! The recording/sound quality on this “best of” is SUPERB, & I (strongly) suspect there was some re-mixing going on to make this grand D.I.Y. effort come into being. Doug’s lead guitar will make you soar (naw, NOT “sore”), reaching for th’ “outerspace” that any true artist aspires to. “As Time Wears On” is one of my favorite pieces by him, in th’ “ballad zone”, verzure. This is a very “transitional” sounding tape, sure to be a CLASSIC for your collection of D.I.Y. tapes. It gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone into music that can (and will) truly inspire! Contact at 2889 Seville Circle, Antioch, CA 94509, or via e-mail to (he’s also got pages up at Rotcod Zzaj


The Mulchmen: THE MULCHMEN – Andy Valeri (Big Beef Productions) sent me this tape of Beef’s latest release. Th’ group is into a sorta’ “retro-surf”, but it’s ’90’s space-flavored, verzure! Doesn’t even sound like they were on “Budweiser”, or some wimpy weed… this is like Beach Boyz on ‘shrooms! Full-bodied, no tinny bass here! Ya’ know, th’ story iz’ “they rose outta’ some soylent green slime & took over thee phroggin’ WORLD”. As always with Big Beef stuph, this music’s fer’ FUN! Very enJOYable listen, let’s hear MORE from these Mulchmen, Valeri! Gets a RECOMMENDED, without doubt. …but, can you imagine that? Surfin’ in th’ fish-dead murky waters o’ Lake Erie? Har! Har! Contact at POB 303, WBB, Dayton, OH 45409, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


The Inkpot Monkey: THE INKPOT MONKEY – This group, in from North Carolina, hazza’ tape that’ll SCORCH yer’ earz. Nuthin’ but a scrawled j-sheet & a poster fer’ a live show… actually, when I look back a little more closely, that chickenscratch scrawl is from Kenyata Sullivan! THAT’S why this R&R soundz so phroggin’ GREAT! That’s right, he told me in an e-mail that Inkpot Monkey wuz’ hiz’ new group! Takes it about TWENTY steps beyond some uv th’ more “CSNY” oriented stuph I’ve heard him do before. This is FULL-BODIED, synth supported, orchestral rock & roll arrangement… definitely more’n “just lay th’ trax down & ferget it”. Nearer prog, I’d say. Totally original, high-energy music that’ll have ya’ SWILLIN’ those Grolsch’s down (least it did ME). Gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those into music that makes yer’ earz’ SIT UP & listen! Keep those Inkpot Monkeys GOIN’, Kenyata! GREAT MUSIC! Contact at Opulence, POB 2071, Wilmington, NC 28402-2071, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Robin Spielberg: IN THE ARMS OF THE WIND – If you’re looking for “quik-fix” music, or strobe lights flashin’ on thee dance floor of yer’ mind – FERGET it! Robin brings a very sensitive vision of the world to the listener through her marvelous piano works. All original compositions, with a decidedly “new age” tone… but don’t let that make you pass this one by! Some of the pieces are purely solo, but she’s also joined by Johnny Cunningham (on fiddle) , Chris Theriault (on guitar), Alison Hale (on flute) and Barry Phillips (on cello)… these additions add new dimensions to her compositions! Her compositional style spans all the way from very simple solo pieces to far more complex ensemble works. I personally enjoyed the pieces in the ensemble mode far more… truly inspiring work that stands out in “front of the new age pack”. Be sure and give this one a listen – it’s MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! North Star (and Mixed Media) have a sure-fire winner here. Contact at Mixed Media, POB 20568, Cranston, RI 02920 or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Winston Grennan (SKA ROCKS BAND): WASH OVER GOLD – In from Winston, this Swegway Records release comes VERY well produced, recorded & packaged. In this ska environment, though, I find that packaging has sometimes tried to substitute for excellence in music. Well, that’s DEFINITELY not th’ case with WASH OVER GOLD. In the promo packet, Winston (a master percussionist with a list o’ credits FIVE arms long) emphasises that he’s come up with a “new” style (which he calls “swegway”). Little explana is given, but thee proof IZ inna’ pudding. This “swegway” translates into an EXPERIENCE. Elements of jazz, New Orleans blooz joints, along with th’ trad reggae underbeat blend together to make ya’ MOVE with their sway! All the while, Winston’s there (along with a whole chorus of other singers) cajoling, preaching, soothing & telling th’ stories of his experience. If you like HIGH-ENERGY music that will make ya’ GROOVE, ferget “labels” for a while & GET a TASTE o’ this! It comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Contact at Winston Grennan, SkaRocks Music Inc., PO Box 1035   Woodstock, NY 12498 (914) 658-7011 Rotcod Zzaj


Psalm 69: HAPPY HOUR – So, ya’ gotta’ have a bitta’ GRUNGE git-ar & spooky vox with yer’ mornin’ capucinno, right? Well, ya’ jus’ BETTER grab THIS disc (in from 100% Fret Free Music, Susan White’s promo company), like NOW! A masterful mix of whompin’ rock FUN combined with some sweet ballad vox that’ll bring back ALL those mem’ries (whatever they were)! This lil’ Texas band was reviewed as a part of Susan White’s “GO ON GIRL – CLASS OF 1992” release in our last issue; I asked for & got their whole CD! There aren’t many better, I’ll tell ya’! Clean & clear recording, all of th’ standard trix ta’ make sure you have a pleasant listening experience… but the REAL key is th’ POWER of their collective energy! Even th’ slower sections convey images of RAW force; being able to capture this kind of strength on a CD is a talent rarely found these days. Too many bands claimin’ license to “power rock” have little sense of how sparse they often sound. This not only comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – it gets th’ PICK of this issue for “best power rock”! Contact at 108-22 Queens Blvd., Suite 226, Forest Hills, NY, via e-mail to , or view their WWW site at Rotcod Zzaj


Vasquez: WIND RIVER – We’ve reviewed this wonderful native American flutist before here, & feel privileged to be listening to/reviewing his second CD. “Wind River” takes his compositional mastery to a new level, without (even the slightest) sacrifice of the eleme nt that registered so sharply in our ears when listening to the first CD – the power of imagination that the natural spirit has! If you REALLY listen to his music, there will be moments of tears combined with moments of unbounded JOY! You think that’s “overstating” things? I challenge you to listen to the 2nd cut (my favorite), “Through My Eyes”, then… if it doesn’t “take you out”, then yer’ spirit is DEAD already! Another FANTASTIC piece is “Across The River”, which incorporates some wonderful jazz parts… a truly “cross-cultural” experience. We sincerly hope that Vasquez will continue his beautiful music, & look forward to reviewing many more of his works. For those who have had little chance to hear native American music, this is a GREAT place to start – it comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Music HAS the power to heal, & Andrew is one of it’s foremost practicioners! Contact at Creative Services, Company, 4360 Emerald Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80918, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Chick Corea & Friends: REMEMBERING BUD POWELL – S-T-R-O-N-G & (truly) memorable jazz in from Concord Jazz on this CD sent in by Bobbi Marcus Public Relations. A virtual “lineup of the stars”, if you will… Corea, of course, Roy Haynes, Kenny Garrett, Christian McBride, Joshua Redman & Wallace Roney join forces on 10 pieces (9 Powell originals & 1 sweet song by Corea written specifically with Bud in mind). This is jazz pure & simple, in a very traditional format that will have jazz lovers the world over worshipping at the perpetual “fountain”. Highly energetic playing and cool/crisp recording will make this one a keeper for eons to come. There’s not a boring moment on this whole production. The key element in good jazz, FUN, isn’t in absentia, either. These folks ALL love PLAYING, & your ears will recognize that after only a few bars. Gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those in love (like I am) with jazz that KICKZ! Contact at 1514 17th St., # 205, Santa Monica, CA 90404, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Jeffrey Morgan: THE FLYING PYJAMA FISHERS – There are many who will find this grand excursional improvisation tape by Jeffrey a bit on the “difficult” side. You must have earz that are TOTALLY tired of pattern and form, and be looking for aural speculation that will carry you quickly to another zone. Morgan’s alto sax is as pervasive as ever, starting from the edge of the “big bang” & expanding/contracting slowly until it fills the entire panorama of your galaxy. Morgan has always been a favorite improvisor of mine, ever since his early days (here) in Olympia, Washington. He moved to Europe (Germany) several years back & has truly found his niche. A great loss for us. If you enjoy penetrating improvisation, this will BE YOUR CHOICE. It’s certainly MINE, & gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those with a taste for improv! Contact at Konrad Doppert, Neusser Str. 29, 50670 Koln, Germany. Jeff can also be contacted (through I.N. mutual friend Donald Lessau) via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Barney McClure: AMONG FRIENDS – Here’s a wonderful jazz CD passed on to me for review by friends Phil & Jeanne (at work). How fitting… this IS “friendly” music! I’d not had the privilege of listening to Barney’s crisp piano phrasings before – & he’s LOCAL! In fact, it COULD be that I’ve seen him play (live) before, since he used to hang about with another local jazz legend, Red Kelly. I surely WILL be seeking him out AGAIN! His original pieces are more attractive to me, be certain of that! Supported by Chuck Deardorf’s strong acoustic upright bass lines, Barney can do that ol’ jazz rawk with thee BEST of ’em! There’s no doubt he can make that pianer TALK, either! What shines through most clearly is an energy & love of music that can’t come out of any “fakebook”. CLEAN piano, well-recorded, you better GET it! Best listened to in a “jazz” frame of mind, with a cuppa’ “Seattle’s Best” in hand! Contact at 14311 Stehr Rd., Arlington, WA 98223 Rotcod Zzaj


Dave Fuglewicz: THE PORTAL – This tape is “classic Dave”, verzure! If you’ve not heard Fuglewicz before, your earz are in for an adventure. Electronic excursions as poignant as the hottest of mexican peppers! Dave has always been one to attack a musical puzzle head-on, no pussyfotting around here. The first cut, “High Drone Drifter”, should give you a clue, but don’t chalk this up as “just another electronic piece”. These pieces could (and should) be considered electronic “sculptures”. As I sit here listening, I can see a picture… Dave has a large chunk of granite/sandstone in his studio room… he crankz up hiz synth & begins to hone… coaxing a magestic statue out of sonic space that once was void. You’ll have a similar experience, guaranteed! Best listened to with the headphones ON (tho’ it’s NOT a requirement). Kewl j-sheet & a GREAT musical experience – AGAIN! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Contact at POB 48191, Doraville, GA, 30362, nr via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Old Time Relijun: SONGBOOK, VOL 1 – Whattya’ get when yer’ mix a lil’ Dr. John, taste o’ Zappa, dash o’ Beefheart & a bit o’ “tuva” deep throat? Well, it ain’t XACTLY a porno, but thee more conservative among us might attach such a label! What it assuredly AIN’T is “regular”. This group is Arrington de dionyso’s latest incarnation. He’s joined by Aaron Hartman (string bass) & Bryce Panic (percz, drums). I first started listening to Arrington’s music (on his Pine Cone Alley tape label) in the early ’90’s. This CD shows a growth & maturity (whoah, I dinna’ say he wuz DEAD yet), as well as slightly different musical directions. Influences from thee jazz world (probably because of Aaron’s excellent bass playing) creep about under the forceful rock-orientations. Arrington’s sax & clarinet work is improvisational excellence, & most unique in this context. Another favorite group of mine, Jaws Of The Flying Carpet, coined a term for this genre that describes it most appropriately – “ugly music”! Homespun American, this music FORMS th’ trends! Never leave ya’ bored, thrill-a-minit stuff, but this time out it’s got a character of it’s OWN! This is NOT for the mentally weak or timid… you must enJOY challenge(s) to taste th’ essence of Old Time Relijun! This CD is not only MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, it gets the PICK of this issue for “best ugly music”. Contact at 120 State Ave., NE # 1490, Olympia, WA 98501 Rotcod Zzaj


Fed X: FED X – Here’s a tape out of a packet that came in from Kenyata Sullivan quite some time ago… took it THIS long ta’ get ’round in th’ rotation. ‘s a compilation tape, about 18 bands, & Kenyata’s ol’ “Pandora’s Lunchbox” (he’s in th’ Inkpot Monkeys now) is on there… so, THAT’S why this tape came my way. Seems to me we got a FED X comp (way) BACK, & I thot that one was BETTER… this doesn’t seem to have th’ same amount of attention bein’ paid to sequence & groupz picked! OTOH, I really LIKED this Steve Andrews song on side 1. Not a B-A-D tape… just not a GREAT one! Contact through Opulence, POB 2071, Wilmington, NC., 28402-2071 Rotcod Zzaj


Kathode Ray Music: INTERIOR/EXTERIOR MUSIC – Here’s a compilation CD that hitz’ thee SPOT! K.R.M. is known (by now) in these parts for it’s assemblage of bands far/wide into comprehensible & RAWKIN’ representations of wotz’ REALLY goin’ on in th’ HEARTland! This outing is pretty much straight UP rock & roll! Nice feature is that any WWW page(s) these 19 groups have are listed, along with an e-mail address, if available (which is ALL of ’em). These folks have REALLY gotten GOOD at pickin’ toonz’ that keep th’ blood MOVIN’. If ya’ NEED to know wot’ those kidz’re playin’ these days (they won’t letcha’ in th’ garage, right?), GET this CD! Comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, from 1487 West 5th Ave., Suite 205, Columbus, OH 43212, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


The Majestic Twelve: UFO’S ARE REAL – Doubtless are… & if you listen to hour after hour of “the 12”, you’ll prob’ly view a few! joshua (aka desoto) sent this in, letting me know that John S. & Mike D. (Broca’s Area, some FAVORITE players of mine) are also part of the “M12 movement”. Music on here is at a sorta’ “meditative” level, drone beats & all kinds o’ spacey sounds. IF you listen to it in conjunction with the little 1/2 size booklet (FUTURE TRANSMISSION) that came with it, it will carry a lot more WEIGHT (as an experience) for you! Aliens, reports about experimental humans, an interview with “the Most Paranoid Human On Earth”. Listening to these toonz while reading this book will put you in a “different” frame of mind! Fortunately, the vox are much higher quality weave than simple answering machine loopstuph! Not somethin’ you’d want a STEADY diet of, but INTERESTING. Gets a RECOMMENDED, especially for those lookin’ for somethin’ DIFFERENT! Contact at inklab works, POB 4126, Seattle, WA 98104, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Rack and Ruin: AN EAR TO AN ATMOSPHERE – 14 groups of dirge & destructo on this CD from Jennifer Barnes, in the metro D.C. area. She got the idea for producing a CD after a column she was writing for “The Melodia”. Though thee moods change (quite) a bit more (just different shadings, actually) than many techno/gothic affairs we’ve heard, th’ “roots” still have somethin’ to do wi’ ghosts, goblins or those who dance ’round trees late at night, I’d say. What sets “EAR” apart, however, IS those “contrasts” and shadings. Jennifer otta’ be a dee-jay… she’s got a real sense for how toonage needs to “blend” to keep a listener from drifting away. She’s assembled something that (though oriented in one direction) can’t be dismissed as “just another “this or that”! Certainly worth a RECOMMENDED (eSPECIALly for those who are awready fanz of techno). Contact at 722 Dennis Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20901, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


360 Sound: FRESH OIL – Brian Noring runz FDR tapes… very ACTIVE in tape-trading (Hal McGee referred ’em), as well as playing. On this outing, Brian playz keyboardz, drum padz, etc., against Shawn Kerby’s git-arz & percussives. Distinctly D.I.Y., these boyz gotta’ “handle” on home-produced FUN! No “speed-metal” here, some drone, but itz’ clear from th’ listen that they’re havin’ a GRAND ol’ time at wot’ they’re doin’. Th’ drum padz tend to be a bit annoying (on occasion), but th’ guitar/synth overlays are energetic enough to keep it well within th’ range of listenable. Gets a RECOMMENDED, verzure; others into home-taping will WANT to support Brian’s efforts! Contact at 1258 E. 25th St., Des Moines, IA 50317 Rotcod Zzaj

Ken Clinger: KCM 17/18 – A legend in th’ hometaper arena, Ken sent this tape (with a whole GROUP of other tapes, to be reviewed in future issues) in early June. All instrumental, there are some really BEAUTIFUL pieces on here. Many of the trax are ones that were recorded in anticipation of serving as backing music for other collaborative efforts (but never got used). Those who’ve taped at home for a long time are familiar with this dilemma, I’m sure. In fact, it often turns out that these pieces are better than some of the ones that MADE it on a collab… that’s surely true HERE! Very orchestral and inspiring pieces, mebbe’ even bring a tear (or three) to your eye. Keyboards, strings, flutes and all manner of pretty things blend together to transport you to a land that no longer HAZ any blue meanies. This tape gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – those who like Robin Spielberg or Suzanne Ciani will find this MOST enjoyable. Contact at Bovine Productions, 311 Stratford Ave., # 2, Pittsburgh, PA 15232-1108, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Kevin Leonard: AUTOMATRIX – Talk about an INDIE… this gent’s got that act DOWN. Solo keyboards (with an appropriate emphasis on his masterful keyboard work), synths & percussives that will KNOCK you OFFA’ yer’ feet. He mentioned work for (or with) North Star, & I believe Henry Schneider’s reviewed previous works of his in these pages (in the way early issues). SO – this is the first time I’ve heard his work… I’m MIGHTILY impressed! Inspirational without pretense! GRAND – but not grandiose. He uses (virtually) ALL the sounds in the orchestra (horns, guitars, strings, even (what sounds like) a triangle) to pull & twist YOUR heartstrings. Quite often, these “one-man-band” affairs can be dull and boring… same phrasings, same ideas get worn thinner than a communion wafer; but, that’s NOT the case here. The energy in Leonard’s compositions (as WELL as in the playing itself) shines brighter than 10,000 candles glowing. He also has a wonderful sense of the various & sundry rhythms that will invigorate & uplift… all the way from full orchestra to near ballad to straight-out jazz… this is a GREAT musical experience. Send ALL your material to US for review, Kevin… we want MORE! This gets an unqualified MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Contact at POB 43, Glen Mills, PA 19342, or via e-mail to Rotcoed Zzaj


The Joe Parillo Ensemble: BLOCK ISLAND SUMMER – Joe Parillo’s piano leads this 6 person ensemble in a jazz outing you’ll not forget anytime soon. Very well-balanced latino jazz, with an energy & verve that will keep yer’ blood movin’… tho’ Parillo leads, he’s nicely complimented by Dave Howard’s guitar; clean and crisp lines & flawless playing will make ya’ sneak out & GRAB a Cuba Libre’ (or 2 or 3) right NOW! Four other players (Wendy Klein on flute, John DeBossu on bass, Rick Couto on percussion and Paul Mason on drums). The fourth cut, “Maxtime”, is percussion-based in a most enchanting “exploratory” form – it’s a FAVORITE (of mine). If you like jazz with a “south of the border” flavor, this comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You’ll hear more from this group, I predict. Some GREAT music! Contact at Ginny Shea Mixed Media, POB 20568, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


Harry Skoler: REFLECTIONS ON THE ART OF SWING – Waal, volkz, put on yer’ spatz & flat hatz & get on out on thee dance floor & FLAP! Skoler has a smooth clarinet style that will (literally) ENCHANT you for 60 minutes or so. Though this is a sorta’ “tribute” to Benny Goodman, it’s actually much better, I think! Harry isn’t overbearing, as much of the clarinet work in those “olden days” seemed (to me) to be… you know, leaves PLENTY of room for the other players! Ed Saindon’s vibes are a major contribution to the overall success of this CD in from Ginny Shea’s Mixed Media ! Bass by Roger Kimball & Tim Gilmore on drums round out this greatly pleasant excursion into the music of our past, updated for the ’90’s. It gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from this reviewer! Contact at Ginny Shea Mixed Media, POB 20568, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj


…’k, here are some more reviews from one of our favorite writers, Henry Schneider… give you a “different perspective” & writing style…


Various Artists PROGFEST ’95 (Musea FGBG 4180.AR) CD1: 71:59 – CD2: 55:30 For those of you not able to attend the festival in Los Angeles in November

1995 here is your chance to experience the highlights of Progfest ’95. Opening the festival and this 2 CD set is Ars Nova, a female Japanese trio of keyboards, bass, and drums. Progfest was their debut performance in the US and their three crowd-pleasing instrumentals Morgan, Jihad, and Danse Macabre clearly demonstrate their Goblin influenced music of hard-driving and dark keyboard progressive rock. Next we have 3 Landberk songs: Kontiki, Dream Dance, and Time. This Swedish band’s music has a dark edge to it very much like Joy Division and Fra Lippi Lippo. Musea rounds out the first disk with 4 songs from the Italian band Deus Ex Machina: Exordium, Respublica II, Ad Montem, and Si Tu Bene …. Deus Ex Machina is a 6-p iece band consisting of drums, bass, guitar, strings, keyboards, and vocals. Their music also has a hard edge to it mixed with driving rock, jazz, and chamber elements.

Disc 2 opens with 2 songs by Norway’s folk-rock phenomenon band White Willow: Lord of Night and Cryptomenysis. Sara Trondel’s angelic voice propels the band through these 17 minutes of excellent music. Next we have one song by, at the time, the relatively unknown US band Spock’s Beard. The Light is 16 minutes of fairly raucous seventies-styled prog rock that intermittently mellows out reminding me of Wind and Wuthering era Genesis. Then closing this set are four songs by the Hungarian band Solaris: Apocalypse, Oz, Hungarian Danse, and Solaris. Solaris reformed especially for this festival after not having performed together in over five years. The results are not disappointing. Solaris play a folk influenced symphonic rock that was both the highlight of the festival and this 2-CD set. Musea has done a wonderful service by capturing in crystal clear detail Progfest ’95. If like me, you have not had the pleasure of attending the festival nor hearing these bands this 2 CD set is an excellent introduction to their music. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! [Musea, 68 La Tinchotte, 57117 Retonfey, FRANCE; ] – Henry Schneider – April 1997

Cos VIVA BOMA (Musea FGBG 4159.AR) CD: 60:31 Here we have Musea’s reissue of Cos’ second album recorded in 1976. In n addition to the original album Musea included four bonus tracks recorded in Cos’ rehearsal room on a 4-track recorder. As a result Mon rebis, Reine de la vallee, Nog Verder (demo version), and Fanfan la Tulipe sound a bit muddy but Cos’ energy and musicianship shine through. Viva Boma is quite an interesting album. It opens with Perhaps next Record, a pleasing little ditty of gurgling electronics, synths, and guitars very much in line with the late seventies. Cos then proceeds to entertain you with sublime to complex jazz rock arrangements combining elements of Soft Machine, Magma, and Zao. Adding to the mystique of the music is Pascale Son’s airy vocals and wordless chanting. High points for me are Flamboya with its killer bass work and Frippertronics bubbling in the background and the demo version of Nog Verder. Whereas the studio version from the album is relatively calm , the demo version is an energetic jam worthy of Magma. As usual Musea reproduced the original album artwork and included extensive band history notes and photos to complete the package. Viva Boma is reissue of note from the formative seventies. [Musea, 68 La Tinchotte, 57117 Retonfey, FRANCE; ] – Henry Schneider – April 1997

Outer Limits THE SILVER APPLES OF THE MOON (Musea FGBG 4193.AR) CD: 40:01 Outer Limits were a Japanese band from the eighties and this new CD is a reissue of their swan song recorded live at NHK FM Radio Studios on 15 April 1987. Consisting of two instrumentals and three vocals, Outer Limits performed an energetic set of King Crimson influenced rock. The weakest element of this recording are the heavily accented English vocals. The only way I could understand the lyrics was to read along with the music. But that is a minor complaint as Outer Limits took King Crimson riffs and transformed them into a style of their own resulting in a more melodic music. Overall their music is aggressive and complex interspersed with the outstanding electric violin of Takashi Kawagushi. The low point of the album for me was Marionette’s Lament where the band seems to have lost a bit of their focus. Fortunately immediately following is Misty Moon which over its 11 minutes grows from its lyrical violin and driving bass to a majestic climax that would have had the audience on its feet and screaming for more. The final track (encore?), Beyond Good and Evil, is more of the same with an ambient interlude about half way through followed by multi-tracked “classical” violin. The Silver Apples of the Moon is sure to please the discriminating listener and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. [Musea, 68 La Tinchotte, 57117 Retonfey, FRANCE; ] – Henry Schneider – April 1997

Blacklight Braille: ABALLON TOWER – Wotz’ th’ word? Gothic, right? RIGHT as rain! This Cincinatti group had posted some notes on the newsgroups about such, & I responded. At first listen, I was disappointed, probably becoz’ I don’t listen to much along these lines (not becoz’ I didn’t want to, only because we’d not been sent much). It tends to be very much in th’ “drone zone”, which would make restless minds like mine shy away. I don’t (ever) believe in “shutting down”, however… so, I went back & listened through 3 or 4 more times. NOW I see th’ attraction…. you MUST be “smoked down” (or GROLSCH’d down) to get IN to this zone. These boyz’ lead git-arz are on FIRE & th’ hex-citement of thee drummer iz runnin’ a close second. Th’ storylines sliding down under are interesting, too, if you’ve ever been caught up in ancient adventure tales, something like Robin Hood & th’ merrymen, eh? Musically, though, the attraction is still those guitars… whether fully electric, or acoustic. Dinna’ see any group credits… would’ve been NICE to know who that guitar player was. I’m not exactly in “love” with “B.B.’s” music at this point, because there are stretches where th’ story sorta’ “gets in the way” of the music – we’ll see… they sent some 8 more CD’s in the pack, so you’ll hear more about their music & stories from th’ Zzaj corner over the next couple of issues. It still gets a RECOMMENDED, especially for those with a taste for something musically different. Contact at Vetco Records, 5825 Vine St., Cincinatti, OH 45216

Dan Susnara: “Sus and Them” – You who read this magazine regularly know that I think of Dan as one of th’ “heroes” on th’ D.I.Y. scene! He outputs (nearly) as much as yer’ friendly editor. This go-round, he’s REALLY outdone himself! This tape features collabs with TONS of those “names” in th’ hometaper “network”… Michael J. Bowman, Don Campau, Ken Clinger, Lawrence Salvatore – just to name a few. I’m on this one, too. Dan’s mixing is always superb, but it’s his lyrics/vocals that “make his mark”. Guy is just ingenious! That experience is amplified by about 10-fold on “Sus and Them”, since so many of the artists he’s working with are great vocalists in their own write. This is a tape that will go UP in D.I.Y. history… “hall-of-famer” fo’ sure! If you enjoy highly energetic and creative (that’s the KEYWORD) musics that are musically sound and lyrically tight, this comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! In fact, you won’t often find music with this high level of creativity, even among the BEST of home-tapers! Susnara is a WIZARD! Contact at 7806 S. Kilpatrick, Chicago, IL 60652 Rotcod Zzaj

Class Act: Demo – When they named this group, someone must have had a “sixth sense”, musically, anyway! Larry Chandler, from down Birmingham way, sent it in. Stylistically, the group is DEFINITELY into jazz-oriented R&B. The female lead vox (no credits, so I can’t tell you who she it – you’d WANT to know, as she comes across S-T-R-O-N-G – yet compassionate) bring to mind Anita Baker. Song title (there was only one piece on this demo; you ought to consider at LEAST 3 selections for your next demo, if not a full tape, Larry), “Don’t Trust A Man”, is a perfect vehicle for this woman’s vocals, & the recording is EXCELLENT… maybe recorded over in Muscle Shoals? The group’s music gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This group is H-O-T, & those who love a lil’ rhythm, blues & emotion-laden nostaligia will WANT to hear more of “Class Act”. Critiques? MORE songs on your demos next time around, please… make SURE you list the PLAYERS… where was it RECORDED? Who did the recording? Also, it would be nice (even for a demo) to have a j-sheet for the tape, Larry. Guess that’s about it for now… but we WANT to hear more of this “Class Act”, & hope they’ll add us to their “list” for first shot at reviewing the release CD or tape!!! Contact at 1219 Southwind Dr., Helena, AL 35080-96444 Rotcod Zzaj

Klimperei: LES PLATANES – This tape came to me from Don Campau (who in D.I.Y. doesn’t know THAT name?). This is the solo work of his French pal Christophe Petchanatz. Seems to be a penchant for pennywhistle (or calliope) sounds here. Simple melodies… little I can say about the instrumentation, since th’ j-sheet creditz’ were all in French. A pleasant listen, sort of brings to mind a scene of cruisin’ down th’ Seine (on a raft, maybe), eatin’ strawbs & sippin’ wine. You know, very “pastoral”. No power rock or noize here… just simple music for beautiful people. Gets a RECOMMENDED. Contact through Don Campau’s Lonely Whistle Music, at POB 23962, San Jose, CA 95158, or direct to F&C Petchanatz, 8 rue Juiverie, 69005 Lyon, France Rotcod Zzaj

Ah Poo Records: COMPILATION – J-sheet on this tape (in from Australia) wasn’t really clear on xactly WHO wuz’ doin’ wot… music ranges from “mad doctor” organ (had a mental image of Vincent Price gettin’ hiz’ ROCKZOFF) to pop/punk rock lickz’ that remind me of long-ago brit-bop bandz’ from th’ mid to late ’70’s. Poppin’ bass lines, rhythm git-ar, zit-ridden teenagers singin’ white hip-hop over top o’ all this. Strong feature is th’ percussives & th’ energy levels, verzure. Seems (to me) like these Aussie bandz’ have a different “flavor” to ’em, no question. So, if yer’ tired of th’ “norm” in yer’ funk/rock, get a taste o’ this RECOMMENDED mix-it-up by writing to Ah Poo Records, 18 Hanman cres., Ainslie, ACT 2062, Australia Rotcod Zzaj

Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii: HOW MANY? – Reflective of human “moods” (the first piece title, “Akumu”, means nightmare), this CD (in from Braithwaaite & Katz Communications) features the well-qualified keyboards of Fujii, & Tamura on trumpet. It’s an improv excursion that you won’t soon “write off”. There are no breaks for the uninitiaed listener. It’s assumed that you’re listening to their music for the stimulation and challenge (of which there’s PLENTY). As always, with improvised music, I’m sure this would get a better reception if listened to live. On the other digit, it’s clear that they’ve learned their lessons well… almost as though it were rehearsed. Those who listen to improvisational music generally want more of a “raw” flavor… off-the-cuff, from-the-guts… YOU know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong… there’s nothing here to “dislike”; it IS improvised, & there are some sections that will enchant, particularly Fujii’s softer piano parts, which come off as “improvised orchestral” compositions. Sensitive, sensitive. I found it to be a quite intriguing listen, but some will want their improv to fall out in more of a “home-cooked” fashion. Still gets a RECOMMENDED from this reviewer. Contact at 1168 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02134, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj

SONY Classical: MAJOUN – A genuinely SPLENDOUROUS musical adventure on this CD from SONY Classical. Features Richard Horowitz and Sussan Deyhim (with guest artists too numerous to itemize here), composing pieces against a mixture of “world music” backgrounds that will amaze you and hold you absolutely SPELLBOUND. Deyhim’s vocals are woven throughout the pieces, majestically (to say the least). There’s a decidedly “mid-eastern” flavor to the music, but it’s not restricted to one focus. Those looking for classical in the “classical” sense may be disappointed, but anyone with true sensibility for the power that music can exert in our daily lives will be mightily impressed with the talent and raw musical energy in these (varied) musics. Truth be told, I wasn’t 100% sure when I received the packet, because there was no jewel-case cover… the logo noted “classical”, so I had no idea what was embedded on the CD. This music is of the HIGHEST order… gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as the PICK of this issue for “best compositions”. Contact at 550 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022-3211, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj

Mikki Kono: FOR MY MOTHER – Japanese jazz, in from Creative Services Company. Mikki’s piano pieces are all well-constructed, cleanly executed and quite enjoyable to the ear. It’s not up to the “standard” I’ve become used to from CSC, though. What I mean is, “energy-wise”. Sorta’ what you’d hear on one of these “smooth jazz” stations. Rufus Reid’s bass seems to express (far more) emotion and “voice” than does the piano (on many pieces). That’s not to say that it’s “bad” music… it’s quite clear that Kono “knows the moves”, and has a well-developed sense of where the keys are. From that standpoint, it’s flawless playing… but it needs more. Those who want something as background for their garden party will enjoy this… we who hanker for th’ revelations that listening to someone who has LIVED th’ emotions will go elsewhere, I suspect. Still gets a RECOMMENDED. Contact at Creative Services, Company, 4360 Emerald Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80918, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj

Michael Martin Murphey: THE HORSE LEGENDS – In from Real West Productions, down Nashville way, this CD is by a country classic. As I recall, Murphey was more oriented to country-folk, back in th’ late ’60’s, when I was listenin’ to him last. He’s settled in quite comfortably in a sorta’ “patriarchal” role as a country-western singer. Michael’s joined by country legends (like Johnny Cash, on “Tennessee Stud”). Heavy energy for this collection of “hoss” toonz’, no doubt. Though I’m not a great C&W fan, I found this a very enchanting listen. High-end production and clearly committed involvement (particularly on pieces like “Running Shadow”) will stir the emotional pot & carry you to a land that once was. This CD gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Contact at 800 18th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203 or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj

Mugwump: MUGWUMP – Well, this group definitely AIN’T from “Mugwump”. This is one kickin’, scratchin’, whompin’ rock & roll adventure that will fo’evah’ dismiss (from yer’ mind) any notion of our Canadian friends as bein’ from that ‘ville. Their liner notes disclaim any particular “style”, sayin’ they’re a “blend” of influences… man, they weren’t just a- kiddin’. Spans thee range from power metal to th’ great phunk underbelly! Thing that really stands OUT is th’ wonderful mixing/balance of th’ players’ instruments. There’s a part for everyone… VERY mature group, seasoned verzure – no “one player” tryin’ ta’ grab th’ glory. I especially liked their penchant fer’ backbeat phunk… sounds almost “sneaky” – if ya’ know wot I mean. This is a GREAT CD to close out this issues review section with. Gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Some FINE rawkin’ fer’ yer’ zoul! Contact at 11132 Amos Dr., Campbellville, Ontario LOP 1B0, or via e-mail to Rotcod Zzaj

Rotcod Zzaj


D.I.Y. News

There’s a H-O-T new radio show airing ORIGINAL music(s) from all over the country/world. It’s called M4 Radio. Lance Stinson is th’ main point of contact for this & (based on YEARS of submissions to various & sundry radio shows around the country & thee planet) I can tell you – they are REALLY interested & responsive to your music(s).

I sent them 2 tapes & they played them the SAME WEEK. Lance & his cohorts contacted me shortly after they’d aired my stuph… tunz of ideas floatin’ around. The other thing that was VERY noticeable is that it wasn’t only e-mail contact. He took the time to CALL me… about 30 minits worth of most valuable conversation on D.I.Y., & various ideas for promoting such! REALLY encouraging. Send ALL your D.I.Y. material to: M4 Radio PO BOX 4098, Sanford, Fla 32772 You’ll be glad you did – & so will THEY!

There’s a writer who is soliciting tapes/CD’s/wotever for review in the various publications he writes in. These include some pretty “hefty” review papers & ‘zines all around the country. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone in need of some exposure… contact him at Pieter Hofmann, 2-160 E.10Th St., North Vancouver, B.C., Canada V7L 2C8

As always, this magazine is constantly seeking out new sources for review, interview, etc. I’m also quite frequently in need of poetry, particularly any which pertains to MUSIC. Please advise your writing friends that we prefer “odd-istry” in their written works. As to the music, the focus should BE on “high-energy” home produced music that “reaches for the outer reaches”. I will review ANY sonic material I get, but that which treads on new turf ALWAYS gets a good review! So, GET those tapes & poems flowin’ – on IN here, eh?

Rotcod Zzaj


Zzajrant: Change is NOT a bad thing… there are beings floatin’ about this world today who think that th’ cure for the world’s ills is to LOCK it all DOWN… prevent anything from HAPPENING! &, if yer’ among those who think th’ world is NOT changin’ – that itz’ somehow “just like the old days”… ya’ better get yer’ NOSE outta’ yer’ Sir Lancelot novel. Times, they ARE a-changin’…

I don’t mean that we HAVE to change… personal choice DOES still exist, & I’ll be horn-swoggled if anyone will tell me that I HAVE to buy a computer, or a particular musical instrument, for that matter. It’s just that there are SOME things that make (in my mind, anyway) good logical sense.

The Internet is almost (now) like a modern Tower of Babel. Websites in several different languages… you can read about the latest French experimental group – in your OWN language. That feature alone makes it worth it’s weight in gold, myrhh or frankincense, I’d think. There are already artists doing live collaborations via the netz, too… digital trax, uploaded to the website, invitations to others to lay new material on top of them. This is no longer “science fiction”. It’s all HERE already, whether you realize it or not.

Can you IMAGINE the possibilities? Instead of “block parties”, there could be giant-screen videoconferenced “world parties”. The abilities of “blue meanies” are severely limited in such an environment, too. I mean, they might be able to step in & ruin YOUR par-tee – but how are they EVER gonna’ stop 300,000 people, scattered all th’ way from Kalamazoo to Katmandu?

The net is a huge political force, as well. Th’ curmudgeons who dreamed up the CDA were overturned, quite simply because any person with a modicum of intelligence can see that the RESPONSIBLITY for what is viewed (or listened to) on the netz’ belongs to THEM. Debates about things that “didn’t belong” in print often took long periods of time for the courts to sort through… but, the net is IMMEDIATE… the article I read said that ALL the judges on the Supreme Court took their OWN shot at determining just how silly th’ complaints of the CDA crowd were.

I’m not advocating that everyone rush right out & buy a computer (or an NC) to hook up tomorrow… but I surely AM of the opinion that those who decide not to JOIN the (r)evolution will never benefit from it! If you DON’T, those with other ambitions for the netz WILL take it over & turn it in to another tool for hypin’ young minds. Hope to see ya’ on th’ netz! Till next time…


Rotcod Zzaj





Heavy metal version of

Ode to Joy

blasts the radio, as if wind

and speed

can make it dangerous.


I hold the loose gray wheel

curving like a roller coaster

on weak wooden rails.

c Terri Jones



When music agrees

nature dances along to

it’s inner rhythm.

c Terri Jones


Our Soul’s End


The time has come for life to end

Our flashing chance is done my friend

Someday I will see you soon

At dawn, at dusk, maybe noon.

The places we will explore

As souls upon the ocean floor

Have decayed and made our life unraveled,

The killer left town and soon will travel,

Upon the snake with acid entrails.

Smashing honesty with his tales

Of unkempt mediocrity of life

And Immaculate unforeseen strife.

The sun’s rays blaze brilliantly beneath

Our eyes.

Living our life,

Living our lies.

c Brad Henz


Book of Yarns


The Bible is God’s book of yarns,

And whopping good ones they are, too.

I can see him with his cronies at the little

General store that dispenses mail and groceries,

Leaning back on his chair until it rests on only

two legs, around the pickle barrel.


He takes a chaw of tobacco and spits,

Then starts to spin a story.

“Back when I was a kid, there was a man

named Noah who built a boat because

he thought it was going to rain.”

And so the world’s story teller

Tells another whopper.

c Barbara Cooper



Make It Stop


She sucks her thumb, her teddy bear

Under her arm.

With the other hand

She rhythmically rubs the small spot

Between her legs.

Up the stairs come the shouts of rage.

There are terrified screams and pleading

Cries from her mother.

Her daddy hits her mother anyway,

And the little girl is alone in the darkness,

Comforting herself the only way

She can, engaging in what has

Become magic. Rub, rub, rub,


Make it stop. Rub, rub, rub,

Make it stop.

c Barbara Cooper


Blvd. Satisfaction

I am satisfied.

The money exchanged,

the hinge squeaked,

the door shut.

I crossed the street,

entered Burger King.

I bought some fries,

a bacon cheeseburger,

and a Diet Coke.

I saw her outside,

a man approached.

The hinge squeaked,

the door opened,

I chewed my burger.

The money exchanged,

I dipped my fries.

I am satisfied.

c Anthony Mowry





on the tips of my fingers

power packed protein, just ripe

for the cliping


on a thin red dime

I got time


revolution number nine

is a myth a cachophany

a symphony of noise

and boys of chatter, matter and miscarried music

number nine


a mime, marcel marceau gave a lecture

on April Fools

no it’s true, he did he did

black and white noise

broke out of his box

c Jan Bryan


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