OTTO ZONE – Zzaj FEATURE band!!!

If ya’ don’t dig “GREEN GROVE” by this band – yer’ dead already!  They say they’re “just having fun (& I believe ’em).  High-talent, high-energy & music you won’t soon forget.  Here’s something about them in their own words!  ” On this page there is a collection of demos for Read More


As you listen to “Waiting For Daybreak“, you’ll realize that these players aren’t just “smooth jazz”… they’ve got some heavy guitar lickz & superb bass driven jazz that says FAR MORE than just “smoove”!  In their own words:  “Ron Richardson was born on November 6th, 1959 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section Read More

Pablo Gordy – Zzaj FEATURE artist

Ev’ry once’t in awhile, I run across a player who “hits th’ magic” without even trying!  As I listen to “Scandanavia” (for the 20th time since I first got th’ link yesterday), it’s clear that THIS CAT has GOT it!  There was some talk about “channeling” – you know, like Read More

Heart of Orion – Zzaj Feature Band!!!

If you dig electronic music, you’ll surely dig “Let’s Get Loud” from this band.  Here’s what THEY had to say:  “Starting as a collaboration of musical ideas, as the songs manifested so did our love for each other. The music represents our values, ideals, frustrations, fears and love that eventually Read More

Ralph Buckley – Zzaj FEATURE artist!

Ay-UP… if yer’ lookin’ for somethin’ to CHANGE YER’ DAY, try on a taste o’ “Schizophrenia“… I like this track, ‘coz it’s full of th’ musical energy (& fantasy) I grew up on back in th’ ’60′s… PSYCH-e-DELIC, man! + Ralph has another 17 very well-crafted streams for you to Read More