OTTO ZONE – Zzaj FEATURE band!!!

If ya’ don’t dig “GREEN GROVE” by this band – yer’ dead already!  They say they’re “just having fun (& I believe ’em).  High-talent, high-energy & music you won’t soon forget.  Here’s something about them in their own words!  ” On this page there is a collection of demos for Read More


As you listen to “Waiting For Daybreak“, you’ll realize that these players aren’t just “smooth jazz”… they’ve got some heavy guitar lickz & superb bass driven jazz that says FAR MORE than just “smoove”!  In their own words:  “Ron Richardson was born on November 6th, 1959 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section Read More

Pablo Gordy – Zzaj FEATURE artist

Ev’ry once’t in awhile, I run across a player who “hits th’ magic” without even trying!  As I listen to “Scandanavia” (for the 20th time since I first got th’ link yesterday), it’s clear that THIS CAT has GOT it!  There was some talk about “channeling” – you know, like Read More

Heart of Orion – Zzaj Feature Band!!!

If you dig electronic music, you’ll surely dig “Let’s Get Loud” from this band.  Here’s what THEY had to say:  “Starting as a collaboration of musical ideas, as the songs manifested so did our love for each other. The music represents our values, ideals, frustrations, fears and love that eventually Read More