Improvijazzation Nation, issue # 098

Issue # 098 is now ARCHIVED, due to space issues on WORDPRESS. Click HERE to view the archived page. Here are a few of the things you’ll find in this issue.

INTERVIEW – I’m really happy to announce that we have legendary jazz pianist Mike Longo in this issue… he spent a lot of time putting together his answers & you’ll get to learn a lot about him!

Zzaj-rant, featuring our LIVE SHOW review of NW artists Be Hear” at the SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup

Evermore exciting MUSIC reviews  (over 20 splendid new reviews – pay close attention to the review of The Fat Cat Big Band’s CD, FACE, as well as a new book review – Indiana University Press‘s “THE JAZZ FICTION ANTHOLOGY”, one of the best volumes I’ve read in 2009!)… here are just a few of the players reviewed in this issue:


John Funkhouser Trio






Jack Broad





The Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet





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